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Nate Silver
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MLB games are getting slower, and the Yankees and Red Sox are by far the worst offenders.
♫It's Friday, Friday, everyone's buyin' weed on Friday♫, reports @WaltHickey.
Here's why a plan to circumvent the Electoral College is probably doomed:
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You're 3.5x more likely to become long-term unemployed if you lose your job at the wrong time:
Nice piece by @ForecasterEnten on the Senate, weighing head-to-head polls against Obama's poor approval ratings.
Per @Neil_Paine, controlling the strike zone predicts MLB teams' future W-L record as well as W-L record itself:
In Denver, it snows more in April than in January.
Are higher-quality newspapers doing a better job of retaining readers? We sure hope so, but the data is mixed:
Great @bencasselman post on @DataLab538: cutting unemp. benefits doesn't seem to help the long-term unemp. find work:
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"What is the probability, given that Ross painted a happy tree, that he then painted a friend for that tree?"
Taking another look at what would happen if you turned Hammerin' Hank into Homerless Hank:
Contrary to stereotypes, many Republicans have moderate views on immigration.…
What are Vance McAllister’s chances of re-election if he doesn't resign? A jungle primary may complicate things.
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re: Jeb. We found some polling on the Common Core. It's not that controversial, even among conservative Republicans.
"Colbert ranked first among the 15 hosts whom we searched for, at 16 Arsenios."
Is Jeb Bush a "terrible candidate"? Not based on the poly sci research, says @ForecasterEnten:
We recently did a survey on @StephenAtHome. Small sample, but 30% of his audience is <30 vs. just 7% for Letterman.
Do mammograms violate the assumption that "more information cannot generate worse decisions"? Here's @ProfEmilyOster:
If Hank Aaron had 0 home runs instead of 755, he'd still be a Hall of Famer:
Correlation may not be causation. But the gender pay gap is wider in states with fewer women in political office: