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Film Ladd
Obama with his latest comments seems to want to be sure Dems lose the Senate. Totally baffling.
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This guy must really hate Democrats to talk about them this way.
Paging @KurtSchlichter : Hasbro president talks ‘#MyLittlePony' movie, expanding the brands
What is Mark Uterus' position on Davis' dildos? Ahahahaha MT @BertDifig1 asked Udall about his position
If I bust a gut from laughing can I send a bill to the Davis campaign? So many jokes so little time.…
Sighing, George Soros signs a check to purchase 100,000 boxes of Wheaties. "Ve vill give to OFA volunteerz"
The Breakfast of People Certain Clinton Didn't Have Sex With That Woman RT @HarrietBaldwin: So this actually happened
Welcome to the Derp Ages: Obama reiterates you can't catch Ebola on a bus day after bus quarantined.…
Whups… RT @waff48: AL House Speaker Mike Hubbard indicted on 23 felony ethics violations
Is that what you're calling Algore? RT @daveweigel: The ongoing @samfbiddle coverage of #gamergate is why Jesus invented the Internet.
I guess that makes three people who've heard of Lysistrata.
Davis campaign's internal polster: "Are you a likely voter, and have you read Lysistrata by Aristophanes?"
Can you imagine being an internal pollster for Davis Campaign? "On a scale of 1-10, how much does your dildo affect how you vote?"
Never imagined I'd live to see the day when a candidate for TX Governor would accuse opposition of being an anti-dildoite.
"We're getting our asses kicked. How do we make this race competitive in the final two weeks? OOOOOOOH Dildos!" - Wendy Davis's Team.
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Thanks! No idea he'd married a Nazi collaborator. That's kinda creepy. RT @MarcoIsAwake: New J.D. Salinger in 2015…
That's right, Media. Wendy Davis's closing argument is dildos and an interracial marriage ban that doesn't exist. Think about that.
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So soon? What's the rush? MT @markknoller "Czar" Ron Klain begins job Wed.
Yikes RT @AIIAmericanGirI: Mother in Coma Heard Everything, Was Scared They'd Turn Off Her Life Support…
Whole thing appears to be faked, Howie. RT @HowardKurtz: So excited that Monica Lewinsky is on Twitter. Fills a huge void, no?
Because Mars Needs. RT @Slate: The first mission to Mars should be manned with all women
Ah okay, Tweetdeck was rolling out a new version today, that must be it.
Hurhm. Tweetdeck not working.
Hey what can I use in lieu of Twitpic to post images to twitter from a browser, since Twitpic is closing down?
If they own them, sure. RT @TheAtlantic: Should the homeless move into Baltimore's 16,000 abandoned houses?
We need to get the @GregAbbott_TX campaign on the record about whether or not @WendyDavisTexas is a programmed robot doing their bidding.
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We need koolaid in ward three, STAT…
If only someone had the time to tweet to each person falling for this lie to let them know who Abbott is married to.…
Don't think so small. It's either President of Earth or go home. RT @allahpundit: It’s time for a “Draft Wendy for Senate” campaign
Pentagon as Mary Poppins RT @LauraWalkerKC: Pentagon is sugarcoating situation in Iraq - Hot Air…
She refuses to answer! Must be true! RT @BenHowe: Hey @WendyDavisTexas, do you support legalizing pedophilia?
Should cut Iran out of Congress deal RT @AIIAmericanGirI: Obama reportedly wants to cut Congress out of Iran deal…
Looking forward to Wendy Davis supporters arguing that Greg Abbott's marriage isn't interracial, because they're both Republicans.
Sad? It's hilarious, man. Unless you're Wendy Davis. Then not so much. RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: The sad end of the Wendy Davis campaign.
#WendyDavisWontSay if she ever googled "Greg Abbott wife" before releasing her latest attack ad. But we know she didn't anyway.
.@AnnaZ I don't know what I will do after the election is over and the stand-up comedy of Wendy Davis is put on indefinite hiatus
Maybe they should force Wendy Davis to take a breathalyzer test before releasing an ad, like they did before letting her see her kids.
Go home, Wendy. You're drunk.
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"Greg Abbott refuses to say if he would defend an anti-cripple ban!" #WendyDavisNextAd
Seriously, Landrieu has GOT to pick up her game if she's going to beat Wendy Davis for dumbest candidate of 2014.
Can make a meme... can't google to see if he's actually in an interracial marriage. @katherinemiller @gabrielmalor
Davis beats Landrieu in dumb contest today. Accuses man in interracial marriage of being anti-interracial marriage.…
Laws are only as good as the violence the State uses to enforce it. Don't push a law unless you're ok w/violence being used to back it.
Eh, you know what? Goodbye. @Sololobo1
"I imagine that there is a protocol that HC workers are supposed to self-quarantine after working on a diseased patient, therefore it is"
Turning the safety off on my block button.
It's magic RT @fwoodbridge: Those people who think it possible to effectively control human behavior by writing words on paper.
Unfortunately, demonstrating to people on teh Intenetz that what they're thinking & saying is stupid does not pay very well.