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“Every kiss begins with k” I whisper as I read the one letter reply from my crush
We actually come from a generation where your relationship could possibly be ruined by your snapchat best friends
senior year: the year we meet people who we wish we had met earlier
I shouldn't be laughing 😂�
drake being drake before he was drake
me: *spends $20 on food* me: this $15 shirt is so overpriced. i'm so sick of this materialistic society we live in.
Johnny Depp appreciation tweet! 😎✂️🔮📚�
guess who's doing nothing on a Saturday night?
Raise your hand if you're having a boring weekend
Who else Grew Up Watching: Fresh Prince😎 My Wife and Kids👪 Drake & Josh👬 Sister Sister👭 RugRats👶 Spongebob⚓ That's So Raven🙎
When the test is nothing like the study guide
i respect jay-z so much for being this humble 💯
I regret opening up to some people. It just bugs me knowing there's a few out there who didn't even deserve to know me like that
being called annoying is literally the worst thing ever bc then you’re scared 2 ever say or do anything again please don't call ppl annoying
Finally got my Bikini Body! 👙 This simple 2 step cleanse truly works like magic! →fitnessdiet.co7 �
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If I text you 7 times in a row it means I'm comfortable embarrassing myself in front of you & you should feel lucky not annoyed
he lost his paw so they gave him a new one
when your best friend starts telling an embarrassing story about you in front of everyone
my mom is either my best friend or satan, there is no in between
"Artist collaborates with 2-year-old daughter to create works of art" 😍
"What does depression feel like?"
i want to go on an adventure with the person i love ⛺️🌄