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Frankie Muniz
My beautiful monster.
Nothing cheers me up more than watching people get tased on "Cops".
I have had the worst string of bad luck humanly possible the past month...and it continues today... close to exploding.
Electrical fire. Great.
Protecting my dogs from owls and coyotes.
Day 2 of breathing toxic fumes as we put an acrylic sealer on our 80 year old concrete floors... this stinks.
Just moved. Only channel right now. Am I delirious, or is this the greatest show ever?
So, @iamweband are not only one of my favorite bands, but also great friends! Check them out!
Hands down, worst week of my life.
My fiance won't let me get a micro pig...
My @AZCardinals are forreal! Feels so good beating Kapernick! #choke
Touchdown baby! Losing my voice!
I'm like a little kid on Sundays! Go @AZCardinals ! Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhh!
You know what I'm not doing today? Buying an iPhone 6. Maybe I should have written this in "baaa" so all you sheep could read it.
#tbt To when I was a pirate. I had more facial hair 23 years ago then I do now...
I literally only go on facebook to delete people.
Taco night, taco night, gettin' it right on taco night! Touch my taco and I'll fight....Taco night?
Broken hand...again. Happened 6 weeks ago...but finally decided to have a doctor look at it. Ooops.
Social networking has created a super sensitive population. Just relax people... you won't like living in the world you're creating.
My first ever selfie. #wheresmyface
Cardinals baby!!! Sorry to my whole family that my team beat yours! (Not really sorry)
Palmer out! NOOOO! I have faith in Drew Stanton though...
Ready to watch some football! @AZCardinals
Looking forward to BBQ ribs with my fiance @elyciamarie and some good friends tomorrow.. I LOVE RIBS!!!
On average, I watch 4 to 6 hours of COPS everyday. I'm a COPS junkie.
Another day...Another MRI.
Apple always playing catch up...
Cardinals!!! What a stressful game! I love the @nfl .
So freaking excited to watch my @AZCardinals tonight and all this season! Yeah baby!
If I die, blame @CoxComm cause they are going to make me have another stroke. How is it always rocket science?
Labor Day Ribs in Surprise, AZ!
Oh hey Jennifer Lawrence...
My boy @LukeHollandd is the most insane drummer on the planet....
I look like a Lego man. Like someone placed that creepy bowl cut plastic hair on me. Everyone knows Lego men look cooler without hair!
My hair is in that disgusting stage in between long and short and it really depresses me. Wish I could cut it! Have to cut it! Can't cut it.
Had an awesome time at Fitz's Supper Club last night. He's such a great guy! @larryfitzgerald
This is the greatest cereal in the world. This is the only thing I'm eating for the rest of my life.
I don't care if it's just preseason...I'm so excited to watch my @AZCardinals tonight on NBC!
Not gonna lie... I've watched "The Hills" every morning for the past week...
Thank you @AmandaRayBeard @WillBigBreak and @jenniferdoan for challenging me to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.…
Just saw "The Giver"... awesome movie. Loved it.
Relaxing with @elyciamarie ... Loving life.
Calling @CoxComm and sitting on hold all day is exactly how I like spending my Saturdays. Always an hour hold somehow.
Last day ever in our it's only right that we use our misters for the first time ever right now!
Whoever invented moving needs to suck it...
I want to go back to the time before the internet... I was never bored back then.
Awesome ride through AZ today. Sedona is heaven.