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Marisol Aponte
The coffee conspiracy. #brewsociety #nerdswag
That face when you have your first "Pumpkin Spice Latte" of the 🌾🍁🍂FALL! I don't want to get my east coast card revoked but it's still 75F in 🎰Vegas🎰!! So I skipped the sugary coffee and had a shake! YUM! 😋 #ShakeRecipe: 1 scoop Herbalife Formula Pumpkin Spice 1 scoop Herbalife Formula 1 Latt
Hatch chile chicken soup. YUM #healthyactivelifestyle #beastinthekitchen #mealprep
."Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our LIGHT, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Yo
Nothing worth doing is meant to be easy. Do it anyway. #inspire #healthyactivelifestyle #yourmom
Balloons!!! Globos!! #latergram #newmexico #nofilter
Jorge & I send want to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone that made our weekend incredible! We really can't thank you enough. #marisolandjorge #healthyactivelifestyle
I am a gift wrapping master! #lastday #itsalmosthere #marisolandjorge
Last minute shopping for wedding essentials. But first....let me take a selfie. #marisolandjorge #3daysleft
Makes me want to mail something. #latergram #edmomton
Why do I constantly set new (and sometimes absurd) goals? Because motivation fades when it's no longer fun and new but inspiration and dedication will keep you going when it gets uncomfortable. #latergram #swelfie #healthyactivelifestyle #10daysleft !!!! #marisolandjorge #buffbride
I don't know if you know this but the 5-day eat clean challenge is kinda a big deal. HUGE shout out to our 11 challengers starting their journey to build healthy active habit and make LIFE long changes. #healthyactivelifestyle
"You're the average of the five people you spend the most of your time with." -Jim Rohn Smart. Strong. Relentless. Driven. Adventurous. Beast. I couldn't pick just five but still...not bad. #healthyactivelifestyle #inspire #jimrohn
✨💚No matter what your week was like you always have the opportunity to hit reset. Sometimes a shift of just one or two degrees can change everything. Join us for #CurvyDerby restorative yoga tonight at 7p. Your body and mind with thank you. 💚✨
💯% mindset. #wisepanda #healthyactivelifestyle
Thank you @inspireh24 @24athlete @sirstyle @krissykrash @josh24fit and the rest of the team for pouring so much energy into this past weekend. The impact your contributions will make are immeasurable. We appreciate everything you do. #healthyactiveLIFESTYLE #latergram
About to start the race but first....#letmetakeaselfie
Declaring a sub-2hr race tomorrow at the LA Triathlon! 💯mindset. If you're in the area come down you've never been to a race like this before. #healthyactivelifestyle #2020mindset #21daysleft #buffbride #dtlv #longbeach #redondobeach
Look what @josh24fit was wearing when I got to his house! You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Does that thought thrill you or scare you? Surround yourself with diamonds. Don't know how? Hit me up. #twinning #healthyactivelifestyle
After tons of hard work I'm barely starting to look toned. I'm not going to be the first accidental bodybuilder and neither are you. Now go pick something up and put it down. Hope my wedding dress fits these guns! Huge thanks to my Herbalife accountability girls!!! #27daysleft #marisolandjorge #buff
Healthy Happy Hour was a hit. Staff was amazing and my cold pressed juice was a great treat after a long week of lifting, bootcamps, Tri training and hot yoga. Thank everyone for coming out! #29daysleft #healthyactivelifestyle
It's almost here! In 30 days our families will celebrate and I will be Mrs Serrano. Since the moment I met this man time has gone so fast! I know the future has so much more in store for us babe. All I can say is just don't blink. 💕 #marisolandjorge
Aaaaahhhhh!!!! I'm so excited just got off the phone with my boy Josh and he is on his way here to Las Vegas!!! Do NOT miss Fit Camp tonight! Josh's is down over 90lbs and is making a HUGE impact with Fit Camp in his community! We're at his mercy tonight. Join us at 5045 Rogers St. 6:30pm TONIGHT!
Shine bright....#healthyactivelifestyle
After our #kettlebell competition yesterday! Yay! #twinning
Jerk. 150 L/R combine. On. the. dot. #kettlebell #healthyactivelifestyle
Why do I start EVERY morning with Herbalife Tea?? It's a blend of green and pekoe teas with all these benefits. 🔥Thermogenic 🍃Antioxidants ☕️Less caffeine 📉Even energy 🍃Original 🍓Raspberry 🍋Lemon 🍑Peach 🍃Chai 🍃Cinnamon Oh .... and it TASTES AMAZING! 😘 #healthyactivelifestyle -------------
Oh no! After almost 8 yrs in the desert I think I've lost my East Coast street-cred. Left the gym sweating as much as my water bottle. I can't take all this "humidity" today. 😂 #healthyactivelifestyle #swelfie
Oh....well hope you had a Happy Monday anyway.
Hey, you. Don't give-up, okay? Whatever it is there is a reason you want it so go get it. Find the next step and master it.
It's not hump day! Your calendar does not determine your mood. Let your actions speak louder than your words. #mindset #healthyactivelifestyle
Dad lifted weights with me today and didn't die! So of course we took a selfie #bucketlistliving #healthyactivelifestyle #selfiesnothedgehogs #latergram
Let's get running! "Either you run the day or the day runs you" -Jim Rohn #mindset
Egg cups and oatmeal protein pancakes! It's going to be a good Monday! #healthyactivelifestyle
"The Elvis" Formula 1 Banana Caramel ✨seasonal limited-time✨ shake, peanut butter, cocoa powder & oats. Liquid peanut butter and banana sandwich! It's tastes so good I'm already worried about running out!!! 🍌🍌🍌🍌 #healthyactivelifestyle #shakerecipe
Look what came in the mail today!!! I'm so official. 🅾🚰✅✴️♒️ #healthyactivelifestyle
Curvy Yoga THIS Friday at 7pm!! Recover from your week and get ready for the weekend with restorative yoga. All the cool kids will be there. 💕 @c8k3 #curvyderbyyoga #lasvegas #yoga
"STFU+Skate" These boots were made for skating....#juno #beshocking #eatrightturnleft
“You mustn’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter, darling.” ― Kirsten Kuehn #mintmaskmonday #herbalifeskin
This place is bullshit and makes me long for Philly. #blackisthenewblack #dennislearyismyspiritanimal
There are still 3 days left to register for the #megachallenge You've been waiting and it's finally here!!! Our next #MEGAchallenge begins THIS Sunday Aug 2nd! What's your goal? Lose weight? Gain muscle? Drop body fat? More energy?? Connect with our amazing healthy active lifestyle? It's $20 and wi
Survived my first workout back after being sick for nearly 3 weeks! I can tell I'm still not at 100% but I made it! #swelfie #selfiesnothedgehogs
The anti-Mexican tostada. Mesquite shredded chicken, black beans, coleslaw and salsa. #foodporn #eatrightturnleft
It's #rollercon up in here!!! Stop by #Derbalife for a trial pack so you can skate faster and hit harder this...
It's #rollercon up in here!!! Stop by #Derbalife for a trial pack so you can skate faster and hit harder this week! #jamallthejams #eatrightturnleft
In case anyone else cares. Why are sweet potatoes recommended so highly over beets? Huge amounts of Vitamin A and more complex carbs but less sugars. Who knew!? But don't toss your beets! They are lower in calories and high in nitrate. This makes them great for athletes! #eatcleantraindirty
It's about to go down. Neon Clash of the Champions. #neoncotc #hiphopdancebattle #onlyasoldasyoufeel
No meal prep, empty fridge and too tired to cook. to the rescue! Yum. 🍗🍴😋

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