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Robert Bowling
First weekend and all broken in. 2015 Audi r8 v10-plus 550 hp. Now where's my @Uber driver application?
Was up till 2am breaking her in. Driving in an empty LA is a beautiful thing.
Only had the R8 for 8 hours and the LAPD want to take her from me. Just breaking her in officer.
Only had an R8 for 8 hours & LAPD are already wanting to take her from me. You can't blame a guy for breaking it in!
I recommend it for anyone who likes dumb bears. Great work @elclimo
The Little World of Liz Climo by @elclimo was waiting on my door step when I got home. Just read every comic cover to cover with the family.
HacknSlash is out of Early Access on Steam! Thanks @DoubleFine, I thought games only left early access in my dreams.
A hot dog eating itself. That's the kind of gems you can expect from me on @tiinyapp
Congratulations @notch - rest. relax. and initiate the giving of zero fucks.
So @tiinyapp has quickly became my new obsession. I've been posting non-stop since it launched this morning.
Tiiny is my favorite new app. I've been posting non stop since launch this morning.
Getting my Tiiny on. Is that what we say when we Tiiny? I Tiiny so hard. @tiinyapp @kevinrose
"Dad, can we go home and watch Bo Jack Horseman all day?" Yes son... Yes we can.
Trying to fit a tiny tux over a tiny cast. #bowlingwedding
My wife walks in to the Great Fairy theme & an edible Goron cake guards the desserts. Life Is Perfect #bowlingwedding
Tiny cast for a tiny man. Even this isn't slowing him down.
She put her head back, her beautiful lips parted, and she said....
My favorite part of this spam email, is reading it as @RealTracyMorgan. Get well soon!
Fuck this Silent Hill demo. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.
We will be screening 'What Dreams May Come' in the Robin Williams Memorial Theater, aka my living room, tonight.
My new buds, lovingly handmade by @feltmistress, now living on @thinkhotpink's couch at work.
The Swapper is pretty incredible so far. Love the tone & difficulty ramp, great mix of challenge and experimentation. Thanks @facepalmgames
Was up till 4am finishing @spryfox's Road Not Taken. That was amazing. Now on to @curvestudios The Swapper. Indie story-puzzle game weekend!
Turtle walking in a turtle shirt with a turtle backpack. #turtlepower
Taking a walk. Turtle shirt + Turtle backpack.
Season 1 @Guardians figures: Kryll Prisoner w/ detachable prosthetic leg, Nova Pilot, Ronan Guard chest-hole variant.
2nd time just as fun as the 1st. I hope @Marvel realizes they just created the new Star Wars. Action figure everyone!
Second viewing of Guardians of the Galaxy, this time in IMAX!
Heading to see @Guardians of the Galaxy AGAIN! This time in IMAX.
Having a 2 year old is like negotiating with a terrorist, every day of your life.
Guardians of the Galaxy felt like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars A New Hope rolled into one glorious miracle.
Star Lord hidden amongst concessions #ArclightGalaxy #arclightshermanoaks
Generation M identifies itself by the @Marvel movie that came out the year they were born. My son was born in the year of The Avengers.
Get @BreachClearGame for free on iOS for the rest of the weekend to celebrate its 1 year anniversary!
Caught Dash mackin on her at the Tiki Hut
Add me on TapTalk... and face the consequences. Username: fourzerotwo --> @taptalkme
Snowpiercer is available to rent while still in theaters! Do yourself a favor and watch this immediately.
21 years later and Mikey and I are still best friends. The Heroes in a Halfshell exhibit @gallerynucleus was amazing!
21 years later and Mikey and me are still best friends!
Haven't seen this guy in over a decade. Felt good to see @guttermouthxxx perform live again.
Haven't seen this guy in over a decade. Guttermouth continues to kill it.
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes had incredible character development and story moments. I was drawn into every minute.
Wife came home from a 3-day trip and you'll never believe what she found in bed with her husband.... Hamburger. It was a piece of hamburger.
New indie toy line from my friend @squidkidsink! Mega-Bit: Figures Inspired by SEGA® Genesis®, via @kickstarter…
SNOWPIERCER was incredible. Great details with unforgettable personality. An instant favorite for me, and so it is.
MirrorMoon EP has consumed me. Finding the anomaly is everything. Everything is the anomaly. The darkness is infinite