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IG: FunnyAida
β€œ@campbellcombate: @FunnyAida Would love to. What night?”//Saturday at 10.
β€œ@vsinjustice: @FunnyAida Do I get in FREE since we share a first name? 😜 LOL@icehouseccc”//Maybe.😍
β€œ@campbellcombate: .@FunnyAida Very well--I'm a big fan. Are you at the Icehouse next week?”//Thank you, I am, are you gonna be my guest?
β€œ@campbellcombate: .@FunnyAida Amiga we met at Imagen Awards when I won for Best Reality Show”//Hola Amor, how goes it?
Ahh! @WendyLiebman is on @TakeMyBitcoins tonight at 8pm! Quick, everyone pretend I'm funny and laugh at my jokes, I'm trying to impress!
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7th Heaven reunion should just be Jessica Biel telling the other actors what being famous is like.
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@FunnyAida They can't help it, it's the ugly parents, they need to stop calling them cute
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This morning ab workout got me f&@#ed up!!!! @getyolifefitness_nick #traindirty #fitness #fitfam #abs #body #ouch
If I'm wearing my Invisilign, you're in the friend zone
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@FunnyAida Whoever the hell did that beatboxing just now could give that Police Academy guy a run for his money, lol.
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LOL wtfff β€œ@FunnyAida: We're talkin ugly babies right now. CALL 800-893-9562”
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We're talkin ugly babies right now. CALL 800-893-9562
Tonight 6pm on #BOTS Round9 "Battle of the Babymakers" w/ @LASTCOMIC7 Mommy @FunnyAida vs beatboxin Daddy @TylerBoeh!
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I will be representing for the ladies, make sure you call in!
Tonight at #HaHaCafe I get to play with my bro @jackjrcomic @donhefty and #kevinshea #ilovemyjob
β€œ@nbcsvu: See you at the precinct. #SVU”///I'll be there, ready to solve the case!πŸ‘“
β€œ@FunnyAida: β€œ@deandelray: Satans bike”///I knew it!” It looks horny! (I'm here all week folks😊)
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I realized I eat too much fast food, so I decided I would start cooking for myself. Does anyone here know how to "McNugget" a chicken?
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β€œ@JayDavisComedy: @FunnyAida annnd ... Killed it!!! That you!! Awesome so funny!”//Thanks Jay πŸ˜„
Honestly, my comedy album doesn't stand a chance if it doesn't start out with "Mustard on the beat"! @DJmustard
β€œ@Bigwood909: @FunnyAida /continue 2 bless the crowds ur comedy is funny n 2 the point!/look forward 2 working with u soon.Bigwood”/TY πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈ
β€œ@isiahkelly: Ladies the choice is yours πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚οΏ½”///Heeelarious!
Selfie sesh with @JayDavisComedy last night at the Parlor, thanks for letting me play.
This Saturday at the #icehouse in Pasadena we will be joke totin and slingin. Come join @jabaridavis462 @frankiequinones and myself #comedy #3thehardway #lastcomicstanding #aidarodriguez
This Saturday, come watch me get it in with my love and comrade @jabaridavis It will be epic!
Your funny as hell and it's your time dear :) #GirlsAreFunny RT @FunnyAida: @daryl_wright Thank you for believing!
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β€œ@JTDabbagian: And lastly, @saschaknopf and @FunnyAida you both should meet. Much SHEnanigans will occur. ;)” ya she's awesome.
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Just went into a women's public bathroom, Chris Brown was right, these hoes ain't loyal.
Shaq’s All Star Comedy Jam Headed To Miami Featuring @FunnyAida, @DeRayDavis & more –
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Come in LA, let's party! #comedyvibesla #aidarodriguez #lastcomicstanding #comedynights #lacomedy
Get your tickets to see @FunnyAida & the rest of comedyvibesla's All-Star line up Tues. Sept. 23rd at…
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