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#KimKardashian is so popular that texting out those pics crashed my messenger & killed my phone's battery
Don't let your emotions control your actions. Let your actions control your emotions.
Is there anything to eat at the house?
Your smartphone has more to do with the price that site shows you than you thought
Since when did #TBS turn into Cartoon Network's #AdultSwim?
I turn to the #NFLnetwork & see Brett Favre on tv talking about his retirement. Some things never change.
Once one truly understands how the world works, no action is judged by its barbarity. But rather, by its logic.
Has anyone seen the movie where Meg Ryan drinks vodka out of a trash can?
Congratulations Baltimore #Orioles! Its been a long time coming.
#Redskins WR DeSean Jackson showing off the mitts before today's home opener at FedExField #JAXvsWAS #HTTR
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Let's play a game! How many days until #RogerGoodell resigns in disgrace from here? DAY 1 #NFL
Profiting from poverty? This is ugly. And it happens every day, all over the country
Are you ready for some football? Ok, its not on ESPN & its a different crew calling it, but #FOOTBALL'S BACK! #NFL
Surfing aimlessly when I found this one. "One-Third Of WrestleMania VI Competitors Now Dead" Does Elizabeth count?
And just like that, September is back.
Its that time of year once again - and #CBSFantasyFootball is the place to show whatcha got. #ad
Today sure feels like the 1st day of #Autumn. Definitely a crisp morning for #August.
What else needs to be said? #Ferguson (Oh yeah - the residents will still be policed by THIS force once its over)
Black people in america knew this long ago It can no longer be ignored. #Ferguson
Missouri officials apply widely admired ‘Beijing model’ to small-town policing #Ferguson
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Dear #twitter (& the World), For generations, the police have viewed Black Men in the USA as the enemy. The latest example is #Ferguson
Photos from #Ferguson and 1960s protests side by side show not much has changed in the past 50 years
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#RIPRobinWilliams. Man, that dude was seriously funny!! Who remembers Mork And Mindy? Great show, great talent, great career.
Why is there a remarkably consistent pattern of #police shooting unarmed black males? Name another demographic this happens to. #MikeBrown
Life is a bottom line business. Don't let today's excuses turn into tomorrow's regrets.
I think there's a hidden message in this #pepboys commercial. Yikes!
At what point does this behavior become criminal? Wait, don't tell me -- it's to protect us from "terror"
There is no petty annoyance more frustrating to me than someone expecting me to read his mind.
I feared that this day would come @GovernorOMalley, this is too much. Sir, keep The Free State business friendly!
#Eid #Mubarak to all the muslims all around the world. May Allah SWT grant you the ability to make the most of this years
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Whoa, did you know that mint was an actual leaf? I sure didn't.
Twitter told me its my #Twitterversary. I'm 3.
This is cool as hell. Go to where you live on this site (or anywhere) & watch #drone videos from that place. Amazing!
Okay. After careful deliberation (& doing my due diligence), I've decided to go with #getresponse. Any advice/comments twitter?
I just found this out So Mike did beat Tiger there. I WANNA BE LIKE MIKE!!! #michaeljordan