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I've started trying to write a story (kinda science fiction) 2 weeks ago and got writer's block even tho I haven't written a single chapter
Having your hair nice for a while can drastically change your mood
@3secondsofria hey what happened to your old tumblr? Btw I really like your fanfic
If nandos is closed before I get there, I swear I'm gonna kill someone
@BIEBERSIGNED thanks lovely 😘
going to dhaka and then chittagong from there. so excited!
β€œ@TakeOverBizzle: Quote this with your nameπŸ˜Žβ€ jannath
Why do some guys think they can pull of the justin bieber hairstyle? It's 2014 for God's sake!
@snapsbyree you're brave! At least you commit to it. I'm finding it so hard!
So just got my new school books. Damit why so many?! How am I gonna carry this on the first day?
i love my new layout!
changed my user again sorry (even though i'm not sorry)
8 am and still haven't gone to sleep
i'm a mess (from 'x') is such an amazing song, calming and beautiful
deleting loads of my old tumblr posts :)
i'm seriously surprised that no one's slapped me yet for changing my username so much
I'm so bloody hungry and it's 6 am and no one's awake fml
β€œ@MyIrwinNavy: this looks really sexual wow im sorry”
Should I have gotten new books and uniform for school bc I haven't
Who am I gonna sit next to in class? Won't know until 10th. So frustrating.
I'm also nervous about who's gonna be in my class
I am suddenly very freaked out about going back to school