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Throwback When James Would Always Ask For The Answers @ East Fishkill,……
Throwback When James Would Always Ask For The Answers
#KOTD #adidas #3strikes
Follow The Green Line. #newmexico #backflip #backflips #vaycay vid-cred@l_andre93
Window Seat, Headphones, Empty Train #Straight #Chillin
Album on repeat #ColeWorld #2014ForestHillsDrive
Dad: I'm on a flight next to some rapper who is super high Me: Haha yeah right Dad:
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But I'm still here -_!
This is what rejection looks like
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Could've left right now but had to get one with the rosary. #OOTD #SCHOOL #BathroomSelfie #LemmeGetOutOfHere
Homework on the first day, with the promise of a research paper due in 2 weeks lol
Just realized Summer Vacation ends tonight :/
Chillin In the city
That horrible feeling after texting a girl and she hasn't replied all day.
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Midnight Speed racing @_gotthejuice @ariizannelli
Only thing keeping me alive #FrenchVanillaIcedCoffee
Everyone has that one ex that they don't claim
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There is no greater challenge in life than trying to convince a girl why she's wrong.
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Don't worry if you had a bad day, remember there are people who have their ex's name tattooed on them
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why do they even include 2014 as an option when selecting your birth year online like u fresh out the womb ready to join gmail
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Man this Thunder is no joke
Say Hello, To My Little Friend!!!! #CannonShot
Light 2 big bang firecrackers at once!!!!!! #HappyFourthOfJuly
Late night Taco Bell run this kid gives us all their fire sauce smdh
my greatest talent is being able to watch 5 years worth of a tv show in one week πŸ™Œ
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Adjua tried to get in on my selfie -_- @music_head #GetYourOwnSelfie!!!!
Behold The Chicken Delight!!! #BestSamitch ##ROADTRIP #DeliButton
Best Birthday, chillin with @jayverdee @_ryguy @kerry
"First things first I'm the realest" she said
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Louie Louie Louie Louieeee
The time is almost nigh
When you're about to play a game of CoD and see the entire other team has the same clan tag and thinking "Well.. we're fucked."
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I hate when people think I'm in a bad mood just because I'm being quiet.
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When your mom calls yu down for dinner and its not ready
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This is a dope pic taken by @jalibjo #ManILoveTheseShades #JabInTheReflection #MojoSoDope
Finally finished now is officially summer vacation B)
For every dark night there's a brighter day.
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#TodayWasAGoodDay #Ballin #withthehomies #PerfectDay #Dam #LastDayOfSchoolTomorrow #Finals

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