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Robert Bowling
Watching new Force Friday @starwars toys being unboxed, in Korea, because I can't wait 24 hrs
I used to base entire friendships off the answer to "Red or Blue?".
I'm riding this Tuesday like it's a Friday and plan to keep this going till the weekend. DOWNTOWNNNNNNNNNNNN!
The Humble Tom Clancy Bundle w/ BETA access! Pay what you want + Support Charity @
Dropping Dash off at his first day of school was a bit like releasing a wolf into a sheep pen. He will feed. 😈f
Dear School System, please meet your worst nightmare, Sincerely Me.
Promo code: cowabunga for 10% off at @shutuppizza's exclusive #Kanye2020 Campaign Tee
I would pay good money to watch a debate between Trump and Kanye #kanye2020 @SHUTUPpizza…
Just a couple of best friends looking at a big bridge. 👬K
Just a couple of best friends looking at a big bridge. 👬
Hanging out with Spot @target
1st They say you'll never make it. 2nd They say you got lucky. 3rd They say they drove you to success. They didn't.
This #stormtrooper was impossible to find on the west coast. Thanks Dad for finding one on the east coast & sending!
Giving away a free game till Aug 31st, plus launched two new features & 1000+ sales. GO GO GO
Creative Director: "More." Artist: "...but sir..." Creative Director: "I SAID MORE!"
Could someone come pick me up at the exit in the Internet? Please bring cash card.
Thor and Miles Morales Spider-Man exclusives in this months @Marvel @CollectorCorps! Didn't expect two in one box. 👍�U8
Reveal trailer for @DoubleFine's new game Headlander! A 70's sci-fi inspired side-scrolling action-adventure game! 🚀…T
Really loved @Plastic_Galaxy The Story of Star Wars Toys documentary! As someone who cherishes my Kenner toys 👍🏻�okrC
I've never met a Rice Krispy Treat I didn't like... Until now.
Pay-what-you-want + support charity by loading up on this collection of @starwars Audio Books!
The @MegaMan Legacy Collection is out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC! Plug in a controller you don't mind destroying...
That moment your son comes out of bed and says he pee'd but his diaper is dry. Where's the pee Dash? WHERE'S THE PEE!
The newly announced mega-yard Yoshi Nintendo is releasing in November is too much and by too much I mean MORE PLEASE!
Spent entire weekend as the Outrider specialist in Black Ops III beta and it felt oh so good. @Treyarch's done well.

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