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Defy the stereotypes. Confident…
- it makes me feel warm inside
the trailer for the theory of everything is so adorable
literally everybody is dead in ahs murder house
i find tate from ahs really hot tbh
Posted Chapter 3!! Read "Confident | l.h - iii" @mxgnificent…
i wanna watch pll, but 5 seasons to find out who a is, that's ridiculous
Posted Chapter 2!! Read "Confident | l.h - ii"…
i just realised how much i like kevin from ben 10. he's greedy, dull and basically me
it's really sad when you think you're friends with someone and they fucking backstab you
i really admire tom's effort. he never gives up on trying to eat jerry
wish i could sing 'who's laughing now' to every boy in my school
So you think you know me now, have you forgotten how You would make me feel when you dragged my spirit down?...
why do i always manage to accidentally unfollow 5sos whyyy
Pugs make me so happy for some reason
my fans r incredible because they not only care for me but eachother. we are a #family. #muchlove
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most girls want vogue models with abs and muscles but i just want this
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@JustinsDepo: Remember when Justin thought this boy was a girl hahaha” how could I forget 😂
I really like my cover for "Confident"
I finally started writing it! Read "Confident | l.h"…
I'm happy yet sad, Niall's growing up so fast. And I'm not legal yet! 😣😣
Happy Birthday @NiallOfficial 🎉🎉
i'm really proud of myself for writing a paragraph of my story. it's the most i've done
i've made a bloody cover for my story but i haven't even written it
i think it should be legal to kill shitty people
i seriously hate being underestimated
Easy tests scare me, like what's the catch? Is this a trick?
Pizza for dinner ayye
Why am I always tired?? 😣
@AcousticFall this just made my day ❤️❤️
@Gloria_itsme4 awesome! Mines on 25th. When's yours?
i'm afraid of losing my best friends , i love them so much , they are everything to me , if i lose them .. i would never be same again
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I can't wait till FOUR because I know it'll be bloody amazing
I'm so excited for my birthday next month! I hope everything goes the way I plan
@NiallOfficial absolutely loved 'fireproof', can't wait for the album!
@amazingnxrry: // @mxgnificent // username: fab bio: fab icon: perfect header: cute i love your layout!” Thank you! 😘
going through old messages. why was i such a effin idiot back then??
i want someone who loves maroon 5 and onerepublic as much as i do
FlyLikeJanu to iPhonestagram7 to niallstagram7 to dark_nialler to shadeofalaska to httpxjxstin to mxgnificent i should stop changing my user
i think uniforms were made to make ya feel ugly
people don't see the good in me and that makes me feel like that there is no good in me
i have like 2 friends and i feel like i'm annoying them when i hang out with them
having crushes is the worst thing ever