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Yo so I am looking to buy a Blizzcon ticket, yeah sell me yours at face value, Ill make a dope Jaina Proudmoore cosplay and it will be sweet
@Snugzmeow i'm glad i never have to deal with America. Ever.
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@Snugzmeow America couldn't be any worse. Fuck it, I'll vote for Yeezee!
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Kim K gone be the first First Lady to have a sextape
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Kim K gonna be the thickest First Lady to ever live
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Kim K will be First Lady AND still have a sex tape in circulation. America will truly be a better place.
Why can't Kanye run in 2016? Also, how does he know this will be a one term president lul, politics
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Will I reach 4,500 followers tonight? :o | Road to 5k ツ woo!
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.@ModelMosa super fun shooting today, you may want to check out the periscope stream we did before it disappears hah…
I have so many cosplays now I need to dedicate one of my closets to them, pics inc when I get this done :3
Think I'm gonna make a bunch of WoW cosplays, and maybe WoW will be fun again, but probably not.. at least I'll have a bunch of cosplays
I did more photoshoots at #AnimeCalifornia then I think I done at any other con, to say the least, my feetsies hurt :3 but well worth it!
.@sheikhbrown I said my phone was dead and then I used my phone LMAO I suck
Omw home from #AnimeCalifornia and I have to say it has been one of my favorite cons all year! First…
.@sheikhbrown TLDR version, guy hits on me thinking Im 14/15 visibly disappointed when I say I'm 21 and have a BF, moments later tries again
Wow someone call me and fake an emergency
Wow remind me to tell you all about the most fucked up awkward interaction wow didn't even happen at the con and it's still happening
LIVE on #Periscope: Bikini cosplayers 😍 + league hype…e
LIVE on #Periscope: .@ModelMosa photo shoot of my black mageweave body suit, come watch :3…
LIVE on #Periscope: snugzBooty hype! Cons winding down but let's go find some awesome cosplay…
LIVE on #Periscope: Black mageweave cosplay moar shoots…
LIVE on #Periscope: Black mageweave cosplay shoot, one of first cosplays I've ever made…
LIVE on #Periscope: Day 3 of Anime California :( not ready for it to be over!…
LIVE on #Periscope: Forest elf cosplay shoot with Vang!…
Protein for them cosplay gains, people are definitely still waking up at the con, gonna find an ATM then stream!
It's probably not normal how normal this feels, #cosplaylife
About an hour out from #AnimeCalifornia, subs today I'll be adding lots of snaps to sub account just for you :3 don't miss them!
Another day up before 9am 😱 I'm actually really proud of myself :3 hah almost en route to#AnimeCaliforniaa Day 3!
Nothing in life will ever compare to this moment. #PAX
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night night :3 last day of #AnimeCalifornia tomorrow, I'm a little too hyped to sleep but I must!
I'll be wearing my Black Mageweave armor from @Warcraft with my Belf ears and also shooting myself as a elf in some new fantasy stuffs <3
Definitely going to #AnimeCalifornia for Day 3 now! It's been such a nice con I can't miss out on Sunday :3
Uber is the best thing during conventions !
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.@roxiqt their posts are also pretty witty, I'm actually pretty proud. I need to get my mom on Twitter lmao parents be cooler than me
My parent's social media game is strong... like real strong. They seriously get as much or more interaction than I do on Facebook.
Met one of my subs today at #AnimeCalifornia 😁 it makes me so happy to see you guys IRL s/o to@FaithoftheSlayaa ❤️2
Pitch is going surfing super early, so I'm considering #AnimeCalifornia day 3! Should I do it?
Ice Queen Articuno 😘 awesome shot from ham_salad!#AnimeCaliforniaa was such a wonderful time! This…
Sorry for the periscope link spam on Twitter today, but I hope y'all enjoyed, next con I'll stream is @LongBeach_CC 😁👍
My apartment is a cosplay disaster zone, so I need to clean up beforehand 😁
#AnimeCalifornia was so fun! Heading to the Amtrak station and then home 😁 going to try to late night strum but..5
LIVE on #Periscope: Main hallway at Anime California…

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