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When I take a picture for my friend vs how they take pictures of me
Forget relationship goals. This is what I really want
Beyoncé seems to have found the fountain of youth.
I didn’t realize growing up meant dying inside but hey it’s whatever
I lost 24 lbs after just 34 days.. This simple 2 step cleanse really does wonders! → 😍�
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Join @Wendys on helping ALL Americans get their hands on some GOOD BBQ! #BBQ4Merica Must Have! #ad
Best transformation in the game
when my parents use my phone I stand by them like
Every 30 seconds, millions of americans don't get to taste AMAZING @Wendy's BBQ #BBQ4Merica #JoinTheCause #ad
when 2 people are having a conversation on twitter but one of their accounts is private
Can't take him seriously with that name😂
When you touch your soul on accident
yeah baby i am an ANIMAL in bed more specifically a koala I can sleep for 22 hours a day
Selena appreciation tweet. 🙏�
say whatever you want about kim kardashian but she slays every single day
do you ever want to complain on twitter to vent a lil bit but whatever and however you try and phrase your tweet it's just too obvious 😂
She made the pizza guy ask her to homecoming 😂
You could get 1000 likes on your photo but if bae hasn't liked it, it's irrelevant.
do u ever leave ur phone for like an hour and expect to come back to like 60 texts but u get none yeah same
hands up if you're doing nothing tonight
when someone jokes about something ur reaIIy insecure about and u pretend not to care
when an animal doesn’t like me it really impacts my self esteem
Trix were so much better this way 😩