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Late night cake :3 made by SnugzMom 😋🍰 still very much on my west coast schedule ☺️ using cake as a sleep aidBk
when I go to order something on Amazon and it defaults the sales tax to MA, but then I change shipping to CA and it's SO MUCH MORE i cri
Hunger Games gave me mad feels
Finally seeing the Hunger Games with my fam :3 PEETAAAAAAAA @nort275 @michaelnorts
The feels when its cold out but you have to take a shower, but getting out of the shower sucks :( So glad I don't face this in CA lol
Unpopular opinion: I don't like pumpkin pie...
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Hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving! (Or just a great day if you're not American hehe) 😁…
I feel like some people go to the gym just so they can post multiple selfies of them at the gym. We get it, you're at the gym.
I packed 50 hot glue gun sticks for my trip home so I could do some creative streams lol accessing what supplies I have in my HS bedroom
While Im home for the next week youll get lots of pics of my other kitty boys, here's he Ruggs, he's seen some shit
some words for all you content creators out there, big and small. <3 thank you for doing what you do.
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Thanksgiving is officially Thanksgetting, there's stores open at 3pm tomorrow... It's basically not even a holiday anymore.
Gotta catch 'em all! Yes that is one of the Burger King's pokeballs from the early 2000's 😁 waiting…
I've seen three people eating sushi before 10 am, that's hardcore lol
Welp 2 1/2 hours early for my flight. At least I didn't miss it lmao
En route to LAX, then onward to Masschusetts for Thanksgiving with my fam 😁 who else up early af?
I cannot begin to express how grateful I am that this article was written. See yours truly toward the end. @nytimes…
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Lol took 2 hours to get home from Beverly Hills 😔 at least I got dat uber pool rate
En route to Beverly Hills for doctors appointment, may take forever to get back so streaming is up in the air.
How does @ToppsDigital reward loyal and frequent customers? By banning them with no prior warning. No questions were asked.
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It happened, got the same @Uber twice, for back to back rides with the same driver. Basically like I have a private driver now 😛
Dentist -> pharmacy -> doctor appointment -> finish packing for 11am flight tomorrow, busy day :3 sorry I can't spend it strumming 😜
Good night internet people! Sorry for no stream, too much real life stuff to do before Thanksgiving with fam 😁R
Ser pounce wants to come home to Massachusetts with me :3
So much laundry to put away and I have to pack waaaaa
I now have back to back dentist and doctor appointments tomorrow, so a ton to do before I leave for home tonight! Stream will be late night!
aww my OG kitty boy, Ruggles, waiting for me to get home to Massachusetts :3…
the feels when you realize you have to do laundry
Wow a yoga class at a University was cancelled because of "cultural issues" SJWs y'all need to stop seriously, you are ruining life.
Doing some IRL stuffs and catching up on Sunday shows, then I'll be on stream to stream Fall Out for the first time :D
People should probably not get shit faced wasted on their streams
Waiting in Deadwind Pass to capture a pet that spawns at midnight PST, don't think I've ever been this committed to WoW... Kappa
Plan to stream my first time playing Fall Out tomorrow :D ayy get hyped, check here/snapchat for start time
Awesome late night stream :D sorry for OBS crashing and ser pounce turning off stream twice like a true asshole
He did it twice I'm done
Ser Pounce knowing how to turn my computer off is becoming a problem 😑
Whose down for a short late night stream? :3
@Snugzmeow was really nice to hang out and know u more today. hope to see u again next time ^_^
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Planning to still do a wow stream tonight and start Fall Out fresh tomorrow afternoon :3
Straight Japanese feasting 😋�mo
I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke.
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Always happy when I walk in and see my cat loaf ☺️
Super fun Sunday at #summonerscon! It was fun to wear my brand new cosplay and hang out with…
LIVE on #Periscope: Wearing my cosplay in normal human land like an awkward boss…
Having short hair would actually be so fun :3
Taking LA's equivalent of the subway for the first time dressed as Prom Queen Annie, oh the looks... Lmao 😂
Prom Queen Annie is ready ☺️ don't worry I didn't cut my hair!
Okay putting my cosplay on, it's time!

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