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Fred Barnes
Rick Perry is clever. He made an offer President Obama couldn't refuse: forget the formalities, let's talk about the immigration crisis.
I'm not a drinker, but I am a reader. For fun and enlightenment, I'm reading the new book by Victorino Matus, Vodka. It's awesome.
"More doubt" about US support of allies and resisting aggression "than at any time in decades." Ex-Obama adviser Larry Summers. WP July 7
White House says stimulus helped avert second Depression. But TARP bank bailout before Obama took office had ended threat of new Depression
The White House says "stimulus" helped end the recession.But only tiny fraction of money had been spent when recession ended in June 2009
Overlooked reason for rejection of UAW at VW plant in TN: joining union meant funneling dues money to Democrats. No wonder workers voted no.
House GOP whip Kevin McCarthy defies the nativist axis to support legalizing illegal immigrants - a brave step for his party and America.
If Obama was influenced by Nelson Mandela, he doesn't show it. Mandela fostered reconciliation, Obama promotes polarization.
Thankful to be an American and free to eat beet greens and a very big turkey leg. #HappyThanksgiving
I'll be on #Stossel tonight discussing "The Rise of Libertarians?" Watch at 9ET @FBNStossel
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What is Pres. Obama doing in Sweden? Next stop: a G20 gabfest in Moscow. America is about to bomb Syria and the commander-in-chief is AWOL.
Two House Democrats want a park on the moon. And why not? The moon needs some green space and no longer will look like it's made of cheese
TX Gov. Rick Perry has routed Dem governors of CA, IL, CT, and NY with free market message explaining why TX is booming, their states droop.
Obama sets a trap by naming Rice and Power to top jobs. If Republicans criticize his picks, he'll accuse them of a war on women.
Leadership is hard to define, but you know when it's missing. Rather than lead, Obama hides behind torrent words on Syria, ACA, immigration.
There's a thread between use of chem weapons in Syria and repeal of FAA flight delays. No Obama anywhere in sight. Where's the leadership?
Want to see Washington at its most shallow, self-absorbed, and elitist? Go to Saturday's White House Correspondent's Dinner.
Whatever Obama says, the opposite is often true. His budget is designed to spur economic growth. The opposite is true.
Obama's new budget: a triumph of income redistribution over economic growth (and the boost in productivity and higher wages that go with it)
Emergency! The Chicago home of Ronald Reagan is about to be torn down! Better to save it and honor Reagan and his home state, Illinois
Republicans have neglected their best issue.