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drake's true self behind all that "soft" light skin bullshit
*pulls out phone because sex scene came on*
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now if someone say "i dont find jessica alba to be hot at all" then you're dealing with satan himself
if someone says they dont like nirvana then thats sign no.8 on "How to Identify the Antichrist"
this guy's bio is "I have asthma, cant be chasin these hoes" & i think thats pretty witty
Her dick>>>>> “@AZELSPOOKS: Her grades >>>>> “@vuhsace: Personality >>>> “@BasedLordJesus: Ass >> Boobs”””
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hispanic girls be doing bachata moves on the dick.
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I dont know if im gay or these niggas just hella cute...
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I swear to god sometimes I choke on air like I'll just randomly start choking
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I don't spend my own money on the fair because I end up going on like 3 rides cause the lines are so fucking long
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i think death note was one of the first dark animes i ever got into either that, berserk or gantz
can never watch the ending of death note w/o tearing up,as the story progressed you found yourself rooting for light…
fruits basket was the sweetest/cutest manga ive ever read
shes making plans to "spend time" with some guy while her boyfriend is at work but hey thats none of my business
phoenix is one of the best things to come out of france, i can listen to their music all day
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i miss our rowdy neighbors...they would always entertain me with their street fights & crazy parties
The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
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once niggas get twitter famous they become retarded af
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i have nothing funny to say, nothing about this pic is comical im scared she'll find me & kill me using only a pinky
@ray_ban: Being tough can be tough. Think you can prove you're #TOUGHasLEATHER?…” fuck is he doing in the pic?
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Nigga shoulda just sipped his tea and shut the fuck up
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I think it's annoying when people are overly coupley on social media. But then again, I'm alone
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"im not nervous or lost thats just my face..."
celebrities are people know...except they're rich
But if it wasn't for the bad days, the good days wouldn't feel so good
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this actually happened recently, like a few months ago
1 time i wanted to become a pokemon master so i chased a squirrel trying to capture it & yelled at it...there was traffic so ppl watched me
"aaaaand lets add this one to the 'things ill never have because im poor' folder"
we harmonized though
imagine my brother, who is a grown 24 year old man with a full beard singing this...…
i was humming the sakura cardcaptor theme song & my brother came out of nowhere & started singing along passionately...didnt know he knew it
I wish I lived in an anime, so I can get chosen to pilot some beast ass Gundam .
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throw back thursday: i was the mascot at a highschool that didn't have any sports
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how good is cowboy bebop???
@kHidd_KUsh12: The End Gets Me Everytime Bruh 😂😩”lmaoooooo@_Shlo_lo_ haha
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"Accordion" by Madvillian. Gets me every time.
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