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A haunted house for teenagers where you just yell at them "WHAT COLLEGE ARE YOU GOING TO WHAT ARE YOU MAJORING IN WHAT CAREER WILL YOU HAVE"
This Halloween face paint broke my brain
she's obviously never seen mean girls
Waking up realizing it's Halloween 🎃
this is so sad. You never know what ppl are going through 🙏�
How close I be to slapping someone at school
I think one of my favorite feelings is laughing with someone and realizing half way through how much u enjoy them and their existence
wtf my mom won't even randomly buy me food
Me dealing with my responsibilities
Tomorrow is Halloween 🎃👻 28 days till Thanksgiving 🍗🍖 55 days till Christmas 🎅🎄 62 days until 2015 🎆🎉🎊
but... that's not how anchors work
No everything is not "ok" I'm showing you how close I am to losing my shit w/ you
Kinda wanna party Friday, kinda wanna go trick or treating, kinda wanna have a movie night, kinda wanna do all of the above. 😕
"maybe if you went to bed earlier you wouldn't be so tired"
why are concert tickets so expensive they're a bit of paper that lets you see other humans just bc they have talent and you don't
When you peep something that lowkey hurts
Halloween: 3$ chipotle if u dress up 3$ grande frap starbucks after 2 free ihop pancakes all day 50 cent corn dogs @ sonic RT TO SAVE A LIFE
When you know the truth but you keep listening to their lying ass anyway 😂�
Meet Tyson, the hairless pitbull 😍
College is good because you can skip a class whenever you want. College is bad because you can skip a class whenever you want.
I send four texts at a time because I can't put together my thoughts well enough to send it all in one text
7:30AM ~ *wakes up* 7:33AM ~ "this is the worst day of my life"
I'm so mentally/emotionally done with school yet I don't want school to be over with because I don't wanna grow up does that even make sense
If halloween to new years isn't your favorite time of the year we have a problem
When you're stalking someone's twitter and trying not to favorite any old tweets
i feel so bad asking my mom for $5 how tf some kids ask their parents for a new car like ???
when someone is crying and ur just like
that last comment.. I'm crying 😂