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Final Cut on Film
Weekend BO: #1 GUARDIANS OF GALAXY $16.3M, #2 TMNT $11.8M, #3 IF I STAY $9.3M, #4 AS ABOVE, SO BELOW $8.3M, #5 LET'S BE COPS $8.2M
THE NOVEMBER MAN fired blanks with $7.6M for 3-day weekend, weak $9.4M cume since Wednesday debut.
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY wins Labor Day crown with $16.3M for 3-day weekend, becomes 2014's #1 movie at domestic box office with $274.6M.
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY will lord over soft Labor Day weekend with $3.8M Friday, FC-estimated $14M for 3-day weekend.
THE NOVEMBER MAN went into hiding, weak $2.2M Friday, FC-estimated $6M for 3-day weekend.
AS ABOVE, SO BELOW tunnels to $3.2M Friday, FC-estimated $8M 3-day weekend.
Later today/early tomorrow, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY will become 2014's biggest box office draw stateside, supplanting CAPTAIN AMERICA 2.
Top 5: #1 GUARDIANS OF GALAXY $17.6M, #2 TMNT $16.8M, #3 IF I STAY $16.4M, #4 LET'S BE COPS $11M, #5 WHEN GAME STANDS TALL $9M
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY wins weekend with $17.6M, now just $8M from dethroning CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 as 2014's #1 movie at domestic box office.
IF I STAY posts so-so $16.4M debut, slightly below modest expectations, solid A- @CinemaScore.
SIN CITY: A DAME TO DIE FOR is executed with tanktacular $6.5M debut, unsurprisingly-weak B- @CinemaScore.
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY will spar with IF I STAY for top spot, $4.8M Friday, FC-estimated $16-17M weekend.
IF I STAY's in stable condition, decent $6.8M Friday, FC-estimated $16-18M weekend. Slightly above average YA result among recent releases.
SIN CITY 2's getting savaged, pathetic $2.6M Friday, puny FC-estimated $6-7M weekend, putrid B- @CinemaScore.
TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES wins second-straight weekend with $28.4M, tumbling -57% in process.
Top 5 BO: #1 TMNT $28.4M, #2 GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY $24.7M, #3 LET'S BE COPS $17.7M, #4 EXPENDABLES 3 $16.2M, #5 THE GIVER $12.8M
LET'S BE COPS passed the test, locking up solid $17.7M for 3-day weekend, $26.1M since Wednesday debut.
THE EXPENDABLES 3 shot blanks in its debut weekend with $16.2M, less than half what the original did in 2010.
THE GIVER joined the lengthy list of YA book-to-film fails - THE HOST, THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, BEAUTIFUL CREATURES - with $12.8M debut.
THE GIVER received $4.7M Friday, FC-estimated $13.5M weekend.
THE EXPENDABLES 3 has zero firepower, $5.9M Friday, FC-estimated $16M weekend. Less than half what first installment did in its debut frame.
LET'S BE COPS arrested $5.6M Friday, FC-estimated $15M 3-day weekend, $22M+ 5-day.
LET'S BE COPS banked $1.2M Tuesday night, right in line with TAMMY's Tuesday night numbers on way to its $33.3M 5-day debut in early July.
TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES KO's the competition, taking weekend title with big $65M debut, topping projections by $15-20M.
THE HUNDRED-FOOT JOURNEY took a decent first step debuting with $11.1M.
Solid second-weekend hold for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY with $41.5M, down -56%, stateside cume $175.9M.
STEP UP ALL IN wiped out on the dance floor with diminutive $6.6M debut.
INTO THE STORM left behind minor destruction with $18M debut, slightly higher than expectations.
Cowabunga indeed, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES is outperforming with big $25.6M Friday, FC-estimated $64-66M weekend, tepid B CinemaScore.
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is holding up quite well in its second weekend, $12.3M Friday, FC-estimated $42-44M weekend.
STEP UP ALL IN is falling on its face with $2.8M Friday, FC-estimated $7.5M weekend.
INTO THE STORM isn't wreaking major damage, $6.5M Friday, FC-estimated $17M weekend.
TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES took in decent $4.6M from Thursday night shows.
Will those weapon-wielding turtles take the title this weekend? Our Projector
Actual weekend number for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY = $94.3M, worldwide total = $161.7M
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY spearheads the biggest August weekend ever, our wrap
Top 5 BO: #1 GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY $94M, #2 LUCY $18.3M, #3 GET ON UP $14M, #4 HERCULES $10.7M, #5 DAWN PLANET APES $8.7M
James Brown biopic GET ON UP didn't turn it loose with listless $14M debut.
GUARDIANS adds another $66.4M overseas, $160.4M worldwide after one weekend.
GUARDIANS grade A @CinemaScore bodes well for its clash with TMNT next weekend, the turtles likely to suffer.
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY annihilates August records with $94M debut, third-largest opening of 2014 behind Transformers 4 & Captain America 2.
BOYHOOD continues to grow with $2.5M from 311 locations, strong $8,102 per, $7.6M cume.
Big estimate range for GUARDIANS due to it being family-friendly, matinee numbers should be killer today/Sunday.
Obliterating August records, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY blasts off with ginormous $37.8M Friday, $95-100M weekend est, stellar A CinemaScore.
Universal's James Brown biopic GET ON UP isn't getting down with $5M Friday, FC-estimated $14.5M weekend.
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY posts crazy-huge $11.2M from Thursday night shows, biggest Thursday night sum of 2014.
Will GUARDIANS break August records? Our Projector knows all
Guardians of the Galaxy is grand, the most joyously-entertaining Marvel movie since Iron Man 1.
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Weekend BO: #1 LUCY $44M, #2 HERCULES $29M, #3 DAWN PLANET APES $16.4M, #4 PURGE: ANARCHY $9.9M, #5 PLANES 2 $9.3M