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Devin D. Streeter a.k.a Skeet
She would of been 7 7 today !! Many won't understand what this picture means to me ; well let me explain : She's done so much for so many people and as for me she was everything to me . and at this time in her life I was able to finally do for her , I fed her , I did her nails , sat & slept beside
A woman's beauty is not defined by her physical appearance . Her beauty is defined by her spiritual & mental state of mind or should I say grind, No matter how broken, she still shines!! now that's what you call beautiful , gorgeous, sexy, and all of the above . Now that's someone I could adore & l
Artwork for my single Succeed Feat. Chox Mak Drops 12-15-15 in all digital stores . Available for streaming on soundcloud ( look me up )βœŠπŸ’― #skeetdayungpoet #succeed
Front cover for my upcoming EP " Untamable Love . drops 1-16-16 In all digital stores Will let you know when its available for " PRE-ORDER . IN THE MEAN TIME GO OVER TO @UNTAMABLELOVEEP AND CLICK ON THAT LINK IN THE BIO TO LISTEN . #skeetdayungpoet #untamablelove
This poem was inspired by many of my relationships where I felt like we were just coexisting . like it was a waste of our time . Here goes nothing : Coexisting Is there something that I'm missing Or maybe I'm just trippen But I need you to listen I'm tired of reminiscing Of all of the things we
Inspired by pain That's how I remain sane For pain resides in my veins Only if you knew how far I have came See , most people make excuses But me, I say to myself I can get use to this You know, hurting only to become something greater You know, going through it but no matter what knowing that I'
I was given 30 plus words to use in one poem from my fans on Instagram ; how did I do ? πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ Satisfied am I with myself For I love me Tryna suck the life outta me ; I need you to remember no matter what I got me For I am a man of dignity So you're loving everything about me Already getting
Follow my baby and go click the link in that bio to check out my latest interview πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ @sdypthemovement
Still need two more artists to fill the roster for @pgmgglobal before 2016. please email me if interested βœŠπŸ’― Serious artists only
The last poem was named after a 16 year old fan that reached out to me on ig to vent to me and confide in me.before recently being sentenced to 3 years . he left this morning . I didn't know him from a can of paint ; but I felt his pain and I gave him the best advice I could give. Take the time to r
Travis Rambert Really; he's just a kid That ended up in a hell of a situation Don't get it mistaken He's not perfect; he's made mistakes But really how much can one child take What's up with the foul play No he didn't die ; but he feels like it since his so called girl lied and she screamed rap
Fr tho πŸ˜ŠβœŠπŸ’―πŸ’πŸ™ #skeetdayungpoet
Im just saying . why waste years of your life if you're not trying to grow and build together . ( my time is precious ) πŸ’―πŸ™βœŠπŸ’ #skeetdayungpoet
(E)rotic Conversations .(R)eally there's no conversation (O)pening her heart , mind , & body to me ; she can't fight temptation (T)ruth is She's anxious (I) can tell by her body language (C)aressing every inch of her . this overwhelming feeling ; she can't explain this (C)onversing without speaking
The situation Give me the chance to change ya situation For the time has awaken I'm ready to Present you this new situation So you can stop contemplating So you can stop the pump faking Unless you are okay with ya current situation Your time is precious , so that's something I won't be wasting Yo
At this very moment I have Become all that i stride to be Could it be that I'm becoming Everything that I was Destined to be Everything seems predestined you see Fighting for a world that doesn't understand me Giving my heart to those that can careless about me Having all of this weight on my s
Tired of living this lie Having all of these feelings buried inside Tired of hearing I'll try My oh my I just wanna know why Why me I just wanna be happy Why does this have to be my reality Tired of tryin Deep down inside I can't stop cryin I don't know why i keep lying Lying to myself Guess that's
You walked with so much swagga I had to have ya So I gotta make it my business to fill ya With smiles and laughter So I gotta make up for all of the dudes that stabbed ya It's time to revive ya Revive ya heart Give ya heart that spark Give you a feeling you won't regret I'm talking about something
You're losing him Because you're talkin the good talk But there's no action You're not walking the good walk He needs action You think he's okay But he's just actin Every night he drops on his knees and he prays He's trying to figure out what happened He's taking it day by day But his heart is
Trying to be patient But I'm tired of hurtin Nothing seems to be workin Tryna be sure ,but nothing seems to be for certain Tryna hide the pain, so I put up my guard and I pull down my curtain Too many people depending on me & calling my name so I keep on workin Putting all of this weight on my shoul
Life shows you things through people and situations But to catch these things you have to observe and be patient You can put your all into people And they will be the same one's trying to deceit you Because for someone reason they feel like they're beneath you Just because they're blood ; it do
I feel like I no longer know you So my time & my heart ; I no longer owe you At first it was hard ; it was something I wasnt trying to go through I think you should call a cold blue Because my heart is turning ice cold boo Message Received ; you just became old news Why did I believe ; it's bout
Got to break in my cuzzo's birthday with her and the fam . Can't express how much I love you . remember the trips we use to take to alabama and georgia with grandma & grandad . as kids we grew up in the same church and everything . I'm proud of you and everything you have become β€πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ŒπŸ’―βœŠ Happy birt
Mann i have alot on my mind It's about time I let you know what's on my mind Honestly ,If I could I would make you all mine It's about time I acknowledge you for all that you do I'm so proud of you I'm proud of everything you have become You've been standing strong You've been doing it for so
You're depriving me Of everything I stride to be Why aren't you standing on the side of me I have all of this pain ; oh i mean inspiration balled up inside of me You keep on surprising me Proving me wrong ; you tend to do surprisingly I really need you to enlighten me Oh you've been texting me
Him : you gotta talk to her ; she's bad Bruh Me : can she cook ? Does she have morals ? Is she loyal ? Will she stand beside me and my dreams ? Him : she might not have or do any of that but bruh look at her πŸ‘€ Me : look at what ?she's not my type of woman Him : what the hell you talkin bout Skeet?
