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The Walking Dead is back mutha fuckas
Everyone's talking about Valentines Day but I'm just waiting for The Walking Dead tonight on @AMC_TV #TheWalkingDead #bestshowever
My brother has me dead 😂
When someone checks out the person u like. Like NNNOOOOO keep ur eyes on ur thot and put ur shit away. Its not a free for all. smd.
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Tbh some of my friends are more family than my actual family. Ya feel? 😏
@Allisonx247: All these bitches get to spend valentines day with someone they like. And im just here like.....😐 Oh haha fuck you.”
🐋 Free Tilly
Dnt hit someone up unwillingly and make them think u wanna talk to them.
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We watched a documentary on whales and the people were jerking off the whale to get semen and breed more whales for sea world...
Week from today i was in a complete different place. Crazy how shit changes.
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It's so hard to let go of people you care for. I wish life had a delete button.
I regret writing that letter..
Bruno Mars 😍👌
whenever i'm sad i try to my hardest not to show it so i don't look vulnerable and easier to destroy
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Maybe they were right
I feel so stupid for caring about you.
I'm crushing hard 🙈
My grandma cooked for me. There's legit tears falling from my face. God bless her heart. I'm starving.
@Allisonx247 same homie . I'm going to school late though cuz my moms in the hosp again smh
my favorite thing is when people remember little things I told them like seriously? u actually listened to me thank u
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"Imma have a model wife, yo bitch is as hot as ice. Every time u see me, i look like i hit the lotto twice"
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