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How to get lean and mean simple❗️❗️Work your ass off and have the proper guidance and knowledge 💯 SHRED starts Wednesday's #Motivated
That awkward long look like WTF are you on 🙈😂 yeah that proud #ImABossMoment we all deserve it, we all should live it not just dream it!! Your life, your choice don't wait for another bushit tomorrow get your ass to work #TodayWeGrind. - - If you are interested contact me and I will lead you in th
CLIENT SPOTLIGHT 💯 @frankaluna . Take a look at my client Frank absolutely killing my customized shred program 75 days in. I can't stress enough how much clean eating and working hard impacts your physique in such a short period of time 🙌 . My carb cycling method does not mess around people ‼️ Com
♦️ "Bulking" vs. "Clean Bulking" ♦️ . To all my clients and followers, Just because you're bulking doesn't mean you need to put on fat in the process. Why not do a clean bulk where you can gain size and definition at the same time 💯 The biggest myth is that you can eat whatever you want when you’re
CLIENT UPDATE 💯 SHANE SPEARS . There is no better feeling than receiving before and after pics of all my clients who are in the process of transforming into sexy beasts 🙌🏼 . . My boy Shane Finishing up his third week of his custom died shred program and is transforming into a spartan just in time
@GORILLA_FACTORY 💪 ⚡️ - All it takes is 90 days of discipline, dedication and the correct guidance to make a complete lifestyle change. Whether you just want to tone, gain lean muscle mass or shred, it all comes down to how you want it ‼️ . With my 90 day plan, not only do I give you custom detaile
💥69.99 Special (one time fee)💥 . Melt that stubborn belly fat and build lean muscle using my 90 day transformation program 🔥. I incorporate a customized carb cycling diet which has been scientifically proven to be the best form of dieting when you are trying to burn body fat fast. My personalized
CLIENT UPDATE 💯 @alan_king05 . "Dude your program is changing my life! I couldn't be happier with the results I'm seeing! I love grinding every morning with your workouts and just continuing to watch the results and shreds roll in! Thanks for everything brotha!! " . Motivation right here!! Huge
@trainers_academy . . My grind game is my wife. It demands loyalty & responsibility, & it gives me back fulfillment & peace. #TFiT360
💥Real people, Real RESULTS💥 @Krys_007 . " Whatsup bro , sending you a updated progress pic. I just started phase 5 this week and I gotta say your program is kicking my ass, I love it haha " . Huge gains being made my my client Kris!! 10 weeks in and 2 weeks to go. He managed to shred fat and gain
💥69.99 Special (one time fee)💥 . Melt that stubborn belly fat and build lean muscle using my 90 day transformation program 🔥. I incorporate a customized carb cycling diet which has been scientifically proven to be the best form of dieting when you are trying to burn body fat fast. My personalized
@missyg_fit . For online training you can visit my website or sends me an email. . . 🌏90 day Programs Include. ⚡️️️FLASH SALE $59⚡️ . . 1⃣Customized Diet Plan. 2⃣Carb Smart Program. 3⃣Carb Cycle Diet. 4⃣Grocery List. 5⃣Supplements Lists. 6⃣Snack Ideas/Lists. 7⃣List of best fruits 8⃣Top Ten Best Fo
Now time for Sunday night 🏈 😁 @tfit360_transformations
💥Real People, Real Results💥 . 90 Days to beast mode 💯 When @_jaytrain started taking his nutrition to the next level and started using carb cycling you know shit got serious. You get what you put in guys. I give you all the keys to success but it is up to you to give it your all and those results
CLIENT SPOTLIGHT 🌟 Tyler Lander @t_lander . This guys a true beast 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Before tfit and 12 weeks done. You helped me change my life bro. Seriously I cannot thank you enough. Stronger, healthier, and much happier. I am so thankful for your guidance. I will most definitely be getting another prog
My client @Jsilvamia just getting started on my customized 90 day shred plan and already cutting fat and slimming down just two weeks in‼️ this is the kind of stuff that motivates me day in and day out to make a difference and help make a change in so many people's lives 💯 keep it up brotha, were j
. ♦️PLYO CLIMBER PUSH-UPS ♦️ . 📝 Instructions ( Start in pushup position. Explode and drive your knee in towards your chest while driving your knee on clap your hands in between the knee that is driving on towards your knee and repeat by alternating sides.)This is a more advanced way of performing
CLIENT SPOTLIGHT 🌟 Stephanie Price this girl has been killing it!! Since day 1 she was one of my first online clients and has always stayed in tough and we have always worked hand in hand it's awesome to see the strides she'a made 💯 Colombian Pride 🙌. . Want results like this ❓EMAIL ME NOW for yo
The biggest myth for girls is that lifting weight will make them big and muscular 😂 All the non lifting girls have no idea about the beautiful Jedi side of lifting weights 💯 Girls do your SQUATS and then do some damn more 👌🏼 @barbie_factory_ @barbie_factory_
💥Flash Sale💥 . I provide you with all the tools, knowledge and secrets you will need to get the body you've always dreamed of! . 1⃣ HIIT Program - Promoting muscle confusion. 2⃣ AB Ripper- My own personal ab routine 3⃣ Carb Cycle Diet- Designed to shred fat and produce fast results. 4⃣ 1 on 1 Co
A lot of you are sitting back and waiting for something to happen❗️ Your not on your own millions of people are stuck in a rut and unmotivated but no reason why it should be the ultimate factor of the way you live your life ❗️❗️ . Your one email aways from asking for help, send me an email regarding
Things don't change on the outside until thing me change in the inside 💯 . Many of my clients often email me after purchasing my program wondering how long it is going to take them to see results. My response is always the same " don't worry about the results!! Put in the hard work and the results
Not just about the number of reps but the mindset and attitude you go into every set to accomplish every set❗️Are you satisfied with every set just being another set or you trying to raise the bar for the next set❓Will you make a difference.... @tfit360_transformations @tfit360_transformations
CLIENT SPOTLIGHT 🌟 JUAN MIGUEL GONZALEZ VERDES. - - Juan staring weight was 86 kg 190 lbs and in 20 weeks has dropped down to 83 kg 182lbs. Not only has he dripped weight but you can visibly see the amount lean muscle mass that has been packed in 👏 It's a process and if you consistently stick with
Great night celebrating my lil beast BDAY @dinner then had @purplemiami show us a good time at LIV thanks for everything boss 💯 even though we only stayed for an hour because we gotta get up to train early, it's the lifestyle we choose and enjoy❗️❗️

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