Excuse my french I got these juices drippin on my chin I had some of that pink fortress for dinner She said she found her a winner Felt so good when I was up in her But I wanted much more than that Man she deserved so much more than that So baby girl can I pick up some of the slack Can i pick up o
Am I thirsty Because I show you that you're worthy Am I not a real man Because I treat you like a woman Am I not real Because I speak how I truely feel If you believe in society This will become your reality But in all actuality This is a backwards a** society We live in a world Where majo
Don't be afraid beautiful Let me talk to you Let me take a long walk with you We can exchange problems too. together we can figure out a way to solve em boo Oh you've been going through it boo ? I've been going through it too So the feeling is mutual Don't let the golds and tattoos fool you I can
My first love It was love at first sight I remember all of them late nights All I would do is write You understood my passion to write You defined me ; you gave me life You helped me seperate all of the wrongs and rights In my life you have always been that light My first love Despite the hear
Her : he thinks he's irreplaceable ; he just doesn't know I have 3 side pieces Me : what ??? πŸ˜‚ ( while laughing at the fact that she thinks this is cool ) Her : Skeet you just don't know; I need a real man Me : Are you a real woman ? When are we going to start talking about what a man needs ? H
She needs for you to step up and be a man It's time for you to be a bigger man And no I'm not talking about what's inside your pants And no I'm not talking about what society says is a man She's tired of hearing you say " Bae give me one more chance She needs For you to show her how you really f
I don't really understand you You're hella beautiful But I don't really need you I deal with you because I choose to Only if you knew the things I use to do I can honestly get use to this; you know me & you I commit to you Because I have morals and principles I'm still here so evidently it's som
Him : bruh I messed up Me : what happened ? Him : I was doing good ; sh*t I was doing great but i felt like she wasn't there anymore. Like she didn't wAnt me so she pushed me away . Why do I feel like It's not my fault ? Me : She was drifting away So she pushed you away Not knowing if she should
Haven't seen that pink fortress in a while So I smile The prettiest lips I've ever seen Deep down inside I scream I eat it like its ice cream She doesn't know if it's real or if she's having a wet dream She loves how it feels , she can't hold in her screams She's holding on for dear life ; she scr
#SKEETDAYUNGPOET Tag some friends and everyone #follow πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ @skeetdayungpoet @skeetdayungpoet @skeetdayungpoet #realshit #love #relationships #facts #amen #truth #sadtruth #real #reallove #miami #dadecounty #305 #poet #life #preach
She's been living this lie She has all of these feelings buried inside She hates her life Nothing ever seems to go right Then all of a sudden I come along Before i came around she was okay , she was content with being alone She was okay with doing things on her own but it was something about m
You say you need me , but i need you too I need all of you I know I'm a man, but i have feelings too I have feelings just like you See I would express them to you But what's the point if you're not willing to listen boo If you're not willing to accept the truth Society has it stuck in your min
Me , My cuzzo Sam , and My Uncle Gary doing what Streeters do πŸ’―βœŠ #skeetdayungpoet #streeters
I'm just saying tho πŸ’―βœŠπŸ‘Œ #skeetdayungpoet
Family is everything to me πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’―βœŠ #skeetdayungpoet #streeters
πŸ˜β€βœŠπŸ‘‹ I'm on a mission tho Photo cred : my cuzzo @imroyalrene #skeetdayungpoet
She's lost and confused She's tired of being used She's tired of her heart & time getting misused She's tired of being physically , mentally , and emotionally abused She wants to talk to you But she's afraid to She doesn't think she can trust you She's fed up with all of your bullsh*t and lies Sh
Me and my lil cuzzo Nate βœŠπŸ’― New poem coming soon tho, Comment " Ready " if you want me to post it today #skeetdayungpoet
Life has a way of revealing the truth to you βœŠπŸ’― #skeetdayungpoet
All she needed was for you to listen For you to show her that you were different But you didn't So she confided in me Everything she begged you for ;she found in me All she needed was for you to try a little harder ; despite your imperfections For you to show her love & affection But You chose y
He's ( mike ) taking an order and he messes up on the customer's order Customer ( Jack ) says: dumb ass nigga Employee's friend (Rob ) says: beat that cracka's ass ; don't let him call you a nigga Me : Hey Rob wasn't it you i heard the other day saying what's good my nigga Wasn't it you i seen

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