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We've updated our infographic on the diversity in the Academy Awards. Still sad #oscarssowhite
Retweeted by Snugzmeow
These are making me very happy right now ☺️
This subway smells like onion rings and pee 😔
.@mike_thehuman I like dunno what to even do, I'm still sitting here just tearing up. God this sucks so much.
Legitimately, just has my "group project partner," yell at me til I cried on the phone because he wanted me to do the entire project.
Stop complaining/hating/wishing. Start DOING.
Retweeted by Snugzmeow
“@Mr_banana078: @Snugzmeow you are great :D” thanks dood means a lot to hear from you guys :)
“@freqzilla: @Snugzmeow sending much virtual love, feel better soon =) ❤️” thanks so much man 💕
“@evacwow: @Snugzmeow awesome! Pls feel better k. We're not going anywhere” I will and I promise I will rejoin Internet land soon :3
“@Kunseto: @Snugzmeow nanai , hope feeling okey soon , and good luck with your cosplay!!!” Thank you so much! ❤️
@Snugzmeow Meows you 😸 hope you get back soon
Retweeted by Snugzmeow
Herro guys! Wanted to take a second to let you all know why I haven't been on much this week. I love…
Grumpy cat watching over my kitty boy ❤️
.@Canache4 CARL SUCKS, and I hear he likes League.. makes sense.
Man if Carl dies on #Thewalkingdead I would literally be so happy. #hesucks
@Snugzmeow If you were you'd be the #1 but you are not so you're just the #1 #GamingGoddess
Retweeted by Snugzmeow
For the record, the only times I have been on MFC is in chat... Kappa
Sometimes you guys send me such nice messages, I get a little teary, you all are the most amazing internet friends a girl could have! <3
6,783-> times "disgusting" was posted in 3 hours of award show Tweets. The power is in our hands. #SpeakBeautiful…
Retweeted by Snugzmeow
.@LegendaryLeaTV @H1Z1game I got top 5 by hiding in a bush for the entire game, use the Bush strat.
The first ever video game was technically created as a result of military research, so I guess I am thankful for War?
The bar across the street must be having a slow night, someone is watching last season of Game of Thrones on their projector screen.
Holy shit, AMC added to live streaming cable on @XFINITY now I can finally watch how boring #TheWalkingDead is with everyone else!
Soon to be Gnar's head piece, should I paper mâché it on stream?
Hmm I really need to write a paper, but I'm having too much fun sculpting, moments like this I wish I went to art school :p
Oh hell yeah. Can't wait to be wielding this bad boy around #PAXEast 😁
Looking for a leather purse or belt to sacrifice to the #cosplay Gods for the strapping on Gnar's weapon, being as frugal as possible :p
Sometimes people just disgust me, sigh, and not being able to say who or why without getting super backlash blows. Biting my tongue 😛
Working on Gnar's weapon for #PAXEast2015, gonna stream for a bit maybe just working on cosplay though!
He is such a little prince, surrounded by pillows and blankets to stay warm 🐱�
I really need to do some paper mache work for my #PAXEast cosplay, so I think today may be a STICKY STRUM, aka watch me glue things.
Holy shit a homeless screaming man just jumped and me and I had to move into oncoming traffic, omg can I move already???
Bedtime kisses from my little guy 🐱�
Sleepy time! School project in the am and getting the final supplies for Gnar cosplay, I'll be on stream though!
Furry and WARM (essential for Pax East) just made these little booties for my Gnar cosplay ☺️
Working on some custom orange booties for my Gnar #cosplay 😁
Sometimes the weather is just so bad, and you just so laze, you need to order a large pizza with bacon&pepperoni and a 2-Liter of pepsi <3
Playing some classic N64 Mario Kart :3 Maybe coming on stream after, if not for sure tomorrow!
.@XFINITY I PAY FOR HBO (or my dad does) HOW DARE YOU DENY ME MY PREMIUM PROGRAMMING! It keeps saying we don't have a subscription but we DO
#Pokemon card boob armor getting s fancy finish and straps 😁 dunno where I will wear this yet!
Tea is really like a magic comfort elixir.
.@ChemicalHaze sorry to hear that, I have an older cat, very hard to see your pets age and pass /hugs
"Please turn off the lights human, I would like to continue my nap meow"
Good news and good things happening today, positive thinking really puts everything in motion.
Should I stream now or later? Or attempt to stream from my bed hmmm