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Frank Bruni
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Very important NYT Op-Ed looks at current anti-Semitism, "Muslims and Jews Are Targets of Bigotry in Europe,"
Interesting @EJDionne take on recent polls, "Ferguson divides us less than we think," via @washingtonpost
This Is How We Should Remember James Foley… via @sheeraf @BuzzFeed
Lots of British commentary here about American inequality. All right and fair. But odd coming
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I'm in awe of James Foley and other brave journalists who risk their lives to bear witness. I'm too afraid to do that. RIP.
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The Trouble With Tenure: It should be a badge of honor, not a shield,
So great to connect friends with a resto u know they'll love. Epic meal w/ @aishatyler & @brianellner at @estelanyc Amazing tartare
Colorado is the nation's mirror, rocky and stoned. And it's key to the 2014 midterms. My Sun. column,
Got a sneak peek of #LoveIsStrange, opening in NYC Fri., w/Lithgow & Molina as longtime couple. Very understated. Very lovely.
Important story in Politico magazine, "What I Did After Police Killed My Son,"…
Just had FANTASTIC meal at Acorn at/in The Source in Denver. A resto firing on all cylinders. Try it. Really.
When did the hug become default male greeting? Suddenly a very huggy world. I think it's stealth way to determine who's lifting weights.
Can’t wait to see who is chosen to be my predecessor as MLB Commissioner.
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First woman to win math's top Fields Medal says as kid, favorite pasttime was reading novels, via @guardian
"In the age of social media, everyone is an obituary writer." Smart and true,
Mesmerizing discussion of "Soldier Girls" by Helen Thorpe at Denver's Tattered Cover. Passages she read: gorgeous.
You bet she's in the race. She's also in a bind. "Hillary Clinton, Barbed and Bellicose,"
"Salted Oreo," it said. I had to try it. And was happy I did. Oh so happy. (Little Man Ice Cream/Denver)
Loving @maxapotter's "Shadows in the Vineyard," a Burgundy primer and crime drama in one. A mystery w/tannins,
"Grief, Smoke & Salvation." Mike Solomonov (Zahav, Federal Donuts) shares his haunting story. Sunday's column,
Another great meal at NYC's Barchetta. Amazing calamari; the sharpest, truest arugula this side of Rome. Love it.
Ross Douthat and I have begun an occasional online chat about movies. Today: "Calvary," "Boyhood," "Apes."
Ok they just brought out a lamb shoulder the size of a small car. Mayday. Mayday. @zahavrestaurant
First time at Philly's @zahavrestaurant. So loving it. Beets: crazy. Carrots: insane. Bring on the lamb merguez!
Plato and the Promise of College: a look at one praiseworthy summer school's approach to social mobility,