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Final Cut on Film
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Weekend actuals: #1 DUMB AND DUMBER TO $36.1M (–$2M), #2 BIG HERO 6 $34.7M, #3 INTERSTELLAR $28.3M, #4 BEYOND THE LIGHTS $6.2M @CinemaScore
Top 5 BO: #1 DUMB AND DUMBER TO $38.1M, #2 BIG HERO 6 $36M, #3 INTERSTELLAR $29.2M, #4 BEYOND LIGHTS $6.5M, #5 GONE GIRL $4.6M @CinemaScore
DUMB AND DUMBER TO wins weekend with outperforming $38.1M, biggest live-action bow for Carrey since BRUCE ALMIGHTY, lousy B- @CinemaScore.
BIG HERO 6 stayed red hot in its sophomore frame with $36M, down just -36%, stateside cume pushes past century mark with $111.7M.
INTERSTELLAR dropped just -39% in its sophomore flight with $29.2M, stateside cume soars to $97.8M.
BEYOND THE LIGHTS had a 60-watt start with $6.5M, stellar A @CinemaScore.
FOXCATCHER began its run to the Oscars with $288,113 from 6 locations, strapping $48,018 per.
BEYOND THE LIGHTS isn't burning too brightly, $2.3M FRI, FC-forecasted $6-7M weekend, strong A @CinemaScore.
DUMB AND DUMBER TO's no joke, huge $14.2M FRI, FC-forecasted $40-42M weekend, should handily beat BIG HERO 6, humorless B- @CinemaScore.
For those getting WHIPLASH today, see J.K. Simmons before he sweeps every Best Supporting race come awards season — astonishing performance.
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Weekend actuals: #1 BIG HERO 6 $56.2M, #2 INTERSTELLAR $47.5M (down -$2.5M), #3 GONE GIRL $6.2M, #4 OUIJA $5.9M, #5 FURY $5.6M @CinemaScore
Top 5 BO: #1 BIG HERO 6 $56.2M, #2 INTERSTELLAR $50M, #3 GONE GIRL $6.1M, #4 OUIJA $6M, #5 ST VINCENT $5.7M @CinemaScore
BIG HERO 6 posted the best animated opening since THE LEGO MOVIE, winning weekend title with impressive $56.2M debut, lofty A @CinemaScore.
INTERSTELLAR's debut wasn't quite as astronomical as anticipated, $50M for 3-day weekend, $5-10M under expectations, decent B+ @CinemaScore.
FC forecast after FRI: #1 BIG HERO 6 $57M #2 INTERSTELLAR $51M, #3 GONE GIRL $6M @CinemaScore
INTERSTELLAR blasted off with $17M FRI, $19.2M since WED, FC-forecasted $49-51M 3-day weekend, acceptable-not-exceptional B+ @CinemaScore.
BIG HERO 6 set for largest animated debut since THE LEGO MOVIE with $15.8M FRI, FC-forecasted $57-60M weekend, exquisite A @CinemaScore.
FC PROJECTOR: #1 INTERSTELLAR $60M↑, #2 BIG HERO 6 $53M↑, #3 GONE GIRL $6.25M, #4 NIGHTCRAWLER $6M, #5 FURY $5.75M @CinemaScore
We have an official weekend champ: OUIJA edged NIGHTCRAWLER $10.7M to $10.4M. @CinemaScore
Top 5 BO: #1 NIGHTCRAWLER $10.9M, #2 OUIJA $10.9M, #3 FURY $9.1M, #4 GONE GIRL $8.8M, #5 BOOK OF LIFE $8.3M @CinemaScore
NIGHTCRAWLER edges OUIJA by $9,000 for weekend win w/$10.9M, lowest-grossing #1 debut since 2012's THE POSSESSION, sketchy B- @CinemaScore.
Clarius' BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP was comatose with bloodcurdling $2M debut, weak $1,047 per, slumbering C+ @CinemaScore.
