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IG: FunnyAida
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Santa tried to holla and I asked for the credit score!
The only reason I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving Weekend '14 is because I'll be @CobbsComedyClub w @anylaurie16 & @FunnyAida - Join us.
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@FunnyAida finding your voice. being brave enough to live authentic life. suicide. finding one's self-worth.hypersexuality in music.#askgpb
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@GreatDaneUJ: @FunnyAida @AmericanAir and here I thought Bono flew a different airline #GoFigure”//Bono knows better.
@Mifflin89: @FunnyAida yup. They jacked my luggage the LAST TIME I flew with them.”//@AmericanAir
@FunnyAida @OwenBenjamin We all have our dirty little fetishes/secrets/skeletons in the closet. :)
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Unless you want to be on airplanes with mechanical issues, want your luggage lost and deal with no accountability DO NOT FLY @AmericanAir .
Happy Birthday @romanymalco I'm better for knowing you! You helped me go viral with something of substance. You deserve the berry best!
Even if in your tweet you're praising me and dissing someone else, I can't RT it. I appreciate the love, thank you, but that's not my way.
@melsil @BernadetteDavis i know next one i will write & direct. excited. but focus now is making sure #beyondthelights has legs. #askgpb
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@OwenBenjamin: People who act morally superior are almost always have really disturbing secrets.”/have many but my moral bar is pretty low.
@samtripoli Have you seen the really strange sexual assault campaign SB Nation is running this week?…
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When I tell you that this year has been AMAZING for me, that is an understatement! The Universe, truly, agrees with a made up mind. I say it daily, I really love my job. All praises to the Most High and a big thanks to all of the heavenly AND earthly angels that are assisting in my journey. #Happ
The folks at @FergusonBurgers are trying to put together 150 holiday baskets for kids. Help if you can.
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@TommyRicoSuave: @FunnyAida is the truth! Great set at @thelaughfactory”///Thank you so much. 😊
Let us all stand in agreement and pray over #Ferguson As we know, the innocent tend to pay. Let there be peace, no more mothers losing sons.
About to miss another flight on @AmericanAir Trying to get to LA for my show @thelaughfactory No other airline has ever made me miss a show.
I can't believe what a terrible experience I've had with @AmericanAir this trip. My apologies to all that missed me at my show on Thursday.
Tonight @laughfactoryhw @8 #ilovemyjob #illsayitforyou #thewayIseeit #hollywood #comedylife #aidarodriguez #funnyaida
The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.
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Please share, RT and post. This family is really in need.
Please this Chattanooga family give their 5 year old a proper funeral. Tommy died while I was here this weekend
Just completed my weekend at #TheComedyCatch and had an amazing run. Thank you #chattanooga for the laughs and love, you make me a happy girl! ❤️ #ilovemyjob #illsayitforyou #thewayIseeit #happygirl #comedylife #ontothenext
@RealCEtheArtist: @FunnyAida Hate that I missed you at the Comedy Catch!!”///Aww, next time. 😍
Laurie Kilmartin aka @anylaurie16 Will be at @CobbsComedyClub Wed 11/26 8p w/ @FunnyAida #SfComedy Let me know if you want #Free tickets
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@HollisPeguese: @FunnyAida amazing show! Thanks for coming to Chattanooga. Come back soon. Follow me?”//👍👏❤️
#HappySunday Living #chattanooga One more show tonight at #TheComedyCatch Let's have fun #ilovemyjob #illsayitforyou #thewayIseeit #tennesse
Happy Sunday, jump off the soap box and take a freakin joke today, it will make you live longer!
The modern engagement ring should just be paying off a girl's student loans.
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@BarackOsame: Lifetime Presents: Dennis Rodman Biopic”//OR The Count from Sesame Street
@GodsSoldier23: @FunnyAida I got your back too! I know some tall people and we gon' handle this :)”//LOL
@samalecki: @FunnyAida thank you for coming to #Chattanooga you were amazing! Can't wait to rock my shirt! :)”/TY 😍💋❤️
#LifetimePresents Natalie Cole as Kenya Moore #lifetime #lifetimebiopics #LifetimeCastings #icouldnthelpmyself #mylastoneforreal #promise #goodnightforreal
@HumanityCritic: @FunnyAida People are nuts on here sometimes Aida, but I got your back though. Those fools don't want none. :)”//😊☺️❤️🙌
Ok, someone just wished death upon me on behalf of Lil Kim. I DON'T battle tap with bitter balls. Unfollow whack ass #lilkimdoesntknowyou
#LifetimePresents #lifetimebiopics #LifetimeCastings #lifetime #bitchbetterhavemymoney #okIMDone #goodnight