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Film Ladd
Journolist Ebola panic everywhere, and the Xanax ain't helping RT @Slate: Why Ebola won't go airborne
Cuomo's smarter than superPOTUS. If NY has even a small outbreak it won't matter how much Vox tries to snark on the panic, he's toast.
Cuomo institutes mandatory quarantine for HC Ebola workers. Every U.S. Governor should do same. CDC still asleep.…
@FilmLadd American Bridge, Media Matters Smear Outfit, Achieves Epic Fail with Despicable Attack on David Perdue…
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It's the Keebler elves. RT @socialism_sucks: Hillary Clinton: Corporations and Businesses Don’t Create Jobs
Nobody expects the Ebola inquisition
Derp Age Leaders RT @Reuters: Obama administration considering quarantining health workers returning from West Africa...
thanku for not complaining when CDC tried to blame you for catching Ebola do you want a pen or a president golf tee
omg so glad you didn't die omg there's still hope for the senate omg i hate republicans so much
Nurse Vinson also now Ebola-free, but she blew the whistle on CDC lies about her breaking protocol, so no superPOTUS photo-op for her.
Don't eat its poop RT @voxdotcom: Solar power is contagious
Fear of Ebola makes you do awkward things.
Smell of journolist fear of Ebola repels sharks RT @voxdotcom: You're more likely to die of a shark attack or bee sting than contract Ebola
Oh geez. Shoulda had a V8. RT @10thAmendment: Errol Louis Warns New Yorkers To Not Eat Ebola-Infected Poop or Mucus:
Hello @nypost: WEINER'S SUGARFUZZ should be your cover tomorrow (drop everything else)
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Straw men watch way too many Woody Allen movies. RT @vermontaigne: Wow, I wish these straw men would stop freaking out about Ebola.
Follow the procession of Cpl. Cirillo's body along the Highway of Heroes, with CityTV's Tammie Sutherland:
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The Ebola Czar still not showing up? No worries, he's just building anticipation for his big entrance in 2nd act.
#MoviePitch A drunk, aging politico is appointed Ebola Czar, and one naive WH intern has to make sure he gets to work
Breaking: Ebola Czar is really Ferris Bueller in disguise
#MoviePitch An Ebola Czar gets paid up front for his Czaring services, skips town for Vegas. Hilarity ensues.
Journolist ebola panic meter level: eleventy RT @voxdotcom NY Ebola patient is a brave and heroic doctor. Stop criticizing his bowling trip
Coma patient endorses Dem Senate candidate.…
The Derp Ages RT @gabrielmalor: WH thought bubble: "Maybe people will like us again if Obama gets a photo with an Ebola nurse."
Dennis Rodman hardest hit MT @Ltfngr: "Delusional North Korea Bans Tourism Over Ebola Fears Despite No Tourists…"
Ask him why the CDC lied about her RT @markknoller: Obama to meet at WH with cured Ebola patient Nina Pham. Stills only photo op at 130pm.
More journalist panicking over Ebola giving the Senate a bad case of the Republicans. RT @Slate: Why Ebola won't go airborne
Tell that to the groundhog! RT @WSJ: "We are fully prepared to handle Ebola": Mayor Bill de Blasio
Spoiler Alert: no crackers in the barrels RT @jswifty250: going to Cracker Barrel later today. so excited.
It's always in the last place you look. RT @DRUDGE_REPORT: Sweden calls off search for submarine...
Nice try, Reuters. RT @ReutersPolitics: Republicans take aim at U.S. Ebola response as fourth case emerges
Interesting: since superPOTUS said it's not airborne, CIDRAP has to put all these disclaimers up front.…
The precautionary principle compels the use of respiratory protection for a pathogen like Ebola virus…
Purge all teh tingz including hobbies where a woman "nudes up" to fight.…
Good. RT @robg_here: David Cameron refuses to pay 'completely unacceptable' £1.7bn EU bill…
Do I have to? >grumble< RT @blastedsilver Is Greg Abbott Exploiting His Handicap? Listen To @WendyDavisTexas' Answer:…
Yet more journolist panic over Ebola, with a nautical flair.…
Hahahaha RT @voxdotcom: Six reasons Elizabeth Warren should run for president
"Republicans could overplay their hand." - NBC political analyst on latest Ebola case. Now you know it's bad for Dems.
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More journolist panic over Ebola's effects on the Senate.…
"Don't panic over this silly Ebola thingie, we can still keep the Senate in November!" @daveweigel
Loot Rite Aid? The only Ebola hysterics I'm seeing are from journos over the effects the story has on November. @daveweigel
When journos say "don't panic about Ebola" they really mean "Don't hurt our team's chances in November."…
With what? Lysol? RT @miscRaymer: dude, they spray those down.
Oh, ok MT @miscRaymer dude, they spray those down.
Did he own his own bowling ball and shoes, or did he rent?
NYC Media last week: LOL, look at the flyover peckerwoods freaking out. NYC Media now: BRING OUT YOUR DEAD.
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