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Didn't they get a cease-fire a few years ago? These cease fires are like Ikea furniture. Always buy two in case one gets broken.
Admiral Akbar says? RT @DRUDGE_REPORT: UPDATE: Obama Tells Bibi USA Will Negotiate Cease Fire...
Wait a minute - this is just filing a resolution. I won't be happy until they actually do it, which I doubt they will…
Flail wildly, TPM. Flail. The walls are closing in on you. It's getting dark.…
Sounds too good to be true RT @AIIAmericanGirI Rep. Stockman: We just filed resolution to have Lois Lerner arrested…
No, and the penalty is death RT @norwegianbrooke: Can you smoke cigars in bars in Boston?
a lesser reporter would have just gone with a single "Bang." That's why @JimWarren55 is in charge.
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"looks like" RT @voxdotcom: It sure looks like Obamacare is driving down the uninsured rate
He deserves an Oscar Participation Trophy RT @AceofSpadesHQ: do you think Obama will win an emmy for his Departed reference? @JimWarren55
Maybe they could study why Slate writers are too stupid to figure out why RT @Slate: It's a stagnant job market for young scientists
Bye Afghanistan RT @WSJPolitics: Breaking: Sec. of State Kerry arrives in Afghanistan to broker an election audit deal. Story coming soon.
Bang RT @AceofSpadesHQ Let me guess, Jim: You're not going to be breaking any Pulitzer winning stories in near future, are you? @JimWarren55
Wherein @daveweigel disavows the "photop" derpalanche he also claims he created but only via virgin ironic birth.…
She's down to her last set of ramen noodles RT @THR: WATCH: Rosie O'Donnell looks ready to return to "The View"
Their customers consist mainly of the ancients RT @DonnaBee511: How does this store stay in business? @Sears
It also applies to @Slate writers RT @Slate: STUDY-- Making yourself look dumb to fit in isn't limited to humans:
LTDHYAOTWO RT @rightwingertoo: Obama Takes Selfie with Students, Says He's 'Tempted' to Go with Them to Peru
"or even the right squash player" MT @JeffElder $6 billion social network with no members and a phony address.…
Hey if I quote Citizen Kane can I be UN Secretary Gen? MT @JohnEkdahl: Journalist excited Obama can quote movie…
His wife is definitely a keeper MT @blitzer850 Star Trek obsessive spends £300,000
Note to self: from now on, fact check authorship of *all* songs you hate and therefore naturally assumed were by Barry Manilow @Nlev81
Lol "This is not theater" MT @markknoller: Obama on marquee at the Paramount Theater in Austin for his speech today.
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Can we get a refund for the dead? RT @mVespa1 VA Overpaying Workers By Millions Of Dollars, Internal Audits Find…
Heh RT @vauxnews: Watch Matt Yglesias scream wildly while trying unsuccessfully to open a vacuum-sealed USB cable.