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Gabriella Gonzalez ♕
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Your current drive to restore a sense of balance to your life ... More for Scorpio
Excited to be helping the gentlemen of Lambda Chi Alpha end hunger in America. Pumpkin Fest is gonna be great #ΦΜfeedsAmerica #LambdaChiFiu
You're ready for a bit of fun today, but work obligations may ... More for Scorpio
So glad I got to see my awesome family today 💕
Reconsidering your spiritual goals makes sense now while metap... More for Scorpio
You may be ready to turn on your nuclear-powered love light to... More for Scorpio
Hallmark is giving two of my favorite Christmas movies 😍 I found what I'm doing since I can't sleep
Your optimism is contagious today, inspiring you to see unreal... More for Scorpio
You are growing more self-sufficient in your thinking as you d... More for Scorpio
A minor disagreement could turn into a major confrontation tod... More for Scorpio
Someone might approach you today with a magical formula for yo... More for Scorpio
There are powerful forces pulling you in opposite directions t... More for Scorpio
This blew my mind! The fact that people in other countries read my ramblings.Thanks for all the support!
Eight Things Chronic Illness Has Taught Me via @gabbylex
You have little interest in escalating a conflict now; you jus... More for Scorpio
Finding new ways to do the same old thing can bring deep satis... More for Scorpio
Managing your emotional energy today is no simple matter as yo... More for Scorpio
Living proof that kind people still exist, so thankful for them
Only good thing about tonight was getting a visit from Dr. Fields and Carrie 💕
Happy Halloween from me and mama Bravo!
You're eager to fulfill your promises today, and you can even ... More for Scorpio
Unexpected tension arises today from your own lack of certaint... More for Scorpio
There are two TVs in here and I'm torn between watching Tarzan or watching this basketball game. Only me.
About two weeks left until I find out if I'm accepted to CCFA's national council of college leaders..anxious is an understatement right now
Yet another #tbt of @appleby26 and Disney.. This is probably gonna keep happening until I see him or go back to Disney. Whichever comes first. 😛
Me and my perfect sibling last night at the first ever miracle factor for DM! 😊❤
You may be a bit disconnected from your innermost feelings tod... More for Scorpio
You have a plethora of communication tools at your disposal no... More for Scorpio
#latepost this kind of depicts us all perfectly. We are all complete lunatics and I wouldn't have it any other way.
You can see a break in the clouds as your workload begins to l... More for Scorpio
Monograms and Phi Mu? I obviously need this in my life 😍 @carnationcollection #carnationcollection
You may feel waves of contentment sweep over you now that swee... More for Scorpio
It has literally been about two months since I've seen this perfect human. Getting to spend the last hours of my birthday with you made my night in so many ways. Blessed to have this girl in my life
Celebrating with my beautiful family!
First half of my birthday thank you all for making my day so awesome!
Managing your complex calendar efficiently now is crucial to j... More for Scorpio
Okay last one because Grand Slam was so much fun with these guys!
You could say I'm obsessed with my Big #wearephimu #phimufiu #grandslam2014
My first Grandslam with my gorgeous sisters! Today was definitely a success ❤
Charming Venus cozies up to the Sun in your 1st House of Perso... More for Scorpio
Someone you respect might promise you the Moon, yet you still ... More for Scorpio
I don't know why but I have the desire to talk to someone I don't even speak to anymore
Life is hard. Be harder.
My cousin Roly is my inspiration.
Turn off the regularly scheduled program and walk into the sur... More for Scorpio
#tbt because I seriously miss all my cousins.