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β€œ@Paladinleeds: I don't care what @Snugzmeow thinks of me... FOR THE ALLIANCE! Night Elf Druid/Draenei Shaman person here.” πŸ‘‘ of 🐱ies
β€œ@Mikethe3nd: @Snugzmeow @Murkax @thera2111 @Sodapoppintv We should be best freindz5ever” I think everyone else in this tweet hates me.
β€œ@Paladinleeds: @Snugzmeow @BlizzCon BOO! For the Alliance!” ALLIANCE ARE PUSSIES AND NOT THE GOOD KIND 🐱
Streaming late tonight because I have class until 9pm est πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” I also have to pack for blizzcon omg so much to do
Wow this NYU kid legit just stopped our whole group pretending he's giving 20$ and it was a total troll. Heartless bro!
@Snugzmeow @Murkax @thera2111 @Sodapoppintv god you are annoying :I but oh well ..that beauty ...nvm
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β€œ@StevenCVickery: @Snugzmeow Well shit...I missed it!” Don't worry I'll destroy the internet again soon
There's a girl doing a league Cosplay photoshoot in the park right now, I'll try and creep.
Someone just asked me and my two Asians partners if we wanted to do a sexy photo shoot!! Lol who asks people to do porn in the park?
Collecting money for children in Washington Square park! Come give to UNICEF! #moneybunny
β€œ@StevenCVickery: @Snugzmeow did you make the internet mad? The hell did I miss?” Opps maybe 😊
β€œ@Murkax: @thera2111 @Snugzmeow @Sodapoppintv just realized I said You'er. what the fuck” fuck you'er!
β€œ@DJohnsen15: @Snugzmeow so do i need to watch your stream daily like a stalker since you followed me? lmfao Kappa” of course!
β€œ@NRG_java: @Snugzmeow exactly. Don't know how he keeps streaming. But he does so he is a trooper.” @Sodapoppintv πŸ˜πŸ’•β€οΈπŸ’• for soda
@Snugzmeow Most of them are ether under 14 or 40 year old fat men trying to be so fucking awesome before they die of ebola.. RIP twitch
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.@sprayandpray178 @_4zy_ @Murkax I found a free metro card on the ground in the pizza place, and I bought that follower response
.@DJohnsen15 It's cool doe cause at the end of the day it's the internet, and we all just nerds playing games <3
.@_4zy_ @sprayandpray178 @Murkax this is the first time anyone has ever responded to anything I've tweeted. I am so confused o.O
Final preview shot of #blizzcon2014, this pic is from pretty early in the crafting process. Can't wait…
@Snugzmeow someone should donate u an unlimited use card every month so u don’t feel sad :)
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Just took the subway to class, I'm gonna miss this free unlimited card next month :(
@Snugzmeow probably being murdered by bowling balls
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It legitimately sounds like they are dropping bowling balls.
The people upstairs are either moving or be brutally murdered by loud wut
Not surprised, I'm still an avid @TPAIN fan, "Best Love Song," is in my house play list… #swag
This will be Ser Pounce and I's first real cosplay together, just started ordering supplies!…
Dying my hair a silveryish blonde to go with my #BlizzCon2014 blood elf cosplays ugh I can't wait, I'm leaving on Friday!
For #Blizzcon2014 I've made two brand new cosplays! On Friday I will be wearing the Felcloth Regalia…
"Everyday is National Cat Day when you're the king." - serpounce_of_khat
@Snugzmeow @juiceDiem @TwitchSupport I've gotten e-mails up to 5 hours after a stream starts, by which time it's over sometimes
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Leavin for Cali tomorrow. Blizzcon hype too real
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Help stop #AAA's promo of #SeaWorld - it's absolutely disgusting! These beautiful creatures need to be free! @peta
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Every time I try and search on Twitch it takes me to buy Warlords... wut LOL
Today's Halloween costume! Stream is live at 5pm :3
Actually streaming at 5pm not a drill prepare accordingly.
Creeper pic of this amazing dog that knows how to carry bags 😍
Hmm actually I may color my hair for @BlizzCon before I stream today, wow I have so much to do before I leave!
It's #NATIONALCATDAY! Ser Pounce and I will be dressing up and celebrating on stream, hoping to get on by 4:30 <3
Happy #NationalCatDay! RT if this hip version of our jingle makes you & your friends want to celebrate! #ItsMeowTime…
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Having some computer issues, what else is new! Playing Just Dance in a bit hopefully, computer please be cool and keep working.
Ser Pounce is literally taking up my whole bed and totally happy about it.
I feel like time is always working against, there's either too much of it or not enough.
sleepy time! streaming during the DAY tomorrow because class is cancelled WOO <3 Just Dance DON'T MISS IT!