SAW was massacred in its 10-year return to theaters with $650K, tortuous $315 per.
JOHN WICK dropped a respectable -44% in its second stanza with $8M, 10-day cume $27.6M.
Another strong performance from ST. VINCENT with $7.8M weekend, only aiding Weinstein's soon-to-come Oscar push.
NIGHTCRAWLER records $3.2M FRI, battling OUIJA for title on woefully-weak Halloween weekend, FC-forecasted $9-10M, sleazy B- @CinemaScore.
OUIJA is holding better than most horror flicks thanks to Halloween, $3.5M Friday, FC-estimated $9.5M weekend.
NIGHTCRAWLER captured $515K Thursday night, some $350K less than JOHN WICK banked its first Thursday en route to $14.4M debut. @CinemaScore
BIRDMAN: Technical marvel, Oscar nom-worthy performances from Keaton, Norton and Stone, too dizzyingly-eccentric for mainstream auds, A-
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FC PROJECTOR: #1 NIGHTCRAWLER $12M, #2 OUIJA $9M, #3 JOHN WICK $8M, #4 FURY $7.75M, #5 GONE GIRL $7M @CinemaScore
Weekend actuals: #1 OUIJA $19.9M, #2 JOHN WICK $14.4M, #3 FURY $13.4M, #4 GONE GIRL $11M, #5 BOOK OF LIFE $10M @CinemaScore
OUIJA wins weekend scaring up big $20M on $5M budget for @UniversalPics, horrific C @CinemaScore.
Top 5 films: #1 OUIJA $20M, #2 JOHN WICK $14.2M, #3 FURY $13M, #4 GONE GIRL $11.1M, #5 BOOK OF LIFE $9.8M @CinemaScore
JOHN WICK didn't have the ammo some expected with so-so $14.2M debut, forgettable B @CinemaScore.
BIRDMAN soared in its expansion with $1.4M from just 50 locations, heavenly $28K per.
GONE GIRL had another impressive hold with $11.1M weekend, domestic cume now $124M.
FURY fell -45% in its sophomore campaign with $13M, $46M cume through its first 10 days.
Let the Oscar push begin, Weinstein's ST. VINCENT expands with strong $8M weekend, solid A- @CinemaScore.
FC forecast after FRI: #1 OUIJA $19M, #2 JOHN WICK $14M, #3 FURY $13.5M @CinemaScore
JOHN WICK shot up $5.5M Friday, FC-estimated $14-15M weekend, sluggish B @CinemaScore.
OUIJA conjured up $8.3M Friday, will win weekend with FC-estimated $18-20M, horrifying C @CinemaScore.
FC PROJECTOR: #1 OUIJA $24M (↑), #2 JOHN WICK $17.5M (↓), #3 FURY $15M, #4 BOOK OF LIFE $12M, #5 GONE GIRL $11.5M
Weekend actuals: #1 FURY $23.7M, #2 GONE GIRL $17.5M, #3 BOOK OF LIFE $17M, #4 ALEXANDER BAD DAY $11.5M, #5 BEST OF ME $10M @CinemaScore
Weekend BO: #1 FURY $23.5M, #2 GONE GIRL $17.8M, #3 BOOK OF LIFE $17M, #4 ALEXANDER BAD DAY $12M, #5 BEST OF ME $10.2M @CinemaScore
BIRDMAN soared off with $415K from 4 locations, sky-high $104K per. @CinemaScore
Another animated also-ran, THE BOOK OF LIFE authored a bargain-bin $17M debut, nearly identical bow as THE BOXTROLLS, A- @CinemaScore.
GONE GIRL surged past $100M mark stateside in third weekend with $17.8M.
FURY wins weekend with unspectacular $23.5M debut, GONE GIRL's continued strength siphoning cash, A- @CinemaScore.
A true tearjerker, THE BEST OF ME became the lowest-opening Nicholas Sparks' flick with flaccid $10.2M debut, lovelorn B+ @CinemaScore.