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Frazer Miller
Ooo, the #EuroMillions is £101m on Tuesday. Commence ticket purchases.
When the world is fucked up. This always comes to mind.
Seeing all the #Overwatch videos is making me want to play it so much!
#WorldWar3 looks like it could happen.
My thoughts go out to both those in Paris and those in Japan.
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Fuck me. Watching this shiz unfold in France. The world has gone mad...
Ohhhh. It's #CiN tonight.
Is it almost the weekend?
There be a storm a brewin'
"Today, there will be a light drizzle" - Forecast. *looks out the window* "It's pissing down!".
Wish I was cat. All they do is Sleep, eat, poop, repeat.
The favourite star is being replaced with a heart, and renamed to "Like". Is this FB in disguise?
Yeah I need to stop looking at news articles. Ends up making me angry.
Well... someone had to say it.
People complaining about the Paypal ad being shown after 9. If your kids are still up at that time then you're a shit parent.
Plex hits the new Apple TV in an official, Apple-approved, no-jailbreak-required way
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No... nooo.... noooooooo.
Pahahaha! Scared myself. Thought someone was outside looking in at me. Yeahhhh, it was my reflection. :D
So... played Ark all morning and tried not to get eaten by Dinosaurs. ^_^
It's Halloween tomorrow! Still haven't thought of a themed name.
I don't upload enough photos to Twitter. Expect more.
What's in the gold box today?
It feels much later than it is. This day is broken.
Which one is your favourite out of the two?
Oh god. Polls are here.
Remember to use your hour wisely!
I saw everyone was raging about YouTube Red... it's a good concept but the name sounds like it's porn.
Please don't add polls to Twitter... it's perfect as it is.
@Frayzurr "Facebook is like jail, you sit around and waste time, write on walls, and get poked by people you don't know"
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One day, I will live-tweet my entire day. Why? Because I can.
Legit had a scary moment where I thought it was Monday. Weekends are too short...
Oooo, I forgot my secret love of @stereophonics <3
This cold needs to fuck off now... Sorry to anyone I give it to. #NotReally #TGIF
Best description for a URL shortener? ;-) @TinyURLs_
I seriously thought it was Friday :-(
All the tech news sucks today... Need something interesting! #TechNews
Family Guy never fails to make me chuckle!
Own one of these or thinking about getting one? They're illegal to ride in public! Info here:…
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Weekends need to be longer.
Star Citizen footage spills out of CitizenCon, showing Squadron 42, alpha 2.0 and more:…
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How do people sleep so easily? O_o It's been 24 years and I still don't understand it.

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