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RT @JimEdmonds: if you missed @freddurst tonight and @limpbizkit you really missed out. Might have been the best concert ever! Thanks Jim🐣
Unbelievable show tonight in #stlouis @ThePageantSTL. Fucking amazing crowd and a beyond entertaining show put on by @freddurst ❀❀❀
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Just woke up in a Cracker Barrel parking lot. Halloween is near. Loosen up your belt!
limpin with tha BIZKIT!!! πŸšΆπŸ‘£ "da 🍫⭐️🐑 is my man Fred
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Me and K just hijacked some fans car in St Paul. @machinegunkelly
Playing golf with 2 fans Mike & Matt Sincotta @mikesincotta and @FrankoCarino here in St. Paul, MN -…
machinegunkelly's video LB/MGK TOUR GOIN WORLDWIDE
_blvckceiling's photo - amazing beats
We'll pick a winner for Lunch w/ @freddurst in 22 hours + see @limpbizkit at @TheDistrictSF Tues. Text FRED to 35270
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@machinegunkelly I have the biggest smile watching clips of you performing with @freddurst, you two are fucking brilliant. @NoClassTour
Retweeted by F73D DURST LB/MGK US TOUR 2014 has officially started.
today was indescribable and im very grateful. and tomorrow is going to fuckin insane. it's the start of the limp bizkit x mgk tour!!
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β€œ@Jess_Raelyn: @freddurst limpbizkit was the best performance of the day!πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ˆπŸŽ‰οΏ½#aftershock2014ck2014” thank you!! Was FUN!
LB/MGK/BLVCKCEILING US Tour kicks off Saturday!! Got your tickets yet? VIP stuff available at merch booth! #partytime
β€œ@MadSnaxwell: @plasticbugs oh also I lost the golf tournament to @freddurst tonight...” yep!
We won first place in the 2014 MPSE golf tournament! WTF! Fred Gilmore!
Teaming up w John @BrawBeardOil soon! It's the best, hands down.
β€œ@TheSmileLines: Limp Bizkit in Mexico city?, @freddurst please tell me this is not a dream...” this. is. not. a. dream.
β€œ@treatsmagazine: Celebrate the birthday of Treats! contributor #davidbellemere” love Treats!
We are proud to present our latest Recruit, @tommyfynn. Watch his Recruit at
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@freddurst I refuse to take the stage when we meet up on the 15th unless you sign this...πŸ™πŸ‘Ά please? lol but
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#LimpBizkit New #EndlessSlaughter’ Video β€” Watch Bandmembers Run Wild! Keep rocking, @freddurst!
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That @machinegunkelly always flipN the script!
endless slaughter official visual
Well @ChaunceyCC I'm glad you're lol happy because you and I are going to dance together. Werd. πŸ’ƒ
Well, that's about it. Thank you @WWE - now what?
Happy Birthday Rodney Mullen, thank you for all you have done for skateboarding!…
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WWE SummerSlam 2014: Date, Start Time, Matches, Live Stream, PPV Info… via @BleacherReport @WWE @freddurst @limpbizkit
Have you heard β€˜Endless Slaughter’ by Ζ’Ο€eβˆ‚ on #SoundCloud?…
About to go live on - xboxone ghosts - endless slaughter - dingus
LIMPBIZKIT / MACHINE GUN KELLY β€’β€’β€’ US tour β€’β€’β€’ for TIX and free ENDLESS SLAUGHTER download