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@scott1980harris: @SD26__ hi mate you ok ??”- good bro, catch you on dm. Send me Spanish number x
@JakeSeeks22: @SD26__ I think I've got a number for you had it month I'll text ya if it's yours haha end 514”- that's it haha. "JustDoIt
@JakeSeeks22: @SD26__ I love and miss you samual 😘💔”-- not as much as you!!!!!!!
Gemma Collins "coming to Brisbane is a weight off my shoulders" not the first place you need to be losing it from love in all fairness
@JakeSeeks22: Miss talking to my Samuel @SD26__ #whereareyou 💔” -- heartbreaking situation in all fairness 😂
@scott1980harris: @SD26__ 💣💣💣💣💨💨💨💨 this is what I need to get it out there at the mo hehege”-- hahahahahaha
@scott1980harris: @SD26__ ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩😎”-- 🎳🎳 for me 😂
@scott1980harris: @SD26__ ok boss :-)”-- 😂😂💪
@scott1980harris: @SD26__ Ye could do need to find distance for next Sunday”-- il just give you a few tips 💪 #500+ haha
@scott1980harris: @SD26__ hehehehe true thinking of going to a 6.5 same shaft” -- tip a 6 👌
What a prick Mickleson is..
@DollyThwaite: @mandarocs @SD26__ me today 😔😷😰”-- 😷😷😷
Haha Webb Simpson 🙈#RydeCupp
@FloydMayweather: .@ochocinco come meet met in Vegas when I get back in the country lol”-- haha 👌
Good to see old Zouma on the scoresheet. #cfc 👏
@MikeTaylor___: With every day that passes, I wish I concentrated properly at college...”-- #FifaIssues 😂😂
Ronaldo is beyond a joke.. #Machine
Ronaldo's penalty tonight. THIS is how it should be done!
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Wake up and pool party's starting again already!!! #Leggo 😂
@SD26__: “@JakeSeeks22: @SD26__ where you fucking flew to now haha x”-- haha secret location x” could've took me with you ya cunt x
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@JakeSeeks22: @SD26__ where you fucking flew to now haha x”-- haha secret location x
How's ur Saturday night?
Not that wearing a stag do t-shirt with some nonce name on the back is much better to be fair #AirportIssues
Grown men in football shirts... Give me strength #WaitingOnaCallUp
Would have the worst storm since 1543 when I'm about to fly.. #Typical
Too early for the old travelling this is
Naughty Sisu party tomorrow 💯#Marbellaa
Just seen the best Jay-Z interview ever. Honest,wise, #Inspire will link in a bit. Have a watch 👌
@olvr_vrmr: @SD26__ Hell yeah! Let's hope for a "Walkover at Gleneagles" this year...” -- 💯🍻🍻
I could watch Miracle At Medinah all day long
Sick of conceding. Sick of it
Laughable result #cfc
Sign Remy leave him on the bench... #sensible 😡😡
@LacazF: @SD26__ were letting other teams have a go this year and next year”-- 💤💤💤
VIDEO: Goal of the day! Chelsea Youth's 14 second counter attack goal v Schalke Youth! Class!
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@LacazF: @SD26__ unlucky mate xD”-- how did ur side get on?
Get Drogba off n all, impact player,can't do 90 anymore.
Fucking useless defending. Can't keep switching off... Sick of leaking goals now #cfc
Come on then boys, big secon half!! #cfc
Lucky escape that.. How we let him just run #Draxler
Noooooo cesc 🙈🙈
Couple of great knocks this half from Luis 👏#cfcc
hazards feet are 👌#SeeYaa
Well done EDEN as well #cfc
Superb football!!!! Well done cesc 👏👌

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