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Kenneth Martin
Transfer rumours '' Zlatan Ibrahimović '' on his way to old trafford :) hehe #MUFC
We could win that match at Crystal palace if you go there with a positive game plan. #MUFC
Here are the team i would play agains Crystal Palace on saturday. #MUFC - Schweinsteiger could replace herrera.
Realy hope louis van gaal will play bit more direct in the next match. #MUFC
Good morning #MUFC - Soon to be matchday - Hope you all have a nice friday.
Sometimes i wonder how many players want to ask for a transfer request next summer! Who want to play football like we do? #MUFC
We all miss attacking football... But its not all fans who dare speak there minds about how things are going or how we play football! #MUFC
Cmon Wayne rooney its time to start your engine started and get you back to scoring way.. #MUFC @WayneRooney Shot more often legend.
Who cares what Angel di maria have to say,the loser dont play for manchester united and thx god for that! #MUFC
Wayne Rooney has LASER shone at his face last night,Maybe they should aim it at lvg and get him to wake up! #MUFC
Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? HELL NO - Is this not why the fans come to old trafford? #MUFC
Maybe its time the man united fans gets red handkerchiefs when we dont attack..... wave wave .... hahahaha #MUFC
Dont have much faith in louis van gaal, after 19 month you would have seen signs of improvement... Dont see any to be honest. #MUFC
What we would like to se is progression and pace & flair in our style of play! Not 70% possession leading to nothing…
Paul scholes quote: There’s a lack of risk and creativity. It seems he doesn’t want players to beat men and score goals . #MUFC
Louis van gaal building a team for the future! But if his name was David Moyes he would have been asked to fuck of by now. #MUFC
Every team who visit old trafford now a days know they can win,Use to very difference! #MUFC
Fans keep talking about us being spoiled,When were the last time we got spoiled? #MUFC
When you play away games i'd go along with playing boring,But playing home you freaking attack and bring fear into the other team. #MUFC
We all blame Wayne rooney for playing like shit,But we dont blame lvg for playing guttless football & spend £200,000m - Still No Progress
Louis van gaal poll: Worldclass Manager : Favorite Good Manager : Retweet #MUFC
When you go to football matches & lose at least you want to have been entertained... #MUFC
Louis van gaal a proven manager in europa,but bloody hell look more burned out than Wayne rooney who gets all the stick! #MUFC
Today the fans will read!! We will bounce back,yea right... One chance missed going to Wembley Stadium. #MUFC
Kills me wayne rooney take all the blame after every match,its louis van gaals system who kills our players. #MUFC
Dont matter who you buy for this philosophy & system,they will fail no matter what,the system kills players. #MUFC
Louis van gaal you can take your 70% possession and shuff it up your asss - Its useless... attack attack... more flair and direct attacking.
Fans pay hard earned money to go watch that utter garbage.... thats realy sad... #MUFC
Its become so clear,its not the players,but this system and philosophy louis van gaal want to play. Time running out. #MUFC
Manchester United 0-0 Middlesbrough (1-3 Penalties) | Louis Van Gaal Post Match Press Conference #MUFC
Good morning #MUFC - Louis van gaal need to wake up and smell the coffe,change this loser philosophy or get the fuck out.
Happy about Pereira starting today - Great to see if the boy play first team football. #MUFC
Hope to see James Wilson start today and Memphis - These two players have to start today. #MUFC
Any chance lvg would rest a few players today ? #MUFC
Good morning #MUFC - Its #matchday - United v Middlesbrough Old Trafford Capital One Cup Wed 28 Oct, 20:00 GMT
Gary Neville Suggested as Jose Mourinho's Chelsea Successor by Richard Keys…? #MUFC
We are #MUFC but yet we play football like a weak team,no flair or movement... just passing the ball for 90min most games!
This song just brought tears to my eyes #MUFC @ManUtd
Sure we were better than man city yesterday,but only cos they came to draw! #MUFC
Dont know what it is,but i get so freaking mad every time i watch louis van gaals Press Conference ! #MUFC
Manchester United 0-0 Manchester City | Louis Van Gaal Post Match Press Conference #mufc
Martial: Wasted Out Wide! | Manchester United 0-0 Manchester City | FANCAM #MUFC
We Don't Have A Leader | Manchester United 0-0 Manchester City | FANCAM #MUFC
City Parked The Bus | Manchester United 0-0 Manchester City | FANCAM #mufc
Good morning #MUFC - Dont know how irealy feel after yesterdays match!
Top strikers in the world go for goal when they have the ball,but it seems our nr1 striker go for passing it! #MUFC

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