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Frank Magalona
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"I'm home na" c/o FB
FOR SALE: 2 upper A tickets to today's game!
Responsible drinker, are you? The Captain and I like your style. #teamcaptainmorgan #drinkresponsibly
Take 'em to the Grave Norwood. #GilasPilipinas
Jump shot of the year.
A plateful of timeless dreams.
And you'll know that they are just playing with you like little tykes cause they be spreading bad shit about you, human E. coli.
Baby, color my life with your cray on.
Flying cars, please.
Everyday it could be wonderful.
Why is there traffic? 'Cause EDSA Friday.
I can't wait to go on a food trip with Rocket Shrimp! Check this out:…
The Captain proves to be a great drinking buddy!!! Just don't get carried away. #drinkresponsibly #teamcaptainmorgan
Keira Knightley. Please. I like you.
"Take my hand, let's see where we wake up tomorrow"
Miss you guys too miss Reby! :) “@rebya23: @frankmagalona Hello there! We miss you.😊”
Weekends are meant to be special.
Don't know what to watch-aaaa tonight.
For some spicy-sparkly goodness. IT'S ALWAYS MORE FUNNN WITH CAPTAIN MORGANNN #teamcaptainmorgan #drinkresponsibly
"Mmm, it's always butter when we're together" -Rice "Let the jooy riiiiiiiice." -Butter Ok I'm done.
Earl Sweatshirt - Sunday (feat. Frank Ocean)
Leonard's reaction to LeBron!!! Hahaha Pasawhi Leonard!!!
"San ang throne niyoww?" -Spurs
Simple and sweet, we were able to pull off our Mother's Day surprise for our #1mom #piamagalona. :)…
An argument with her is just a longer version of "I love you". I realize the love everytime I know I'm wrong. :)) #1mom @rapplerdotcom
Mom was always there when I needed her most... Mom is number one 'cause mom was never gone. Can't wait…
#1moms will soon be able to Wear Your Love! Some 🌹🌹🌹🌹 would be the perfect surprise to show mom how much you <3
There are probably tons of reasons why our moms are the #1moms & reason #1 is the perefect one for my…
I’ve never met another person as beautiful as my mom. All of us would agree that her smile takes away…
Like cinnamon Cinnabon.