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New @FiveThirtyEight Senate Update: D's in CO/IA/NC are resisting GOP-pulling gravity of national generic ballot.
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Q: How often should I change my socks? A: @Outkast said it best. Keep it fresh and so clean.
Under Tagliabue, NFL franchise values grew by 11.7% per year. Under Goodell? 3.5%.
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Women make up half of all recent STEM graduates - but there's more to it than that
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What plays are most challenged in baseball? Unsurprisingly, out-or-safe force and tag calls.
Has MLB's expanded replay worked well? #Mets fan @JerrySeinfeld says he doesn't "care about the getting it right."
The #Gamecocks are in danger of dropping out of the AP Top 25 for the first time since the preseason of 2010.
Scotland's independence referendum is next week. Thousands of votes have already been cast.
Women make up less than a quarter of all graduates in the 20 highest-paying STEM fields.
Democrats may be hoping for a “rally around the flag” effect. Such spikes in a president’s popularity are rare.
.@ForecasterEnten talks with @YahooNews about why we're predicting a GOP takeover in the Senate.
We've fixed a table that originally highlighted @Browns as favored vs. @Saints. But hey, maybe an upset's brewing?
Stop talking about STEM as if it's one field. Science grads make far less (at least with a BA) than eng., tech grads.
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What you study matters: Recent petroleum eng. grads make 5x as much as library-science grads.
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An NFL team that’s the “good” kind of 8-8 isn’t more likely to improve the next season than one that’s the bad kind.
#Ravens QB Joe Flacco probably isn’t as bad as his stats last year make him look.
Our latest Senate forecast is up. New polls make the race in KS even more crucial in deciding control of the Senate.
Latest @FiveThirtyEight Senate forecast: Kay Hagan gets 2 good polls in NC. GOP odds of taking Senate drop below 60%.
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New research on the political impacts of 9/11 is striking and noteworthy, writes Dan Hopkins.
Patriots' odds of making the playoffs fell from 73% to 54% last week. Crazy how much one NFL game matters.
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NFL Week 2 Elo ratings and playoff odds: (Tonight, the Baltimore #Ravens are favored.)
For Freud, it's sex. For Marx, it's class warfare. For @martinwolf_ , it's global imbalances:
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From a predictive standpoint, @skepticalsports says, basically every NFL game in the first few weeks is a must-win.
Announcing @skepticalsports' awesome Thursday Midafteroon Quarterback column:
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NFL teams that have started the season 3-1 have made the playoffs 63% of the time.
Those 60+ tend to be more opposed to Scottish independence, according to @YouGov polls.
Scottish referendum is 1 week away, but thousands of votes already in the bank. What do we know about them? #indyref
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.@Georgetown's Dan Hopkins on research that details the enduring political impact of 9/11 for those who were closest:
For most people, vitamin supplementation is simply a waste of time.
Fun with Elo ratings: The #Patriots have experienced the highs and lows of the NFL like no other team.
Watch live: 9/11 remembered across our country today -
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Senate update: Yesterday was a push day on the polling front. (news out of Michigan, Georgia, Iowa and South Dakota)
Consistency may be dull in a #gamechange world but our senate model isn't budging. GOP with a 63% chance of takeover.
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.@FiveThirtyEight Senate Update: It's a push! D's strong in MI. R's steady in GA. IA is close. SD is crazy.
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Income inequality is rising faster among companies than within them.
We already knew that a majority of you think Obama is a failure.
Will Andrew Cuomo follow in Bill Clinton's footsteps? What his re-election in N.Y. may tell us about his future:
We pinpoint when each #NFL franchise hit its all-time (well, since 1970) high and low points.
Polls of registered voters usually overrate Democrats. Those of likely voters are usually more favorable to the GOP.
"From the time you’re 22 you’ll be less hot than a 20-year-old, based on this data. So that’s just a thing.”
Prince George will be younger than most British first-borns who become siblings.
Winning < 70% of the vote means voters in his party don’t like Gov. Cuomo much more than N.Y. voters in general do.
Our winner is a technical marvel with a monumental first bite worthy of a national title.
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20K miles and 84 (almost clean) plates later, we have a winner. America's best burrito is ...
Senate update: For Democrats, there's good news in Michigan, but bad news in the U.S.