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Got so many things to do but haven't started any of them
@sxmmerblues ew why u gotta study??
Want to keep talking to him but I'm so bloody tired
We're the ultimate ship okk
PTI was good :)))))))))))))))))))))
Slightly gay for Emilia Clarke but really..who isn't?
I either get really confused or zone out completely when my mates are talking about football
I can never manage to stay up late enough to talk to him. Curse my ability to fall asleep at 10
You never know unless you try
Friendship is calling each other 'trashcan'
I've not moved in the last 4 hours. Maybe I should study..nah
Batman villains are the best villains
I don't know how to express my emotions so I just people whale or moon emojis
ok so maybe being fuzzball ain't that bad…
@sxmmerblues u strange as hell bruv
@sxmmerblues He's alright so I'm alright.. but fuzzball??? lmao
I hate having to worry about people
The melody of #SameOldLove is so amazing!
@selenagomez's new music is just too brilliant. Obsessed with #Revival
Middle eastern countries that claim to be following Islamic principles while not even doing anything about the refugee crisis smh
@twodoorclubs America's done for. China's gonna take over the world in the next 10 years 100% guaranteed
I thought Donald Trump being elected was an inside joke between Americans. But people actually support him???
Haven't heard any messed up news about America lately. Something's gonna come soon, I can sense it
Don't be a teacher if you hate children #RealAdvice
@Phulen_Dota Oh well I haven't gotten to s5 yet
@sxmmerblues indeed *a few more creepy faces*
Cersei is a cow and she needs to die a tragic death #GoT
@sxmmerblues don't ruin my dreams it's gonna sail!
I want to slay a dragon and make ned stark come back to life so that I can kill him. just for the hell of it
@sxmmerblues Guitarists are cute as hell though
So I've finished watching season 2 of Scandal this week. I've been very productive!
I'd be a boring celebrity, the only drama I have is tv shows
@sxmmerblues You gotta appreciate my creepy faces!
I like the person I am now, the person I'm with, the people around me :)))))))))))))))))
@sxmmerblues Maybe you are being indirected ;)
Life is great right now. I hope its not the calm before the storm
I still think Overexposed is the best Maroon 5 album
Why do I always have an urge to set people up?
"I'll study in the morning" A lie I tell myself again and again
A job that fits my personality: contract killer
He's so nice and I don't know what to do
Should I be studying rn? Yes. Am I studying rn? No.
Being friends with someone again after having an awkward crush on them is great
I find happiness in pissing people off
There's a pattern. Maybe

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