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Lou Masumbu
From #workout flow to #workflow
Some people are so smart they turn stupid or say and do stupid things!…
Have at least 1 proper #meal a day, #breakfast or #lunch, #Dinner should be light! Look, you can live #fast but try not to eat the fast...
Omg, I’m struggling today!!
Whether you’re losing #weight or trying to #gain #lean #muscle, #follow what I #eat. If you’re #losing, cut 2 #meals out. If you’re...
#Jealous and #envy will always get the players hated! Hate the #game, the players only #follow the #rules! #thinkingoutloud ✌️
Be cryptic in your tweets at times. only the inner circle would know!
I think this is officially becoming #Ricecake #abuse
New day, new tweets, new stats. 2 followers, 2 unfollowers. Via good old
Congrats to @WalmartHub for stepping out and away from the Jim Crow error!
#fitbylou NXT Music: Migos - One Time #followme @lou_fitness IG||FB #follow @funkselekta on #tiwitter || #snapchat
Followers -2, Unfollowers - 0. I didn't know I was this awesome. Get your daily stats via
After eating pancakes and crepes, #gained 3lbs because the feeding continued late night, ate dinner very late last night due to some personal work I had to do! Lesson is, always try to get your meals in on time, keep to the schedule especially after eating the way I did earlier in the day. It's cr
How well can you #Mask the pain? How deep does it #run, through your veins, #brain & through your #chest?
Trying my money's worth on #fathersday, I enjoyed myself a lot.
#10bands gimme all the bands yo! @champagnepapi (@drake) killed this track!
#10bands gimme all the bands yo! @champagnepapi (@drake) killed this track!
#turnt in the ride 😂😂😂😂! love my kids @quincyzedkidquincymasumbu and @princess_liyah25_
You see, eating pancakes, crepes and that all important omelette from #IHOP
After that #IHOP feast, #played #basketball with the kids and killed them! Felt like Michael (@jumpman23)out there, #dunking on them #children mayne!! And they surprised me with some whey, #Walmart brand 😂😂😂😂! It's ok, it's the gesture that's important ! #Love them!
Forget unfollowers, I believe in growing. 2 new followers in the last day! Stats via
#HappyfathersDay to all the #Daddies & #Mothers that are also Daddies, out there in the #world. It takes a special person to be #Dad!
Mine is weighed out in the scale. No carbs after 7pm. The kids on the right. Chicken teriyaki with French green beans for me! Kids, brown rice with quinoa & French green bean along with teriyaki chicken! Bon apétit
Cutting to @myfabolouslife beat! Oh so so ill with the cut!
😍😍😍 my loves. Love them to
This would be cool for Father's Day gift…
After eating carbs, abs gone! 😱😱😱
3 daily unfollowers. Crowdfire doesn't miss a trick - via
I need a kick start!! 😂😂😂
That #Javapro by #isopure is slowly becoming my favorite morning drink!
one Rep at a time. There was a point in time not to long ago, I couldn't even do one of these. but I kept trying. I did 1 rep after doing cable crunchs and increased it by 1 more each time untill i could do 10 reps. after that i started doing variations and so on! you should try these, i would
my shoulders workout today was something out of this world. i had a great time training today. Here is snapshot of how it went down ! #fitbylou Music: French Montana - Don't Panic #followme on FB||IG :Lou_fitness #snapchat||Twitter : funkselekta
Looks like something out of a horror flick. I killed it real quick hate spiders
Plain wack, they don't compare to air yeezy. Went from legend to garbage in an instant, because pride and greed. Smh…
Walked a mile at 15%, speed of 4.0 for 17min! Burned 300 cals
Do you believe that or am I alone in this belief?
Do you know who are awesome? My 2 new followers in the last day! Growing with
my warmup everyday is jump rope these days ! #fitbylou Visuals ENT Music: Jidenna - Classic Man (feat. Roman GianArthur) #snapchat|twitter: @funkselekta
#Javapro to get the day started right!!
Food is always the best choice over supplements, but when I am on the go, I choose to supplement over fast food! #getit #foodprep...
Growing and engaging with the right tweeps - gained 3 new followers in the past day, courtesy
Steamed broccoli & Salmon😍😍😍
So i fell asleep during last night during the finals... !
6 daily followers. 3 unfollowers. Crowdfire doesn't miss a trick - via
#fitbylou Music: The Notorious B.I.G. - Ten Crack Commandments #followme @lou_fitness
someone told me to work abs with weights, ive done that ever since. just like any muscle, you want it to grow, you've got lift! #fitbylou Music: Solo Lucci - Whip It #follow @Lou_fitness on FB or IG

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