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Frazer Miller
We're all still alive. The end of the world was a lie... again. :D
What is wrong with me? The auto-load on YT loaded a Makeup video and I couldn't be bothered to get up to change it. 22 mins of my life gone.
A massage is well-needed.
Holy fucknuggets! I hate it when you get an itch and you can feel it, but it's too deep to satisfy. :-(
Whole days spent watching the #RuneFest live-stream. Totally worth it.
This morning I have mostly been listening to @GoodCharlotte. I haven't listened to these guys in years!
Hope everyone has fun at #Runefest this year. Sorry I couldn't make this one. But I'll watch the livestream! @RuneScape @RuneFest
The human brain needs an off switch.
Wow, just saw the news about another explosion. O_o that sucks big time!
When you are so tired you could just..... *starts snoring* ....
What were you all doing at 1:30am this morning? I played a random scratchcard on the #Lotto website and won £50 ^_^
I see the Halloween-themed names have begun to surface. Need to think of a good one.
I think this sums today up. #humpday
Almost 350 hours on #ClickerHeroes and only 53% complete... O_o
Why does time go so slowly at night? It's only 3am and it feels like it should be 7.
Wow! So #facebookdown is 4th in the trend list. Shows how powerful social media is I guess. O_o
Did you hear? Liquid water flows on present-day Mars. Our @tumblr blog:… #MarsAnnouncement
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Happy 17th Birthday, Google. You big fuck.
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Started watching Lie to Me, for the 4th time. Never gets old.
"We will make bluescreens a thing of the past".... *bluescreens*.
Time to get up I guess. What the fuck is sleep actually used for?
That's a wrap on our first #TwitchCon! A sincere thank you to everyone who helped make it the best one yet! #Kappa
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"I hate shopping" Said no woman ever...
What is that big ball of fire in the sky? O_o
I wish we ran on batteries...
Pure genius. Releases a fix for a bug... gets hacked. #Fail
Really need a drink, but cannot be bothered to move. GG brain, you win this one.
You know when you're so tired you don't want to move at all. I feel like that right now. But stretching... oh my god! <3
Think the GIF says it all.
Pretty much hooked on #ASMR.
I can kind of understand this... but WHYYYY?! O_o
Background of the week has to be this one.
Is £4,800 too much for a custom made desk?
I need to get back into #DoctorWho as well. Kind of stopped after Matt and Karen.
I always find it funny when everyone thinks it's Autumn. Learn about the seasons damnit!…
I refuse to go outside today. I've even closed the curtains so I can't see the real world. :-)
So there's a chance that #BTC will become regulated as a comodity. Watch the price crash and burn again :-)
Wow... this isn't even news. So why is it being shown? :-o
Not sure if I like Office 2016 yet. It's slowly growing on me.
Here comes the rain :D
Winter is definitely coming.
Had my hair cut earlier. I look younger and less like a hobo. I also used an injection pen that spoke to me. O_o
That feeling when you sit down and just can't be bothered to move...
Why do I feel that he might turn out to be like @NickPitera ? #XFactor
Just stood on a plug... the plug won. :-(

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