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Am I the only one who's kinda disappointed in the resolution of this picture? Hope the fly-by set is much higher.
The SS killers in Trump's America will be classier and swankier than any of the goons who killed for Hitler.
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Heil Donald Donald, Donald Uber Alles Uber alles in der Welt...
How dumb to mistake modern U.S. Soldiers for WWII Wehrmacht. Does no one watch WWII war movies anymore?
Gun of the Day M-28 Davey Crockett tactical nuclear recoilless gun. Because fuck you and everyone around you.
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“No, Brian. We’re not demoting you by sending you to MSNBC. Why would you think that?"
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If only New Horizons could drop off a camera on its way past Pluto.
These new high-res photos of #Pluto are amazing.
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Washington Post Writer Who Blasted @amyschumer 'Racist' Jokes Never Saw Her Perform
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Well, it's not like the first Ghostbusters was Citizen Kane
I've got to wonder if there's video of Trump partying with sex slaves on Epstein Island. Video that Hillary has.
I'd also like to know if Trump partied on Jeffrey Epstein's island. Previous interviews indicate they were friends.
Women less likely than men to travel back in time and kill Hitler…
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Get Ready For Ross Perot 2.0 getting Clinton 2.0 elected…
It took me until my last day in space to get a good picture of these!
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I'm sure if you ask her, #RachelDolezal will tell you she's proud to be born in Kenya. (Yes, that's her.) #AskRachel
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NAACP Leader in Spokane and Professor of Afican Studies at Eastern Washington University. Gingers Have No Souls.
You mean all this time he's been faking his Florida Orangehood? @icouldbeahacker @Artist_Angie @felicianista
News You Can Lose MT @voxdotcom Jack Dorsey's mom doesn't like his beard, so she tweeted about it
Nigerian Barrister Bait

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