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I'm lending my little bro my monitor/tv for the living room so they can play N64, gonna try and stream but will only have one!
I know a ton of my viewers are international, but who is celebrating Thanksgiving today!?
"Human, stop taking pictures of me and turn off the lights."
"I am a founding father of Amerimeow. Respect me and my tiny hat."
"Thank you human, I love my pilgrim hat." #Thanksgiving
All the supplies you need to make a little pilgrim hat for your cat #cosplay
Working on cosplays for Ser Pounce and I tomorrow for our family #thanksgiving stream, I am making his hat from a Dixie cup <3
The movie was also 35% (at least) shots of J. Lawrence looking horrified, and I could legitimately only think of her noods.
I'm not even sure I just saw a complete movie? Like I get the whole dividing in two parts for more time... but that was a 2 hour intro.
Finally seeing #MockingjayPart1 with my dad and bro! Maybe doing a pajama party strum after!
."@damien1014: @Snugzmeow streaming or NAW” going to movies with family maybe for a bit afterwards!
."@Djayy28: @Snugzmeow streaming tonight or nay?” Going to movies with fam so maybe a little late night
Tomorrow I'm having a special Norton Family Thankgiving strum, I am making Ser Pounce a Pilgrim hat as we speak.
Last batch of sub names for my wall! I put wayyy too much time into these hehe shower then strum maybe! Fams here so busy day :3
@PitchblueGaming @Snugzmeow It's a great time to get in there and start a new adventure in Sanctuary!
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.@Diablo @PitchblueGaming I think I will buy a copy for my stream to giveaway as well! :D
Finally finished creating a unique kitty name badge for all my current subs! I will putting them up on stream in about an hour <3
Ser Pounce is cleaning his fur getting ready to show you all his new cape!
If anyone is watching the broadcast of my stream last night and you get to the Ferguson protest in the middle let me know where it starts!!
Parents have arrived with supplies from Walmart, new cupcake candle yes!!
Rainy snow is the worst! I hope it turns Into build beautiful flakes so I can have snow cam today!
Ser pounce is legit the perfect cat model I should really consider getting him an agent.
Late night crafting, made a #horde decal for Ser Pounces legendary cloak 😁 yeah I am obsessed with…
"Human, thank you for making me a legendary cloak."
Ser Pounce's new legendary cloak for strum. #catcosplay
Making something epic for Ser Pounce 😁🐱❀
Donating stuff feels so great :3
@Snugzmeow Serious question, how do you balance full time student with streaming? Also, how do you motivate yourself outside of class? Thx!!
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.@Alakazam318 I want 2 cosplay/stream, but I have to get a degree, I just always remind myself how much I want both and work through stress.
welcome to all my new followers <3 thank you all for another amazing stream!
β€œ@Diablo: THIS WEEK ONLY - Save 50% on Diablo III and Reaper of Souls!" it finally happened @Snugzmeow
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"I will sleep on your computer, so you will pet me instead of stream human."
An #nypd officer totally almost hit me on hit moped, we both felt really awkward mostly because he was on a moped.
I think about the quickly approaching time when I will have to live without a meal plan.. I cry :( enjoying it while I can!
Opps I have a lot of cleaning and need to go get dinner, stream will be from 7pm! <3
New names for sub wall! I have about 15 more to do today :3
MOAR T H A N K S G I V A W A Y S, don't miss out on winning freee stuff! @ShareyourTwitch @Gamer_RTweets
Cleaning my apartment because my family is coming to town tomorrow for the holidays! Extra long leveling stream starting around 6pm EST
It's Thanksgiving break and Ser Pounce and I are chilling real hard 🐱�
Dear God, I just watched #Her, I am horrified. 😱 pls people talk to real people, even if it's on a computer it counts.
Amazing stream tonight guys! Welcome to new subs and followers <3 see you all tomorrow for an extra long day of leveling!
@Snugzmeow only got to catch the last few minutes of your stream 😬 I'll try to watch you earlier if you're on tomorrow 🐒
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This is actually disrespectful to Michael Brown. You're bursting out into nonsensical violence for him, in his name. That is not respect.
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lol someone just recognized me from FX parties, i cri evrytiem
Class let out a bit late! On my way home now, hoping to still be on strum by 9:30 EST