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Fuzzy Phase
The wait is over! Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you my new EP… Toby.
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Happy and grateful to see another month
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Had a good time last night at @CynikalMusic's shindig, heard the EP which is out today! Plus the next ones WOW.
🌍,💨 & 🔥.
Deep like a puddle or deep like the ocean? Dry like a desert or moist like a lotion?
Harry Nilsson - Everybody's Talkin' (1969): via @YouTube
Thinking about ordering room service, but i'm at home in my own bed with no room service. It was a nice thought though.
The only thing guaranteed in life is death.
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Slight hang man.
R.I.P to Paul Walker & Let's not forget the Driver who also died with him...Fast & Furious will never be the same :((
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People talk more about creativity than actually creating. Focus on your craft. Drop the industry talk.
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Just came back from @CynikalMusic's listening party - his new EP 'Toby' is one incredible body of work
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Cannot wait to hear the solo work of the newly trim @MNEK.
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Hungry for some Bodeans! But may have to settle for something quick and easy 😔
My EP is out tomorrow. How very exciting! #Toby
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#NowPlaying "Don't Let Go (Love)" by En Vogue on @RdioUK:
@FuzzyPhase: YOU AIN'T GOT THE ANSWERS!!!…” < LMFAO I'm dying with laughter man!!!
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@jamaledwards: What a tune by @LAXXuk!” this got me straight out of bed! Banging
Why am I still up?... I don't have the answers phase!!
I would love to be the Dr Suess of music.
@MChangKeys: “@FuzzyPhase: Jodeci made some timeless music.” This guy..” Hahhaa I knew what your reaction would be if you saw this
@kingcherish: i didn't know kanye was nigerian” are you sure?
Can't forget about Donnell Jones
@AngeloSinger: @FuzzyPhase your in that jodeci vibe, that's me everyday lol” hahaha Jodeci 4 life!
The biggest language now is : #net
RT @oliviasynderson: @JheneAiko what is your favorite quote ? < " do not speak unless it improves on silence "
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And on "I'm still waiting" - "it's been so long since I touched a lady"
Jodeci have some of the best opening lines lol. "Freek'n You" - "Everytime I close my eyes, I wake up feeling so hoorny"
Jodeci made some timeless music.
We are transformers (robot voice)
@kingcherish: i have to be up in 2hrs 😔” haha
Creating, that's what we humans do best. For better or worst till death do us part.
Why do I wake up early in the morning and be wide awake at these times!?!? I want that normal sleep pattern back! Attempting sleep....
Fake people do NOT last long.
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Hahaha new Kanye!! -‘YOU AIN'T GOT THE ANSWERS!!’ by Halo (DjH2) on #SoundCloud?…
Jhené Aiko - Bed Peace (Explicit) ft. Childish Gambino: via @YouTube
"Scooby Doo" was based on marijuana smoking teens. The constant hunger, hallucinations & a 70's hippie van linked to Marijuana use.
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My debut single #GameOn ... Music Video on my VEVO Channel!! J Brook - Game On: via @YouTube
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#NowPlaying Everything I Can't Have by Robin Thicke on @RdioUK:
Westwood - Trim & Lee Brasco freestyle 1Xtra!
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