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فهم رحمن
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And Alhamdulillah I still have chance to feel tired.. Goodnight universe..
@Alhamdhulillaah: #HeIsAllah He has not left you, nor has He detested you..
You are not a loser unless you lose faith in Allah
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Almost two weeks now and still struggling and will keep fighting.. For the better future! Aamiinn..
Ok I have to get kost nearby the office.. The Jakarta traffic is now really non sense.. 😣🔨
Finally landed.. I hope 5 hour sleep is enough.. Pheeww! 😣 (at@fuchmee) —
Sleep early and wake early.. Godspeed!
Suatu perkara bila kalian lakukan akan saling mencinta?, Biasakanlah mengucapkan salam di antara kalian (HR Muslim)
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Be humble.. Stay low..
Jalan2 yuk.. 😜 (with Selvilia) [pic] —
Follow the Quran and Sunnah, and success is yours In'shaa Allah.
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When times get tough, remember it’s times like these that teach us the most valuable lessons and help us grow
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Selamat tahun baru 1436H
yuk cek IG kita kk @SechaHijab hehehe 😚😗😙 [pic]
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Semoga si merah sehat terus pake oli samping ini. #motul #vespaexcel
Stay close to anything that reminds you of Allah SWT.
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The minute we begin to take our prayers seriously, our lives will begin to get back on track
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We must strive to settle our disputes with others soonest possible. But if we can't, then that will surely happen on the Day of Judgment.
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Those who worry ABOUT the Akhirah are the ones who will not worry IN the Akhirah!
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Time to pray Asr for #Jakarta and surrounding areas.
Rabbi isyrah lii shadrii, wayassir lii amrii "Ya Tuhanku, lapangkanlah untukku dadaku dan mudahkanlah untukku urusanku" (QS 20:25-26)
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"Ya Tuhanku, lapangkanlah untukku dadaku dan mudahkanlah untukku urusanku." (QS 20: 25-26)
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Prophet Mohammad ﷺ said: "He who sends blessings on me once, Allah sends him blessings ten times". [Muslim, Abu Dawud, & Tirmidhi]
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Dear Allah, today, toughen my skin, soften my heart, sharpen my vision, tighten my circle, open my mind and close my mouth!
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There's non sense blamming a whole country as a bad country just because of some people do some bad things. Think again.. 😊
Islam teachings is far perfect rather than muslim itself. Because Islam is a religion that awarded by Allah and muslim is only human being.
#Muslim doesn't represent Islam entirely, but #Islam is a way to guide the muslims in a right path.
Say : لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله "There's no God except Allah and Muhammad is Rasulullah"
Tahap awal dari 10 tahap menuju hari akhir spt yg disebutkan oleh Nabi Saw sudah lewat, masihkah kita tdk mau berhijrah ke jalan-Nya?
Masing2 manusia butuh kunci utk masing2 pintu surga. Perbanyak menyebut kalimat tauhid, beramal soleh, beribadah, dan bertakwa kpd الله.
Hijrah ke jalan الله Azza wa Jall bukanlah pilihan, melainkan sebuah keharusan dan satu2nya jalan utk mencapai jannah..
Hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakiil “Cukuplah Allah menjadi Penolong kami dan Allah adalah sebaik-baik Pelindung” (QS 03:173)
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Hukum Mengantungkan dan Memajang Foto, Gambar, Lukisan dan Patung…
Sifat-sifat yang baik itu tidak dianugerahkan melainkan kepada orang-orang yang sabar (41:35)
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Have you ever wondered how your actions affect other people? Or how will people talk about you after your death?
It doesn't matter how many "resources" you have if you don't know how to use them.
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Allah can restore the broken part of you and change it into something great. All you need is faith.
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One of the beauties of the great religion of Islam, is that Its never too late to ask Allah for forgiveness. Allah is the most forgiving.
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Ya Tuhan kami, jgnlah Engkau pikulkan kpd kami apa yg tak sanggup kami memikulnya. Maaflah & rahmatilah kami (Al Baqarah:286)
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Apakah Anda Benar-benar Mencintai الله Azza wa Jall?
Ketika manusia lebih percaya ramalan dibandingkan dengan kuasa Allah SWT. Itulah orang2 musyrik..
Hello OSX Yosemite!
OS X Yosemite Sudah Bisa Dinikmati Pengguna MacBook
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