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Only I could somehow accidentally shut off my stream with 500 people watching 😳 BRB guys!
California streeeeeaaaaaming :3 come hang out WoW, Hearthstone, and Just Dance today! <3
Streaming tomorrow at 2pm PST, and 5pm EST working on cosplays for @AnimeCalifornia and playing with you guys!
Twitch panels finally redone after being hacked :p check it out!
And our Wellness Center pretends there's no problem...#NYU medical grad jumps to his death from dorm roof via @nypost
#Warlords of Draenor launches 11.13.14. Prepare to take your place on the front lines.…
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Hanging out with @PitchblueGaming come watch us stream on his channel :3 @ShareyourTwitch
WhiteBoy7thst Arrested mid-stream on Twitch for Felony Possession (30-500 grams of weed lol)… @Snugzmeow
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Wooo finally streaming WoW and Just Dance 😁 5pm EST and 2pm PST!
Last night of vacation back to regular stream schedule tomorrow and on my PC... Wooo!
@WTFassassinWTF: @Snugzmeow why monday we want stream noooooooooow” I'm too burnt to stream it hurts to move :(
Last day of beach vacation 😔 but I'll be back to my regular stream schedule Monday woot!
I have the most nonsensical sunburn right now, ouch.
People generally tweet some stupid stuff, after 10pm I feel like Twitter becomes a weird 140 character public diary.
@Snugzmeow Dawwww you can't be much bigger, so not surprised! Snails are icky but why is this one so cute💖 🐌 💖
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I actually just tripped over this snail 🐌
Someone in Newport Beach drive me to the fabric store please ❤️
California friends wanting to meet up at @AnimeCalifornia, pre-register for a badge and RSVP to the fbook event ❤️