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Being honest may not get you a lot of FRIENDS but it'll always get you the RIGHT ONE & this dude right here is my best buddy @jimmy__tfit360 @jimmy__tfit360 No questions asked wether it's 5 am or 10 pm I don't have to ask him if he wants to go to the gym I just tell him cus he's that type of friend
💥CLIENT SPOTLIGHT 💥 @LerryMaine @LerryMaine @LerryMaine "Everything has changed for me since i started the TFIT360 program.Thanks to this I even started to cook my own meals and take the workout thing more seriously.All I can say the workouts are insane,is not easy to schedule the meals but if yo
There will always be someone that tells you that you can't do something. Your mission is to prove them wrong. @bigdreams75 @bigdreams75 keep after your dream playa. Your job ain't finished. Big things coming 💯 #NFLReady These young cats all came through the Gorilla Factory to get a taste of what w
💥SATURDAYS SESSION💥 Hot as hell but we make the best of it solid 50 plus people all making SHIT happen 💪 #Monstar #TFiT360
#TheBarbieFactory @lachechi @camilacanabal @lachechi @camilacanabal I've learned over the last years it's not about how much better your class is or how much tougher you are than everyone else BUT how much better you can make each person feel about themselves 💯 these girls always bring a good
💥Fit Fridays💥 typical date would be GYM... I want a chic who's gonna get my ass to go to the gym now if she gets in the squat rack she might be a keeper 😍 Girls I me not against cardio but don't get on the treadmill for your whole session make it your warm up or cool down. Use your weight as a fo
Just finished up a session with my QUEEN @clarakno @clarakno @clarakno #1Mom #ShesABeast #GotItFromHer 💪
The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful, is when you overcome the limitations you once use to set on yourself. You become what your capable of being, pain is nothing but a bump on the road to get to we're you want to be. In order to be great, you have to break those pain b
💥CLIENT SPOTLIGHT💥 @alexlaxer @alelaxer @alexlaxer Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it. 💯Fear never got anyone anywhere. Your mindset and your trot use will determine your life. Way to work boss 👍💪. #Transformation #Monstar #TFiT360
💥ONLINE CLIENTS💥 I get way to many of these a day and the first thing I tell every client 👌 It was NOT me it was YOU who took action and decided enough is enough. Truly appreciate my clients thanking me but I just held my part on what I promised my guidance and support. You put all the hard work
Cheers to another FIT day 🍺 of pushing past limits and breaking boundaries 😉 #360CUT #Monstar #TFiT360
Always a good time @tfit360 doin what we love it's crazy how I can be in a down mood and as soon as I get to class everyone just picks me right up and this is what I call work #DoesThatEvenMakeSense #Work? #NotReally @missyg_fit @jimmy_tfit360 @brad_tfit360 @dtrain_tfit360
Haven't even started working out but 15 mins later and the pump is real @360cut @360cut #MonstarLegSession #360cut #TFiT360
💥PRE LEG WORKOUT💥 Leg Session wouldn't be the same without @360cut @360cut time to turn up. Makes going BEASTMODE a little easier 💪 @360cut @360cut
A Vision- the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be. May you always do what you are afraid to do. A vision isn't accomplished by allowing others to interfere and hinder your vision. 🚫 What you will allow is what will continue. Set yourself aside from those that don't Have
💥SUNDAY SESSIONS💥 We had a 35 person class a lot of people slipped away before the pic 🙈 but always a fun time. I work all 7 days of the week and have no problem because it's something@I found that I love. The key ingredient to any kind of happiness or success is to never give less than your be
After a long fun night yesterday had to get up early and handle Buisness 💯 Bootcamp set your priorities straight, if your gonna enjoy yourself. Had a 62 person class this morning taught by myself cus my good friend @jimmy__tfit360 left me hanging 👌 this guy in the picture though set it off #Neve
Don't sweat the swag @jimmy_tfit360 @jonathan_g @brad_tfit360 and our home girl @stefi_t heading out to STORY MIAMI gotta celebrate my boys bday 💯
Great start to my day started off working on all my clients plans at 3:30am then headed to the gym at 5:00 am did about 40 mins of legs & to finish went to Brickell Bootcamp by @missyg_fit and she handed me and @jimmy__tfit360 a fucking ass whooping 💯 #TasteOfMyOwnMedicine #WeightsForBreakfast #T
💥TFiT360 CORE CHALLENGE💥 ◾️Make sure you TAG a freind that will benifet or enjoy this and TAG @tfit360 #tfit360 it want to see everyone who participates 😊 8 EXERCISES 1 min each 1⃣Leg Lifts- release feet all the way down to 6 inches and bring up vertical. 2⃣Suitcases- feet flat on the floor for
Ending my long day with a hard choice 🙈 you know what lets just have them all. I like to have my protein shakes low on carbs, don't like using up my carb intake on protein shakes. #Gainzz #ProteinForDesert 💪
