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welcome to the mind of a maniac
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Its so much im going thru right now
#Capricorn's do not like to reveal their innermost thoughts.
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The loyalty of a #Capricorn is not to be underestimated, no matter how flirty they appear.
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#Capricorn have a great memory. Hurt us and we will never think of you the same.
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Make a #Capricorn your 2nd or 3rd priority and they will make you their last.
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We all have that one ex that changed us...
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I need these meds to kick in one time fa ya boy.
Im really in a lot of pain.
People surprise the hell outta me everyday
I taught my sister never to think she's better or prettier or smarter etc..than anybody. Never underestimate anybody. Ever.
People don't realize that they burn the wrong bridges.
I really could say a whole lot.
Ima just keep it to myself tho
Smh so called grown mfs sho do be doing some childish ass shit
Hard times reveal true friends.
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