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KING Justin
Aye Ion Mean To Curse But I HATE Stupid Bitches.
I Have Had 3 Phones In The Past 6 Months. All Of Em Are Gone
I Saw A Toyota Full Of Mexicans Hop Out The Car And Jump A White Dude And Stole His Soccer Ball
Always Living Up To Stereotypes. It NEVER Fails.
I Hate The Stupid Stuff We As Black People Do.
Just Went From Team iPhone To Team NO Phone
How DF Do YOu Loose A Phone In Less Than 5 Minutes
I almost killed myself listening to this trash… via @YouTube
I need a haircut. Tired of looking like a bum.
I apologize ahead of time.
Never knew it was possible to cockblock online
A homie over here in his feelings
For some reason relationships, or just talking never works for me.
Day Ones Aint Always Day One.
"6:00 a.,m water boiling, think I'm addicted to the strong aroma"
"4:30 am, never say when, it’s five in the morning, and your children are somewhere on the corner"
@nickyromero: Not sure what works better, iOS8 or windows 95”
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I Saw A Car Full Of Mexicans Get Out The Car And Run Into Taco Bell And Stole All The Tacos........What Is Life
Aye That Charging Your iPhone In The Microwave Dont Work Right
Wack Ass Broke Ass Wannabee Rappers.
Well I Bought It, And It And The First Track Sound Fucking Terrible. OMG This Sound Like A Horse Dying.
How You Gone Sell Me A Mixtape And I Never Heard Of You? WHO DF ARE YOU!
Im Tired Of These Broke Niggas Tryna Sell Me They Wack Mixtapes, And Ion Even Know Who They Are.
I'm dead. “@WHITETRASHGAWD: app must not be working right now 😕”
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Interviewer: "How will you fix the nation's debt?" Obama: "Boi ya damn hairline in debt like shit"
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That Awkward Moment When Your Homeboy Tries To Set You Up With Someone
Don't interrupt me while I am recordin' This so depressing, Wish I could pause it Misunderstand it, Put that in a coffin'
No 1s watchin but the angels My hearts been takin by this angel 2 many insecurities that won't allow me 2 trust
What the fuck just happen.. “@NahNahBad: She glo'd into a nigga lol RT "@gxldthvg: #GloUpChallenge"”
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Rather have another Yeezus. “@YeJin__Hong: I'm ready for another Kanye West album...... Not Yeezus, but Kanye West!! Who's all in favor??”
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Thought a car full of Mexicans was tryna buck for my skateboard.
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When you on the way to get buried but you left ur charger at home
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Twitter Blocking Me And Ish
I Hate School. Ima Rapper I Can Write My Own Poem
Heyo makes it extremely easy to launch contests like this that drive you traffic, leads, and sales
I Know Theres A Name, Gotta Be A Name For This Stuff! I Just Dont Know What To Call It. #Gates #IDGT
Hi @anelamalu. U Taking Ur Test Or Nah?
I Hate Faggotry. Lol
Kayla Stop Tweeting
I Lost All Of My Random Ass Twitter Friends.
Im Going To Sleep Now.
I Noticed That For Some Reason I Have Been In My Feelings For No Reason.
I Notice Most Of My Friends Are Random People I Met Off Of Twitter.