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Food Network
Choose your knife replacement: tongs or a spatula? See how the #CutthroatKitchen competitors fared:
Baklava in 30 minutes in tough. Period. Kudos to them #CutthroatKitchen
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It's amazing the number of #CutthroatKitchen chefs that have "skipped" the dessert portion of culinary school. #SideThoughts
The best chip for dipping is ____. #CutthroatKitchen
Make any dip with @altonbrown's easy formula: creamy base + 1-2 main ingredients + 3 or fewer supporting seasonings (excluding salt).
Speaking of wraps, give your next one some fall flare with squash and roasted turkey breast:
Lettuce RT @FoodNetwork: What's your wrap of choice: lettuce or tortilla? #CutthroatKitchen
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What's your wrap of choice: lettuce or tortilla? #CutthroatKitchen
"I want to prove I'm not just the chef that regulates your sex drive." Heard on #CutthroatKitchen.
New shiny chefs arrive on tonight's #CutthroatKitchen, starting NOW!
How do you eat your ice cream: cone, bowl or sandwich? #HungryGames
Loving this preview of's the combination of @FoodNetwork and #socialpsych/#behaviouralecon I've always dreamed of.
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Which ice cream flavor sounds most intriguing: chorizo, beer or Earl Grey tea? #HungryGames
The first challenge on tonight's #CutthroatKitchen is a wrap. How hard can it be? Find out at 10:30|9:30c... (Cue @altonbrown's evil laugh)!
He's just a guy with a cooler and a jingle... #HungryGames
Thanks @FoodNetwork #HungryGames for making me seriously crave some ice cream. And salmon.
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How to combat ice cream brain freeze: Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth! #HungryGames #NoPainInTheBrain
If you thought you knew food, think again. The premiere of #HungryGames with @RichardBlais starts now!
Who are you rooting for: Corpse Crushers, Dead Reckoning or Sweet Nightmares? #HalloweenWars
Satisfy your Moon Pie cravings:!
Why do we all scream for ice cream? @RichardBlais reveals why we're addicted to this cold treat in a sneak peek of #HungryGames at 10|9c!
"Kyle and Briea are so focused on fighting with each other that we forgot to put the scepter in the Mummy's hand!" #HalloweenWars #Problems
Just heard on #HalloweenWars - "pain in the anubis" - win!!!
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RT if you love a good toilet paper mummy costume. #HalloweenWars
And the spine chiller challenge is...Mummies vs. Werewolves! Plus a unique take on the classic Moon Pie. #HalloweenWars
#HalloweenWars I would create an evil jack in the box for the scary toy challenge...they were always kinda creepy
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Corpse Crushers' robot uses a child's soul as its battery. Too morbid or brilliant beyond twisted imagination? #HalloweenWars
The scariest toy I had as a kid was _____. #HalloweenWars
A brand-new #HalloweenWars starts now! Are you under the spell?
Quesadilla Burger vs. Spaetzle Burger: Which would you rather eat? #GroceryGames
Why can't the food I watch them make on @FoodNetwork be brought through my t.v. when they're finished?
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Spaetzle on a burger: yay or nay? #GroceryGames
Mummies vs. Werewolves is the Spine Tingler Challenge on tonight's #HalloweenWars. Tune in at 9|8c!
Inspired to make lasagna now? Try @GuyFieri's 5-Star Pepperoni Studded version:
Best lasagna noodle substitute: potatoes, tortillas or eggplant? #GroceryGames
Did you ever eat your lasagna by layer? Still do? Fess up with #GroceryGames!
Guy's essential lasagna cheeses: ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella. What are yours? #GroceryGames
Try tonight's first #GroceryGames challenge at home! Make Mustard-Roasted Salmon with only 5 ingredients:
"I'd like a funnel for this puree, so I can just stick it in my gullet." High praise on #GroceryGames!
Can you ever have too much bourbon? Weigh in with #GroceryGames!
Scallops, candy of sea. #GroceryGames.