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Eating a hot dog and getting into costume at the same time, I am a boss.
Just totally owned my midterm :3 on my way home to Cosplay and stream for y'all! @Gamer_RTweets
NYU kids like cosplay for class, please stop, also stop randomly singing.
Going to take the midterm for my Monday night class! Then #cosplay stream after 😁❀️
I wish this midterm wasn't at 6:45 pm πŸ˜” sooo late!
#2NE1's @Microsoft commercial makes me so happy, and also I sort of want to buy a surface.
Moving my stream to tonight after my midterm exam because I could not fall asleep last night with this cough, thanks for understanding!
Successful day of work, this is definitely going to be the best weapon I've made! #cosplay
β€œ@GamingGazer: @Snugzmeow @PitchblueGaming @BlizzCon @Warcraft I was wondering what those broken sticks were for. GG” thanks man πŸ˜πŸ‘
The lighting for this staff is soo perfect I'm gonna cry 😭
It's almost my favorite Holiday, HALLOWEEN! To celebrate I'm having a cosplay marathon on stream.…
**PITCHBLUE** AKA Fitnessland Time to stream some WoW BGS and make inflammatory remarks about WoD/6.0. Lessdoit. @TwitchTVGaming @Snugzmeow
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First Halloween costume stream will be tomorrow at 12pm EST! Getting on early for my European fans 😁
I'm doing a 10 day costume marathon counting down to Halloween and when I leave for my Blizzcon trip! Posting costumes and times tonight :3w
I'm literally sculpting the most beautiful staff, its going to light up and sparkle and amaze, sorry for not streaming but it's cosplay time
β€œ@PitchblueGaming: The growth of LoL and eSports in one pic @Snugzmeow” 😱
meow sorry I'm late to stream I've been working on my #blizzcon staff and got wayyy too into it :3
Attempting to break this stick, any ideas?
#LeagueofLegends and @PlayHearthstone stream tonight starting at 8pm, add me on LoL! IGN: Snugzpow
Finally got all the supplies I need to make my #blizzcon staff, I'll be working on it tonight on stream!
This sweater is purrfect kitty camouflage 🐱
I'm thinking of making a fun little Cosplay for tonight, perhaps a new Pokemon, should I? 😁
Going to the craft store then streaming some Hearthstoned and league! Maybe some more Just Dance if hype permits.
New highlight from tonight's #cosplay stream of me actually winning some Hearthstoned games!… @Gamer_RTweets
Fun late night stream tonight thanks for all the new follows see you all tomorrow <3 @Gamer_RTweets
β€œ@WilliamDialect: @Snugzmeow jesus, this chat tonight.” God bless the trolls πŸ™
Ser Pounce loves watching me stream!
Special late night @justdancegame stream, practicing for Just Dance 2015 on Thursday! come chill #twitch
Eww huge pile of vomit right outside my apartment door.
Going to @BlizzCon join my event to know where I am during the con and for giveaways! :3 #blizzcon #worldofwarcraft
I have 9,777 followers on Twitch, I feel like I should go buy a lotto ticket or something!
I may come back on and respec in WoW/ play a little, whose still awake??
Cuddling with Ser Pounce after an awesome stream. I'll be streaming League and Hearthstone tomorrow in…
β€œ@Mik_ay: @Snugzmeow I'm already there you silly!” That's cause you da best!
Dressed as Pikachu streaming #Pokemon Stadium on my N64, come hang out :3 #cosplay
Getting dressed for stream, wearing one of y'alls favorite cosplays :3 LIVE IN 15
Hmm should I Cosplay for stream tonight?
Showering then streeaaaaam
what should I stream today :3
Somebody definitely peed in the lobby of my building. #nyc
Seriously, after seeing Blackfish I am determined to be part of closing @SeaWorld.
Wooo 20% off coupon for the craft store, already a good day!