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Home prices and rent are now more reliant on jobs growth. (chart from @trulia)
Dear Mona, How many people have never drunk alcohol?
LeBron. Tiger. Nigel. What makes Nigel Richards the world's best Scrabble player, by @ollie:
Is it realistic to think Eli Manning could complete 70% of his pass attempts? @FiveThirtyEight takes a look
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The who, what, where and why of Americans’ attitudes toward immigration:
We count the #Patriots' rings. We look at Ws and Ls. Then we get geeky to figure out how much Spygate mattered.
Entrepreneurship is declining, and more startups are failing -- even in Silicon Valley.
“It’s impossible" to say if anti-Semitism is statistically on the rise in the EU. "The data simply doesn’t exist.”
What happens to injured NBA stars? @NateSilver538 on what might be ahead for Paul George:
Incumbent GOP senators' share of the primary vote: 2004-08, 89%. 2014 so far: 73%.
In Montana, Democrats face a steep climb in the Senate race John Walsh just dropped out of.
The @Patriots' opponents won’t let Spygate die, but did it really matter?
Democrat John Walsh quits the Senate race in Montana. (His plagiarism scandal had moved his odds to almost zero:
.@BobRoss: @WaltHickey's Bob Ross data inspired folks to make happy little visualizations.
Why American opinion is split on the child migrant crisis.
Landon Donovan will retire at the end of the season. Our pre-World Cup look at the MLS player:
UPDATE: Our projection system now has the @cavs at 65 wins with Kevin Love and LeBron James.
Why you can track planes as they fly over just about any place in the world -- except most of Africa.
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If you're happy and you know it, are you 29?
Something new is driving the housing market, according to @trulia. Local jobs growth. @andrewflowers explains:
A Wiggins-Love trade: Here's what the @cavs could look like, with Kevin Love AND LeBron.
If a flight vanishes, amateur trackers know it instantly. @CarlBialik on the lofty data sets:
In Tennessee, Lamar Alexander's record looks like it'll carry him over the finish line in today's GOP Senate primary.
We've rounded up a few rigorous — and not so rigorous (ahem, @TheOnion) — findings on "the best age to be."