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Forrest Griffin
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Oh & on a related note if that show @BansheeTvShow comes back on could I get y'all to watch it. It's not great but I really like it. Do it
Seriously None of my twitter friends could tell me @FargoFX started last night. A little common decency is that too much to ask ?
If I say anything crazy on twitter in the next few days it's totally not my fault I had to quite drinking for a couple days for surgery
@ForrestGriffin I'll meet you at Red Rock in 4 hrs. You better be wearing that loin cloth from your book cover, though, or I'm not fighting
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Gonna get surgery number 8 which is cool cus the 10 one is free. I got a punch card bitch
Most people wanna be good almost bad enough to do something about it
@Kondraki: @ForrestGriffin is a superhero - the reality man.”hahah
I was gonna try and make a positive impact on the world today; but instead I'm gonna drink beer and watch netflicks; too real ?
@SaryHishi97: @ForrestGriffin is one of the few people I truly look up to. Love you man” never meet me you'll be disappointed
Pro tip: eating under prepared meat really helps you get that lean slender look. Food poisoning is the poor mans cleanse!
@ForrestGriffin perfect! use some MANLY guidelines from Ur cool #SurvivalGuide U were & always will be the coolest
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@UFCEire: @ForrestGriffin Will you be coming over to Dublin in July Forrest?” Most likely I could not say no to Irish beer
@JoeyVmma: @ForrestGriffin I hung out with a guy yesterday that looked homeless but he's actually very successful” haha yep
@justkramer: @ForrestGriffin get together with @tjlavin. He does that all the time. #goodeeds” really we got to get together and make that
I kinda just wanna hang out with some homeless people, live like they live for a day and ask them where shit went so wrong ??? Weird
Oddly enough I actually owe the Post Office an apology turns out I'm the incompetent one. Mea culpa
@davidmatt28: @ForrestGriffin no bad idea you will end up on the side of a milk carton #griffinismissin” sounds like a good story though
@Ibanez7: @ForrestGriffin Damn it Forest ! Are Ya'll gonna be at UFC Expo July 5th ! I'm popping over from the UK !” Yes waiting for you