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Life ain't perfect, it never is we all go through hard tough times. We all face our own battles. The most important thing is to never hang your head down on yourself. Don't best yourself up, don't make the situation tougher. Be a person of hope, a person with the mindset of I might fail but I will k
It may cause some serious lip licking 😉😂😂 - All it takes is 90 days to make a complete lifestyle change. It's not going to be easy but it will be worth it ‼️ 👍 _________________________________ Tag someone 💯
Amazing transformation 💯 this a lifestyle change that took over a long period of time but goes to show you anything n everything is possible with some outright discipline and will. . . 🚨$59 SPECIAL🚨. . . ✅Customized Programs Includes all items listed below: 1⃣Customized Diet Plan! Broken down b
The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have. I always hear people talking bout likes and followers as if it's a popularity contest! Well in my case it's not what I'm here for, I'm here to be able to help as many people out as possible through education and working with as many individu
For online training you can visit my website or sends me an email. . . 🌏90 day Programs Include. ⚡️️️FLASH SALE $49⚡️ . . 1⃣Customized Diet Plan. 2⃣Carb Smart Program. 3⃣Carb Cycle Diet. 4⃣Grocery List. 5⃣Supplements Lists. 6⃣Snack Ideas/Lists. 7⃣List of best fruits 8⃣Top Ten Best Foods. 9⃣Nutriti
Tag a friend that hasn't been keeping up with their diet! 😂😂😂 . We've all heard how important H2O is when it comes to shedding pounds. It helps to suppress appetite, so you're less likely to overeat. But that's not all: When you're dehydrated, your kidneys can't function properly, so the body tur
🚨CLIENT SPOTLIGHT🚨 @maura_ Things don't just happen, it takes a choice of action. You have to fully believe it and be devoted to that very thing you want change‼️ My clients understand that it's not easy work and I would never promise that but I promise you one thing the feeling of being a better
SHOULDERS getting better but still not even close to good. It's been a tough road to swallow and not be able to exercise to how I am accustomed to❗️❗️ But let me tell you it's definitely made me appreciate my health and how fortunate I am to be given so much by the man above #AlwaysGrinding #OnlyDis
CLIENT SPOTLIGHT 🌟 @thewhite_kreed . . Decided to jump on board and get serious about this lifestyle 6 months later after full dedication and commitmnet❗️❗️He's now 10 lbs heaver but his body composition is drastically changed and is just starting to fully be able to fill in his team 💪 Remeber its
EATING CLEAN DOESNT HAVE TO TASTE BORING ‼️ . Common Diet Misconception 🔸 Many people think healthy meals are only limited to plain chicken breasts. Yes, this is your safest bet to staying lean but after a while it gets boring and it's not the only healthy option available to you. Healthy meals com
@camhasnojumper 45 day transformation & he's just getting started!!! Cam has been beast mode, he says that the workouts have been a huge difference the intensity and concept is completely something different that he is use to!! I've told you guys meet me half way and I will do everything possible t
Just Cus it's Sunday doesn't mean it's a cheat day!! Moderation 💯 . . TFiT PHYSIOLOGY TIP-fat cell numbers do not decrease with WEIGHT LOSS but the size of fat cells can be significantly reduced with proper diet & exercise. TFiT FACT- One operational definition of obesity is an excess of 25% body
It's easy to point what's wrong with this or that person. But can you look at yourself and call yourself out and work on your own, that's what makes a leader❗️❗️Work on you so that you can help those around you #GrindAllDamnDay. TFiT360 Strong it only take 90 days to completely change your body and
No but your RIGHT lifting weights makes you big and fat 👍 Yeah uhuh says all the non lifting girls who have no idea the beautiful Jedi side of lifting weights 💯 Girls do your SQUATS and then after do some damn more 👌 @andreaocejo_ @andreaocejo_ @andreaocejo_ She knows I'm her number one fan and
What better way for a Sunday to jump start your day then some good Bootcamp 💥 - - My RULES 1⃣Do what you hate the most first. 2⃣Be willing to sacrifice what or who you are nor for what you will become. 3⃣Time is your advantage so don't waste it or take it for granted. 4⃣Your not always going to b
CLIENT SPOTLIGHT 🌟 Brendan Kenahan. @bk_tfit . . I'm OBSESSED. I never thought I would change this fast this drastically. I love the diet and the workouts even more. I still have 3 more phases and I'm loving every minute of it. Keep on grinding my man. . . For results like this to keep you motivate
New website make sure to check it out still not fully finished but we're moving forward and getting things together 💯 Make sure to contact me or leave me your email if interested in my 90 day Transformation Program 👍
Don't be a slave to your diet 🚫 You can lose weight & manipulate your body composition without restricting the foods you love or crave, and without being an anti social loser because of a certain goal. Yes absolutely there will be a point when you are challenged and tested but don't bury yourself i
Pay your dues!!! Earn your respect and fucking grind @man_d this dude has bought into the lifestyle of consistent sickening work ethic 💯 his results speak for itself. This is my younger brother I never had. I'm proud of you 🙌. . . Want GAINZ❓ leave your email below and I will be sure to get in con
FRIDAY MOTIVATION 💯 . Here is my 4 year journey. I put in a lot of long nights, hard work and dedicated myself to the fullest to get my body how it is. Even though I give my passion for fitness a lot of the credit I really couldn't have done it without my carb cycling regimen which has made the fat
@monstarfitness . . Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it's inspiring & one of value 💯 Sometimes we want so much & expect it all so fast but we tend to forget that those at the top of the mountain didn't just full there!! It takes time and daily acts of constant grind. If you don't s
I don't know about you, but there's no better feeling than looking in the mirror and seeing that all your hard work is paying off 😝 The intense workouts, the clean eating, the dedication.. At the end of the day you get what you put in ‼️ . . ⚡️$59 SPECIAL!! ⚡️90 Day Transformation Program. . . Wan
@trainers_academy . I can't express to my clients and anyone else who is making a lifestyle change how important consistency and hard work are ✅ - Don't get discouraged if you don't see results after 2 or 3 weeks, you are right at the tipping point, KEEP GOING ‼️ . . WEEKEND ️️FLASH SALE ⚡️ $59. Lea
It's not about having the skill to do something. It's about having the will, desire & commitment to be your best. It's about when you feel down and unmotivated or challenged to step forward and do what has to be done daily❗️❗️ Consitency is the name of the game 💪 Yes I'm not where I'm use to being

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