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Meghan Meow
Of course the scene of #AngelEyes in Boston takes place in a pub and Bruce Springsteen's "Hungry Heart," is playing. Classic #kdrama.
Oh my god @dramafever now auto plays the next episode?! This could be dangerous.
I kind of think all my dreams are coming true and that's actually kind of horrifying. #real
An umbrella does not protect you from rain AND wind, drying off and then streaming, see y'all in a few!
Finally on #tumblr for all those who were asking. Follow for some weird stuff, snuglife.
I can't watch inspirational YouTube videos in public places because they usually make me tear up.
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"Console peon" was an actual statement I actually just wrote on my final that's actually 60% of my grade.
Well Xfinity added live streaming @hgtv and @FoodNetwork... Hi watching TV forever bye. #domestic
Just found out I can graduate NYU a semester early 😁😁😁
Oh god of course the video game class on Fridays I have to take next semester meets at Poly... ffs.
@Snugzmeow I feel great now! Yay!! MEG IS GONA SEE MEEEEE!!!
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@Snugzmeow wow thank you so much :) looking forward to the DM!
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I forgot my Twitch hoodie in my bedroom at home... Noooooo!!!!
@robertsunwtf: @MeghanNorts yup thats us! (nyu top lane someroastedbeef)” NYU esports teams > NYU real sports teams. Grats guys! 😁
Oh wait maybe I could just give out a surprise one right now. Riot Blitzcrank: WW7XRAKVEUHX3M for my new followers <3
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