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Robert Bowling
My son is going as Matthew McConaughey for Halloween. He must be really excited for Interstellar.
My son is going as Matthew McConaughey for Halloween. He's really excited for Interstellar.
The @Marvel announce of Captain America: Civil War has me excited to finish my Civil War sleeve. #TeamCaptainAmerica
Started eating healthy today but then I accidentally got fries...and accidentally put bacon on them, then accidentally poured ranch onto it.
8 hours later than planned but finally home. Thanks Fearbola!
Now they won't let them back on a flight because they can't verify it was just Cheetos. Are you fucking kidding me. Kids spit up, period.
American Airlines just forced my 1yr off flight #8158 from Canada to LA because "Ebola-like symptoms". It was just him spitting up Cheetos.
Download the ROOMS app on iOS then screenshot this QR code to access my room.
Trying out rooms, an ANON chat room app. Take a screenshot of this and use it to access my room in the Rooms app on iOS
I just realized my son is the Villager from Animal Crossing and now I can't sleep at night.
Hollywood superstar Shia LaBeouf, actual cannibal. A true story from @robcantor
Dad, can I have some Pop Rocks? Yes. Yes you can.
Dash's first Pop Rocks, clearly he loves them.
Learn more about our studio @robotoki and the amazing team behind it at our new site!
O'Captain, my Captain final. The start of my @Marvel black & gray sleeve. 8 hour session with Fred Flores.
Final of the Captain America piece to kick off my #Marvel sleeve. 8 hours with @fred_flores
O'Captain my Captain. Kicking off my #Marvel sleeve with a 8hr session with @fred_flores. Halfway done!
O'Captain my Captain. 4 hrs into my 8hr session to kick off my @Marvel sleeve. Captain, Rocket, Iron Man & Spidey.
Zombie parent exercise group, The Walking Dads.
Who wants to join my parenting exercise group, The Walking Dads?
Traffic school completed and $400 poorer but she's worth it. LAPD do not accept "breaking her in" as a valid excuse.
Oki has a new exoskeleton!
NBA2K15's facial recognition is giving us all the SPACE JAM game we never had, but always wanted. YOU'RE WELCOME!
My Goron wedding cake with a lap full of Reese cups was the greatest decision I've ever made.
I had a Goron wedding cake with a lap full of Reese cups.
Where all the magic happens.
First weekend and all broken in. 2015 Audi r8 v10-plus 550 hp. Now where's my @Uber driver application?
Was up till 2am breaking her in. Driving in an empty LA is a beautiful thing.
Only had the R8 for 8 hours and the LAPD want to take her from me. Just breaking her in officer.
Only had an R8 for 8 hours & LAPD are already wanting to take her from me. You can't blame a guy for breaking it in!
I recommend it for anyone who likes dumb bears. Great work @elclimo
The Little World of Liz Climo by @elclimo was waiting on my door step when I got home. Just read every comic cover to cover with the family.
HacknSlash is out of Early Access on Steam! Thanks @DoubleFine, I thought games only left early access in my dreams.
A hot dog eating itself. That's the kind of gems you can expect from me on @tiinyapp
Congratulations @notch - rest. relax. and initiate the giving of zero fucks.
So @tiinyapp has quickly became my new obsession. I've been posting non-stop since it launched this morning.
Tiiny is my favorite new app. I've been posting non stop since launch this morning.
Getting my Tiiny on. Is that what we say when we Tiiny? I Tiiny so hard. @tiinyapp @kevinrose
"Dad, can we go home and watch Bo Jack Horseman all day?" Yes son... Yes we can.
Trying to fit a tiny tux over a tiny cast. #bowlingwedding
My wife walks in to the Great Fairy theme & an edible Goron cake guards the desserts. Life Is Perfect #bowlingwedding
Tiny cast for a tiny man. Even this isn't slowing him down.
She put her head back, her beautiful lips parted, and she said....