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Film Ladd
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*Who* are these a-hole federal agents and why aren't their names and faces plastered everywhere to shame them?
As I recall, John Wayne once punched a screenwriter for writing hokey dialogue for him in a "folksy" dialect. "Don't tell me how I talk!"
Hey @AmericanThinker the language in this article on the Bundy Ranch situation is not cutesy. It's obnoxious.…
Captain Janeway duped into voicing a documentary claiming that we are in a geocentric universe:…
And not a single Mr. Garrison / South Park joke in the entire article.… via @rsmccain
Yes it has Julia Louis-Dreyfus, that's glaring MT @theblaze can you spot glaring mistake on RS's 'Constitution' cover?
Video of our boys overseas reading the original WWII print version of @AceofSpadesHQ
I don't know what that last tweet even meant, but I imagine Ezra Klein and his juiceboxers do jazz hands often.
.@AceofSpadesHQ is slightly better than someone doing jazz hands in your face after they scarfed a bag of Cheetos.
10 years from now kids will think we're old and out of touch for remembering a world without
Retweeted by Film Ladd is to the written word what Meghan McCain is to the written word
Retweeted by Film Ladd
@FilmLadd: So are you @richardquest related to Jonny and his dad Dr. Benton Quest? Not related to that creep. Do a google search on him.
Retweeted by Film Ladd RT @dcexaminer: Byron York: Mike Huckabee looking at 'trend of support' to make 2016 decision
You know if a man ran around with a sign saying his penis had a voice, he'd be arrested ht @GayPatriot @Matthops82
I bet its voice sounds like James Earl Jones as Darth Vader ht @GayPatriot @Matthops82
Collectives always need sacrifices. Worse than Greek pantheists. RT @wormnrifle sacrifice of 81 needed for greater good of collective.
To the moon & beyond! Well no not the moon just low earth orbit via Russian rockets MT @AdamBaldwin Now, this feed is just sad: @NASAhistory
Latter-day Josef Mengeles working for EPA, experimenting on humans so dear Leader can make more freedom-crushing laws…
Any company that hires for reasons other than merit eventually destroys itself. No reason for the government to abridge freedoms to fix.
Florida Woman tries to one-up Florida Man by doing a topless freak-out at a McDonald's.…
You guys need to do something about your site, I'm getting blank pages under the navigation menu half of the time. @DailyCaller
Watch the video - this guy is terrified but says it anyway. That's courage.…
Awful RT @THR: Mickey Rooney's Final Days Marred by Bizarre Family Feud
So this is going well. RT @voxday: UPDATE: Mozilla Firefox use is now down 40 percent at VP. #uninstallfirefox
Harry Potter was cisgender? RT @hboulware: Aaaand I'm done. Cannot top this.