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Cuddling with Ser Pounce in my kirigumi from tuckerscottalleborn before stream 💕 live now! Come hang…
Streaaaming soon, still in a mehhish mood, maybe I will dress up to cheer up! :p
Done with finals, meep.
One more final paper to finish up and then turn it, streeaaaam party tonight maybe I'll wear a cosplay if y'all are hyped enough.
Just finished my last class and I'm still filled with anxiety, I wish decision making was easier and my body responded less ridiculously.
Just bought the top 5 wow pets you guys voted boy to giveaway this week <3 night guys
@Snugzmeow awh i'm sorry :( well you definitely have a solid support team backing you up lol
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Live now for a bit <3 come chill and say nice things to people
coming on strummm for a little bit, apologize in advance for sad mood snugz :p
Hey stream viewers! Vote on which @Warcraft pet you would like to win on strummm <3
I think as a fuck you to North Korea @Sony should release "The Interview" for free on the internet for everyone to view.
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#TheInterview Is that all it takes - an anonymous threat and the numbers 911 - to throw free expression under the bus? #PussyNation
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Sony is a huge pussy.
Sorry I haven't been streaming or posting as much. I've had a pretty challenging week trying to decide…
Thanks so much to @autodesk for filming this amazing docu-series on our game @CupcakesGame,… Hope you all enjoy it!
Dood just smoking a cigarette on the subway platform is definitely having a worse day than me.
@Snugzmeow if there is one thing I have learned, don't do something cause others think you'd be good at it. Do what you want to do.
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@Snugzmeow you already know what I think! But I'm sure you'll make the best decision for YOU, and no one else!
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This decision is just really weighing down on me.
Leaving to pursue the area I want, or toughening it out for a degree that means very little to me. Sorry if I'm not my overjoyed self today,
Unfortunately, I discovered what I wanted to do fairly late in my undergraduate degree, so now I'm at a really tough decision point...
I'm getting a hospitality and tourism degree, which if you watch anything I do I am certainly too untraditional for this industry 😜
Ive been having a really hard week because I'm close to finishing a very expensive degree but I have no passion left at NYU and I feel stuck
.@Sharkskillers hey Steven long day! Heading to bed have a good night 😊
Chilling in @BriezyHeart's chat, she is so nice and considerate of her viewers awww go follow her!
Heading to bed, thinking about tons. My advice to younger peoples, DON'T apply early decision to a college, give yourself more options.
Not coming online tonight because I'm trying to make some giant decisions and need to focus/ have a splitting headache 😩
Sorry guys not attending @AnimeLosAngeles because they won't provide an extra badge and it's not safe to attend alone 😩😭 I cry!
Been really stressed today, going to try and come on stream for a bit because I think that will help mehhh
I wish I had an assistant who could upload my brain and do like half all the work I need to do k thanks <3
Working on a final project alllll dayyyy then streaming. God please give me to the strength to complete these irrelevant assignments.
Wayyy too many NYC college students take drugs and jump or fall off buildings, there is something seriously wrong at our Universities...
Awesome streams this weekend and today! You guys have been so generous and so many new followers ❤️…
Only two cards left to win @Snugzmeow MUST WIN!!!!
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Giving away three more Christmas cards and then that's it!! COME NOW TO WIN <3
I'll be on strum in the next 15 minutes <3
To everyone receiving your #NYU early acceptance decisions today, TURN BACK MEOW!!!!!!!!
"That time of the month Elves" OMG I AM DYING…
@Snugzmeow I thought I'd let you know that I had a dream I came over to your place and had dinner with you.. Oh and also I walked there...
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Nothing relaxes me like doing some crafts, making this For the Horde Clutch :3
Updated my tipping page, please note the new donation minimum Kappa
Since you guys are so much fun to snapchat with I'll be doing a highlight of me opening on stream, heres the first :3…
Early stream today so send me snapchats to open in the beginning add snugzmeow!
In case you missed me buying an equipping the 15k gold strength cloak, I've highlighted it for you all <3…