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Frank Bruni
To watch people jostle for bin space on a jammed plane is to see civilization give way to pure savagery. #UnfriendlySkies
The Era of Political Disruption: many smart bits in this from @ron_fournier,… via @nationaljournal
Capitalism’s Suffocating Music: Must everything have a corporate sponsor? Is all the world an ad? My column,
The Virus of Cynicism: Ebola is Obama's presidency, and government's efficacy, in a petri dish,
Will @pete_wells serve up restocrit secrets @TimesTalks event? @SamSifton admit he was rarely anonymous? @FrankBruni cop to worst meal ever?
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The Putin-Berlusconi bromance. Now that's a reality show waiting to happen. "Real Oligarchs of the G8."
Smart, deeply reported take by @jimrutenberg, How Billionaire Oligarchs Are Becoming Their Own Political Parties,
(2/2) Plus McDormand does really cute things with her "Fargo" Oscar,
Frances McDormand talks with me about aging, vanity and her "subversive" miniseries "Olive Kitteridge" (1/2)
Scarier Than Ebola: unvaccinated children, unrestricted guns & all the health risks we CAN prevent. My column,
Reuters: In "dramatic shift in tone," Vatican document doesn't change teaching but extols "gifts" of gay people,
Oops. Fourth season of "Homeland." Beard lugging still applies.
Meanwhile, "The Good Wife"? At its zenith. The oppo research episode may have been finest of series. #HappySundayNights
It's time for 3d season of "Homeland" to find something for Saul/Patinkin to do other than lug around that beard.
A drive upstate, a tapestry of red, orange, yellow, amber. The season changes, and nature pulls out her fireworks. Thrilling.
We miss Bill Clinton b/c he has what's missing in his successors. My column,
Oh no am pasta-addled. Or maybe 2 much Lagrein. Was eating @ChefBianco paccheri, garganelli at RISTORANTE Morini, not Osteria #oops
Another fine piece from @motokorich, continuing her important look at what works and doesn't in public education,
If carbs r out, no one told NYC's pasta sorcerers. @ChefBianco doing paccheri, garganelli at @OsteriaMorini that r summit of the craft
Great audience, great questions for me and Alessandra Stanley at Open Forum at Fairfield University tonight. Thanks,, all.
My No. 1 favorite restaurant in DC -- the restaurant I could eat in every day -- is right this way:
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The NoMad Bar's chicken fingers w/ a luscious white Burgundy, then outside to a ripe moon over the jagged skyline. New York, New York.
The Court’s Green Light on Gay Marriage - Richard Socarides… via @NewYorker
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Good overview: "Supreme Court confirms what we knew: The fight over gay marriage is over," via @washingtonpost
Supreme Court declines to review same-sex marriage cases via @washingtonpost
The revelers. The stage. The skyline. Nothing wrong with this picture. #ACLmusicfestival
Catholic leaders turn a blind eye to so much. So why the persecution of gay workers? My column,
Chvrches: onstage now and fantastic at ACL Music Festival. Warm sun, live music. Nothing better.
Amid all that goes wrong, much goes right. Inspiring story: "Coronado rallies after gay slur."… via @UTsandiego
More movie talk from @DouthatNYT and me, 'The Studs and Duds of the Oscars Preseason,' via @nytopinion
We can fly drones over Pakistan but can’t summon a proper locksmith to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? My column,
Highland Park, Texas, reverses prior decision to suspend seven books from high school curriculum,
Insightful overview by @danbalz of the oft-overloooked governors' races this cycle, via @washingtonpost
Philly. Night 2. Marc Vetri's Amis. Bucatini w/ almond pesto. Amatriciana. Mortadella mousse. Great meal. W/ @jimrutenberg
Surprised we haven't yet seen forecasting model prediction for the 2056 Mila (Bush) Hager/Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky presidential race.
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The Wilds of Education: thanks to @garthstein for his wise thoughts,
Education should provoke, not pacify. Too many forget that. My Sun. column,
Detoured to Philly to eat again at Zahav. So glad. A unique and splendid restaurant. Cannot wait for visits 3, 4, ...
‘I Do’ Means You’re Done: the Catholic church's treatment of gay couples MUST change. My column,
A must read on anti-Semitism in Europe by @JimBYardley…
from paris to tokyo - our list of top 5 iconic hotel bars inspired by my drink with @FrankBruni @FourSeasonsNYC…
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Games like that are the best of football. NFL needs to clean up the worst of it. #Broncos #Seahawks
As Broncos fan, am sad but proud. That was a valiant fight.
THIS was the Super Bowl we were all denied. #Broncos #Seahawks @craaaazy
On campaigning's ugliness, I get input from @MarkLeibovich, @stuartpstevens and @mattbai (and his terrific book),
The Vain & the Desperate: Have 'gotcha' journalism and a loss of privacy left us w/ worse candidates? My column,
I am telling you: these Bar Primi meatballs? Holy Mother of orbs. @aishatyler and @brianellner? U r missing out. Thanks @andrecarmellini
Terrific summary, perspective from @chrisgeidner: "Stunning Velocity Of The Marriage Equality Movement,"…