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44% of respondents to a recent survey dated a colleague at least once during their career:
In today's professional sports landscape, television rights fees reign:
Burger King's $3 billion merger with Tim Hortons creates the world's 3rd largest fast food chain:
Uber has moved into the fast-food delivery industry with its new service "UberFRESH:"
Reese Witherspooon plans to restore this historic mansion in her hometown:
Why this woman is especially grateful for the ice bucket challenge:
Microphone manufacturer Blue is breaking into the headphone market:
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New England property that was once the home of J.D. Salinger is now for sale:
One of the most terrifying realities of cyber crime is that it's now easier than ever to become a cyber criminal:
A recent study by UCLA warns that the damage of too much screen time may be even worse than many of us imagined:
Are European Space Agency satellites that were injected into improper orbits still usable?
Kevin Counihan, who headed Connecticut's health insurance exchange, named the first CEO of
Electronic Cash Kings 2014: Aftermath & Analysis via @Forbes
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The Series A funding round that ZipRecruiter just raised is not your typical first institutional round:
Why 300 people are doing yoga with Rob Lowe and Donna Karan at Lolë's Parrish Art Museum.
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From Mess to Dress: The Secret Mojo Behind Rent The Runway's Rental Machine via @Forbes @RenttheRunway
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Netflix joined the list of companies calling on FCC to deny Comcast's proposed $45B purchase of Time Warner Cable:
Best Buy is still grappling with its customers' migration from brick & mortar stores to the world of e-commerce:
The reason why big investors like inversion deals is clear from the way shares of Burger King & Tim Hortons soared:
Cyber security entrepreneurs discuss how digital security is becoming a major component of the military and civilian world.
That's all the time we have for today's #AskForbes chat, sponsored by @symantec. More questions? Ask @bupbin or @lisasotto.
It's not a one-size-fits-all fix. Industries have different threat profiles, so solutions need to be tailored by industry - BU #AskForbes
Companies need to be on constant alert -- this problem is rampant & not abating. - LS #AskForbes
Everyone is susceptible, no one is immune. The hackers are sophisticated, creative & motivated - LS #AskForbes
.@wesSpacely But companies can make a lot more money focusing on their own business than hacking others. - BU #AskForbes
.@wesSpacely Hah! I always wondered if Wal-Mart was behind Target's data breach... - BU #AskForbes
Any chance that other companies(competition) are behind recent data breaches? #askforbes
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.@TheAngryGents There are tactical fixes that need to be made but the overall issue must be managed by the C-suite. - LS (2/2) #AskForbes
.@TheAngryGents Info security is a governance issue. - LS (1/2) #AskForbes
.@Forbes what about when it's a breach like Target, where POS terminals are hit? Is that an IT issue, or management? #AskForbes
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.@cathychiba If there is an issue, then it is a real calamity. Cloud services are a treasure trove of data. - LS #AskForbes
But keep in mind that services like Dropbox have run into vulnerability notification problems before:… - BU #AskForbes
Overall, cloud storage with a reputable host can increase security. - LS #AskForbes
.@cathychiba Cloud providers sometimes have more resources & are able to provide better safeguards as a result. - LS #AskForbes
@Forbes #AskForbes cloud data storage/transfer for small or micro biz: can it be helpful for increased security? Or a risk? Best practices?
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.@ph_sriram It's best to bring in legal counsel immediately to seek to preserve privilege to the extent possible. -LS #AskForbes
.@ph_sriram CISOs often don't report up to the CIO. Info security is a governance issue, not an IT issue. - LS #AskForbes
@Forbes Chief Security officers are not regulars in the IT org of an enterprise. IT Security Awareness an issue? #AskForbes
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Companies often hear about breaches from external parties, rather than detecting anomolies in their own systems. - LS #AskForbes
.@Amy_Nielson Verizon study said internal fraud detection is now 3rd behind cops & outsiders (bloggers) in discovery methods - BU #AskForbes
If personal data on your systems is acquired by unauthorized party, you need to notify the people whose data were compromised.-LS #AskForbes
47 US states (plus DC, PR, US Virgin Islands & Guam) have data breach notification requirements. - LS #AskForbes
.@Amy_Nielson The issue of requirements is getting eclipsed by law enforcement & 3rd parties telling YOU you've been breached -BU #AskForbes
@Forbes What are the legal requirements for breach notification? #askforbes
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Companies also need to watch their vendors. They also have credentials. Vendor risk is significant. - LS #AskForbes
.@OnQuality The number one way in the last year was stolen credentials, which could be stolen from insiders - BU #AskForbes
.@OnQuality But beware of authorized insiders. They are an insidious threat to organizations. - LS #AskForbes
.@OnQuality The most common threat categories in order of "popularity" are hacking, malware, social & physical - BU #AskForbes
.@OnQuality Most breaches are from external sources, not internal - BU #AskForbes