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FinalCut Box Office
Weekend actuals: #1 #ANTMAN $57.2M (-$800K), #2 #MINIONS $49.3M (-$900K), #3 #TRAINWRECK $30.1M (-$100K) @CinemaScore
Top BO: #1 #ANTMAN $58M, #2 #MINIONS $50.2M, #3 TRAINWRECK $30.2M, #4 #INSIDEOUT $11.7M, #5 #JURASSICWORLD $11.4M @CinemaScore
#ANTMAN proves smaller in Marvel stature with $58M debut, lowest Marvel-character bow since THE WOLVERINE, A @CinemaScore.
#MINIONS falls -57% in its second stanza with $50.2M, domestic cume climbs to $216.7M. @CinemaScore
#JURASSICWORLD tops $600M domestic with $11.4M in its sixth weekend, just the fourth film to accomplish that feat. @CinemaScore
.@amyschumer's #TRAINWRECK snags $30.2M debut, @JuddApatow's second-biggest opening behind KNOCKED UP, solid A- @CinemaScore
Minor Marvel: ANTMAN bows to $22.6M FRI inc THU night, will take title with FC-forecasted $58M weekend, mighty A @CinemaScore.
TRAINWRECK rails $10.7M FRI inc THU night, FC-forecasted $30M weekend, quality A- @CinemaScore.
#ANTMAN traps $6.4M from THU shows, -$700K off THOR: THE DARK WORLD's THU shows for comparison, forecasting $60M+ debut. @CinemaScore
Actuals: #1 #MINIONS $115.7M (+$500K), #2 #JURASSICWORLD $18.1M (-), #3 #INSIDEOUT $17.7M (+$600K) @CinemaScore
Another flop for Ryan Reynolds as SELF/LESS tanks with $5.4M debut, B+ @CinemaScore.
MINIONS drops second-biggest animation opening all-time with monstrous $115.2M debut, mirthful A @CinemaScore.
THE GALLOWS debuted with tepid $10M, though another @blumhouse hit considering its infinitesimal budget, sinister C @CinemaScore.
SELF/LESS is tanking with $2M FRI, FC-forecasted $5M weekend, B+ @CinemaScore.
THE GALLOWS scared up timid $4.5M FRI, FC-forecasted $10.5M weekend, hair-raising C @CinemaScore.
MINIONS sets opening day record for animation with $46.2M FRI, FC-forecasted $120M weekend, could top SHREK 3's record debut. @CinemaScore
$900K for THE GALLOWS THU night, -$500K vs. POLTERGEIST's THU shows on way to $22.6M debut. @CinemaScore
Apologies, there should be an "M" following $6.2 on last tweet, $6.20 is likely #MAGICMIKEXXL's second-weekend take. @CinemaScore
MINIONS made off with monstrous $6.2 from THU night shows, +$2.5M over INSIDE OUT's THU shows, massive weekend ahead. @CinemaScore
Weekend actuals: #1 #INSIDEOUT $29.8M (-$300K), #2 #JURASSICWORLD $29.2M (-$1.7M), #3 #TERMINATORGENISYS $27M (-$1.7M) @CinemaScore
For the life of me I can't figure out why Terminator 16 tanked this weekend.
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Top BO: #1 #JURASSICWORLD $30.9M, #2 #INSIDEOUT $30.1M, #3 #TERMINATORGENISYS $28.7M, #4 MAGICMIKEXXL $12M, #5 TED2 $11M @CinemaScore
Tight race as #JurassicWorld edges #InsideOut for 4th straight weekend title, $30.9M vs. $30.1M, JW hits $558M stateside. @CinemaScore
Thank God for overseas cash, #TerminatorGenisys fizzles stateside with $28.7M 3-day weekend, $44.2M 5-day cume, B+ @CinemaScore.
Uber-rare to see film outside horror nosedive SAT & SUN like #MagicMikeXXL did: $6M FRI, $6M combined SAT & SUN. @CinemaScore
#MagicMikeXXL got depants in its debut weekend with weak $12M, $27M 5-day cume, A- @CinemaScore.
#TERMINATORGENISYS is sluggish stateside with $10.8M FRI, 3-day cume $26.3M, FC-forecasted $43M 5-day weekend. @CinemaScore
#MAGICMIKEXXL grinded out $6.3M FRI, 3-day cume $21.3M, FC-forecasted $32M 5-day weekend. @CinemaScore
Weekend actuals: #1 JURASSIC WORLD $54.5M (+$300K), #2 INSIDE OUT $52.3M (+$200K), #3 TED 2 $33.5M (+$600K), #4 MAX $12.2M (-) @CinemaScore
Top BO: #1 JURASSIC WORLD $54.2M, #2 INSIDE OUT $52.1M, #3 TED 2 $32.9M, #4 MAX $12.2M, #5 SPY $7.8M @CinemaScore
#INSIDEOUT finishes second behind #JURASSICWORLD with $52.1M in its second session, down just -42%. @CinemaScore
#JURASSICWORLD becomes 2015's top-grossing film stateside with $500M, adding another $54.2M this weekend, down just -49%. @CinemaScore
Unbearably disappointing debut for #TED2 with $32.9M, down huge -40% (-$21.5M) from first foul-mouthed adventure, stuffy B+ @CinemaScore.
MAX leashed $12.2M in its debut frame, precisely what we forecasted, patriotic A @CinemaScore.
Close call for #1: INSIDE OUT $15M FRI, JURASSIC WORLD $14.7M, FC-forecasted weekends in upper $40Ms-$50M, IO likely winner. @CinemaScore
MAX stashed away $4.4M FRI, FC-forecasted $13M weekend, strong A @CinemaScore.
TED 2 is half-stuffed with $13.2M FRI, FC-forecasted $35M weekend, down roughly -35% from first TED, blah B+ @CinemaScore.
TED 2 banked $2.6M from THU night shows, nearly identical to TED's opening THU night which landed $2.63M. @CinemaScore
FC Forecast: #1 INSIDE OUT $58M, #2 JURASSIC WORLD $57M, #3 TED 2 $51M↓, #4 MAX $12M, #5 SPY $7M @CinemaScore
JURASSIC WORLD sets 10-day record with colossal $402.8M. @CinemaScore
JURASSIC WORLD sets record for highest-grossing second weekend with ginormous $106.6M. @CinemaScore
Weekend actuals: #1 JURASSIC WORLD $106.6M, #2 INSIDE OUT $90.4M, #3 SPY $11.2M, #4 SAN ANDREAS $8.7M, #5 DOPE $6.1M @CinemaScore
Top BO: #1 JURASSIC WORLD $102M, #2 INSIDE OUT $91M, #3 SPY $10.5M, #4 SAN ANDREAS $8.2M, #5 DOPE $6M @CinemaScore
#JURASSICWORLD posts second-best second weekend ever with $102M, domestic cume hits $398.2M, biggest 10-day total ever. @CinemaScore
#INSIDEOUT posts @DisneyPixar's second-biggest opening & largest non-sequel bow with heady $91M debut, brilliant A @CinemaScore.
#INSIDEOUT landed huge $34.2M FRI, FC-forecasted $90M+ weekend, will top MU as @DisneyPixar's second-biggest debut, stellar A @CinemaScore.
Solid $2.4M FRI for @sundancefest fave DOPE, FC-forecasted $7M weekend, A- @CinemaScore.
JURASSIC WORLD continues crushing it with $29M FRI, FC-forecasted $100M weekend, right around $400M domestic Sunday. @CinemaScore

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