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Forrest Griffin
Weirdest thing about marriage? All the sober sex
Be careful @Jayhieron I've noticed a trend of people w/ the tat "only god can judge" being judged guilty by judges
I admire Putins policy of doing what's best for Russia despite the Russians
Sometimes I lay in bed restlessly, wondering what Trent Reznor is reading, these says
@justknox: @ForrestGriffin You don't like Breaking Bad or what?” Oh if breaking bad is winning nevermind they got it right, carry on
F the Emmys they must have boxing judges deciding this shit
@BlairNucks: @ForrestGriffin haha your videos in the EA sports UFC game are hilarious.” I have no idea what your saying liar
The phrase “Don’t take this the wrong way.” has a zero percent success rate.
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@ForrestGriffin @ufc @ufcfightclub @Showtimepettis You see me huh! Started at 227. I'm at 208 now. Trying to hit 185 by the end! #TeamPettis
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We have a winner! @MegMM86 won @UFCFIT & is in the running for the Dana VIP Grand Prize! 3 spots left! #TeamPettis
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Would somebody make me a bad mother fucker on board bumper sticker. To go with my baby on board bumper sticker
"@ForrestGriffin: “@danawhite: We forgot to tell u how to win this Wheaties contest :0”" Omg hilarious @iluvlar
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@danawhite: We forgot to tell u how to win this Wheaties contest :0
Oh about yesterday I didn't want to lie to you I only had 19 shots of expresso not 22, I didn't want to over do it.
Not trying to brag but I've had 22 shorts of expresso today and still haven't gotten shit done
Congrats @Craan you win the new @EASPORTSUFC! 4 spots left for the Dana VIP Grand Prize! VOTE:
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History can't be made w/out YOU! Keep logging workouts for #TeamPettis to be on Wheaties! Vote
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Through extensive medical research it has been confirmed that beverages containing alcohol do in fact reduce anxiety
What are the weirdest groups out there yes I'm looking for a new cult
Just found out the guy in highschool that said weed isn't a gateway drug in his report on why weed should be legal is a meth head
Fight legend @ForrestGriffin knows exactly which company is best for betting on #UFCDublin tonight! @UFC_UK
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I hope Conor wins tomorrow so I can beat his ass...
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I wish these hotel walls were thinner I can't quit make out what my neighbors argument is about
.@ForrestGriffin looks dashing in a blindfold. He's also a Stout connoisseur I, on the other hand, am not… #UFCDublin
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@truckmma: Hanging with the man himself @ForrestGriffin in Dublin Ireland.” See you tomorrow we will do it proper
Go follow @ForrestGriffin over on Instagram! Only 1 image so far and it's glorious!
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The legendary @ForrestGriffin is doing a @reddit_AMA tonight at 8pm BST! Get over there now and ask him anything!
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We're speaking to @ForrestGriffin at #UFCDublin this week. What do you want us to ask him? #ZOOAsks @UFC_UK
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Want a chance of meeting UFC stars @ForrestGriffin & @CubSwanson? Keep an eye on our Twitter feed in the next 30 mins! #HMVUFCDublin
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can't wait to go to @ufc fight night in Dublin where I'm not considered pale
Like I said coat rack we just don't use a lot of coats in the summer in Vegas @TheCratePeople
Thanks Anthony @TheCratePeople for the crates which I made into a coat rack & by I, I mean my father in law
I still hate Christian Latener for his perfect 1990s hair god it was something to behold....#iwannawearyourhair
Fan of @ForrestGriffin? RT and you could win a signed pic of the original Ultimate Fighter himself in #EASPORTSUFC!
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@stephaniejoplin: I think Twitter was invented specifically for @ForrestGriffin.” Wait Are you implying it wasn't ?
I wanna put a big FU out there to the UFC expo security staff for not letting me live my childhood dream of fighting Dolf Lundren/Ivan drago
Young me would laugh at old me but then again old me hangs his head in shame at the though of young me/ fuck you jack handy
@LiamBeezy: It was honor to meet and play the UFC video game with my idol @ForrestGriffin #ufcfanexpo