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Fosta Ke
Focus ke focus
Silver spoon @djnubreed was killing it that night #wordaroundtheblock
#Repost from @djnubreed - Ridin to the homie Fosta Ke x Word Around Da Block
True meaning of 🔥🔥�
I really do this word around the block shut it down #fostavision
VIDEO: Soulja Boy Discusses The Future Of Social Media! via @iLPvideo
S/O @DjGURU11 goin innnnnnn on @Fostake ft @derrickmilanmo "Bring Ya Girl" Cigar Lounge #Tightwork!
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Can a young nigga get paid #wordaroundtheblock #fostavision #fostake
S/O to my cuzo @Fostake ... Big homie workin making major moves! Yal go follow an upcoming artist!…
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Repost from @beautifulwaist via @igrepost_app, S4S doing BUSINESS PAGES AND PERSONAL PAGES TODAY ONLY!! Must Post Last Pic 1st!!
Prepare ur kids to carry ur tradition or watch ur future destruct #fostake
@RTNBA: Phil Jackson on Kobe when he was 22”not if you steal all his moves Kobe
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Being with an indie label and being independent are two vastly different things.
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You cannot have what you want unless you do something.
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I lost a lot of love
(1/3) S/O Djs n Puff reppin @Fostake: ♫ Girl Round Me ft @DerrickMilan
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(1/3) S/O Djs n Puff reppin @Fostake: ♫ Word Around The Block ft @Derr
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@Fostake Ft derrickmilano "Bring Ya Girl" Powered By dollarsinmusic
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Word Around The Block ft @DerrickMilano produced by @ayotheproducer #WordAround Download it at
"She say she in love wit me, I know she not..." #WordAroundTheBlock🌇 New Music🎼🎶@Fostakestake
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Prepare for change and then plot to take more than the world #fostake
Me and the big homie @biggarankins chopped it up in atl this dude is real when he speaks it's sort of like you talking to the godfather but everything he saying is real and if u listen ur career will blossom #fostake #Tbt #powermoves
"@vv4de: I wish I could view people in filter like Instagram. Then every female would actually look hot" #realtalk