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Film Ladd
Nobody expects the Ebola inquisition
thanku for not complaining when CDC tried to blame you for catching Ebola do you want a pen or a president golf tee
omg so glad you didn't die omg there's still hope for the senate omg i hate republicans so much
Fear of Ebola makes you do awkward things.
The Ebola Czar still not showing up? No worries, he's just building anticipation for his big entrance in 2nd act.
#MoviePitch A drunk, aging politico is appointed Ebola Czar, and one naive WH intern has to make sure he gets to work
Or, we could bring some some fruits & vegetables to Vaal. MT @AceofSpadesHQ Science COULD save us...
Yayyyy RT @thegarance: NY Ebola patient took the subway night before his fever spiked.…
Wow RT @BecketAdams: Guys, I made charts. "Iowa absentee votes hint at GOP chances”:
Entire extended family about to flock to the voting booth for @WendyDavisTexas !
True story RT @TheAVClub: Goodfellas actor sues Simpsons for allegedly stealing his likeness
Better idea than last year's 404 Al Jolson. MT @daveweigel Drunk Gerard Depardieu for Halloween
Toilet conspiracy to lull us into complacency before invasion RT @AsheSchow: SAYS YOU VOX:
Redistribute their toilets STAT MT @mattyglesias: Homeowners in Boulder, CO are weirdly obsessed with toilets
Sighing, George Soros signs a check to purchase 100,000 boxes of Wheaties. "Ve vill give to OFA volunteerz"
The Breakfast of People Certain Clinton Didn't Have Sex With That Woman RT @HarrietBaldwin: So this actually happened
Because Mars Needs. RT @Slate: The first mission to Mars should be manned with all women
Seriously, Landrieu has GOT to pick up her game if she's going to beat Wendy Davis for dumbest candidate of 2014.
Can make a meme... can't google to see if he's actually in an interracial marriage. @katherinemiller @gabrielmalor
There's that Rand guy claiming to be a "doctor" and stuff...…