In life we choose who we want to be and what we want to settle for. Your mindset and what your willing to put you with is exactly what you will be handed #YourStandards I have learned that it's not what can that person do for me? But what can I do to make that persons life better 💯 One must learn
People will doubt you people will try to bring you down #DontListen It always seems impossible until its done. Your vision must be greater than an opinion 💯 #TFiT360 #BeDifferent
Note to self: When I eat like CRAP, I feel like CRAP. 💥SPECIAL $59.💥 📧 🌏90 day Programs Include. 1⃣Customized Diet Plan. 2⃣Carb Smart Program. 3⃣Carb Cycle Diet. 4⃣Grocery List. 5⃣Supplements Lists. 6⃣Snack Ideas/Lists. 7⃣List of best fruits 8⃣Top Ten Best Foods. 9⃣Nutrition
TFiT TiP- Do not consume large quantities of Carbs 30 mins to an hour before exercise because it results in a increased secretion of insulin and insulin RETARDS the release of fatty acids and contributes to glycogen depletion. My recomendation 2 1/2 to 3 hours prior to working out if eating high ca
💥LEG DEMOLITION💥 Started my day 👌 5:00 am crank that music high!!!! ▪️I personally like to start all my workouts with the most effecient/prime mover movement with a somewhat heavy weight. In this case it would be squats. ▪️I consider it more like my warm up. It's about 5 heavy sets rep range wil
Don't sit back and let things happen to you. Go out and happen to things.✔️ Your comfort zone is your worst enemy. Only those willing to risk much will know how far one can go. Let pain become a trait that helps you learn and push forward. 👌 Let pain become your fucking Bestfriend 😎
It's not about how many people are in your CREW but how strong the people are in your crew 💯 Surround yourself with not only positive people, but people who will be there when your down and when it's not convenient #ThatsYourCrew About to SMASH LEGS 💥 MONSTAR VISION
I believe I've found my passion, it's made me find out who I am, also bring out the better in me 👌 I don't feel like I have to prove a point to people cus I now know who I am. Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people. If you don't like something, change it. If you can't
Everyone in life is fighting their own battle 👊 Don't compare your progress with that of others. We all need our own time to travel our own distance. Just make sure each and every day, you have taken small steps foward. -Set your own Standards. -Believe In YOU. -Value time. -Don't take nothing for
Ran into the Champ this weekend @markanthonyflex @markanthonyflex True class act, he is the defending MR OLYMPIA champ and there's a reason why... Those at the top of the mountain didn't fall there. #Humble #GoodDude 💯
Learn to appreciate what you have, before time makes you appreciate what you had. 💯 I think this weekend was a reality check to a lot of us as god has gained an ANGEL. R.I.P Paloma De Mazieres it was an honor to be able to have had amazing experiences at such a young age. You were beautiful inside
You've got one job, and that is to get better. #EveryDamnDay 💯 just finished a large chest session in the Venetian Las Vegas. I've realized the party side of me is slowly going away, because I've found something more important that means more to me. Every experience shows you something it's your
We work hard we play hard #TAO #TFiT360
Me and my homie @jordanmf he's the owner of @liveleanmeals doin it big in VEGAS 💯 Wet Republic
💥CLIENT SPOTLIGHT💥 @jacob_mitch @jacob_mitch down 17 pounds aand only getting started!!! Lets do this playa, you get what you put in 💯💯 #TFiT TRANSFORMATIONs
The difference between who you ARE and who you WANT TO BE is the work you put in. #BeDifferent 💯 Stop wishing seperaate yourself from the pack, by raising your own standards fuck what they think!! Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don't wish it were easier, wish y
Une question me taraude. Peut on faire du RSS to Mail avec @mailjet ?
Vite, une loi. RT @oliviertesquet: Un ado anglais tente de se suicider après être devenu accro au selfie.
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Un Parisien malin: je n'avais pas l'intention de sortir ma voiture, mais comme elle a un chiffre impair je vais profiter de l'aubaine.
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Quelqu'un qui n'investit pas dans sa société et qui veut qu'on investisse dans sa banque, c'est chelou non ? #psa #fb
After 7 years, we finally found the best line of code in the entire WordPress codebase. wp-login.php. Line 796: $errors = $user;
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Dans le train "J'ai vu sur Facebook que ton petit fils était au ski ?" ... Nos grands mères sont pires que la NSA !
La société de Dieudonné compte 11 salariés, ça va encore foutre la merde entre Valls et Montebourg cette histoire.
@ScreenFeedFr: C'est pas les soldes chez @wp_rocket ? *sifflote*” bonne idée ;)
« Serge Dassault conserve son immunité parlementaire. » Là faut pas déconner. C'est inacceptable. Dieudonné est allé beaucoup trop loin.
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Alors que “prend la porte et mouche plainte”, ça n’aurait aucun sens.
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