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Secret Tips
omg im still gaining and all i did was follow @OMGFunniest_ ;o
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Gum stuck to clothes. Boil vinegar, and pour on gum. Use a brush to wipe off. Gum will come off instantly.
This is what it looks like when a tiger dives for a piece of meat.
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The key to confidence is walking into a room and assuming everyone likes you.
Want to avoid over thinking? Focus on what to do next instead of worrying about what went wrong.
Always end the day with a positive thought; no matter how hard things were. Tomorrow is a fresh opportunity to make it better.
Grab a banana for breakfast! They are known as a happy fruit. Eating just one can help relieve irritable emotions, anger and or depression.
If you brush your teeth (and other small tasks) with the wrong hand you force the brain to work differently. Your self control will improve.
How to make a healthy berry smoothie
Bottling up your emotions can lead to depression. If you have no one to talk to, write a blog or journal.
How to get easy access to your drink while laying out this summer
Don't stress yourself out over things you can't control or change.
Four words to get free alcohol at a party: I've never been drunk.
Need a boost of creativity? Try looking at something that's blue! It's a creativity-enhancing color.
Try to put yourself in as many socially awkward situations as possible. You will be desensitized to it which makes you more outgoing.
Stress is often referred to as “the silent killer” and has been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, chest pain and early death.
3 or more cups of coffee can cause hallucinations.
The easiest way to keep people from getting involved in your personal problems is to not post them on the internet.
Gum stuck to clothes. Boil vinegar, and pour on gum. Use a brush to wipe off. Gum will come off instantly.
Someone who becomes angry easily, over silly things- subconsciously desires to be loved.
Children grow faster in the spring.
This is what happens when you microwave a banana
For oily skin, mash one banana with a teaspoon of honey and a couple of drops of lemon juice. Apply to face for 10 minutes, rinse.
Black Pepper can stop bleeding & Take away the soreness of a cut.
Cuddling with loved ones releases oxytocin, a hormone that reduces stress and prevents nausea and headaches.
Sleep and music are two ways to escape everything.
Studies show that singing when tensed can help you avoid depression and anxiety.
Don't skip on sleep. Sleep is more important than homework. It's proven that it's better to sleep than to stay up late cramming.
Staring at the color blue can relieve both anxiety and stress.
People who swear a lot tend to be more honest, loyal and upfront with their friends.
If your shoes are too small, put on three pairs of socks, put the shoes on, and then blow dry for 10 minutes. They'll fit perfectly.
If you put your fingers in ice water immediately after painting your nails the paint will dry instantly.
Take vitamin B complex during the summer. Insects don't like the way it makes you smell to them, it wards off mosquitos and biting flies
If you're lucky enough to get a second chance at something, don't waste it
Want to put a song on repeat from YouTube? Add 'repeat' between 'youtube' and '.com'
If the asphalt is too hot for your hand, its too hot for your dogs paws!
Keeping your bedroom as dark as possible can help you deal with mood swings and or feeling sadness for no apparent reason.
If your boyfriend or girlfriend wrongs you--don't tell your parents about it. You might forgive them, but your parents won't.
Passionate kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute.