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More context on #Ferguson: There are millions of Michael Browns in America.
Law officers facing charges are incarcerated 12% of the time. For general population, 48%.
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This data set shows that excessive force is the most common allegation of police misconduct.
A Thanksgiving travel note: 41% of fliers think you're rude if you recline your seat.
Allegations of police misconduct rarely result in charges, writes @ReubenFB. #Ferguson
The Census Bureau still doesn't know how many same-sex couples there are.
#Ferguson isn't an outlier. For a large part of the country, it's the norm.
It's incredibly rare for a grand jury to do what Ferguson's just did: #Ferguson
Electing a black mayor leads to more black police officers. #Ferguson
Imperfect data confirming imperfect data: The most common name in the U.S. is James Smith.
There have been 24 defense secretaries (excl. acting). 11 served shorter tenures than #Hagel.
Our model's view of what the college football committee standings might look like tomorrow:
How much does a college football team's ranking fall after a loss?
Our most-read this past week: every president's executive actions in one chart.
Hypothetical matchup: Kentucky basketball would lose to the #Sixers at least 78% of the time.
In our weekly data journalism roundup: "Selfie" has had its day. The word of 2014 is “vape.”
The complete, and interactive, history of every NFL team:
The GOP's 2014 performance was the 4th-best by either party in the 17 Senate cycles since '82.