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I do miss my college days when life was simpler for me in terms of job prospects in TV (less complicated entry vs now).Can someone help me?
Watching Family Guy on my mac.At least it's one of the few things that make me happy.Just wish employers would adapt to autism already
The surprising way your name affects your life — by @TheAtlantic
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I really want to be able to have a self driving car as the difficulty on UK roads puts me off driving in general.… Self driving cars could come to the UK next year
Does anyone on here know of a guide that can teach me how to start a diplomatic diaogue?Since I'm rusty on this now since last time I did it
If any newspapers/members of the media are interested,can you please cover @Seaofchangefilm great world changing campaign? 🎥😀🌍
New article My adventures: New security measures at airports…
A big new structured reality show is hunting 4 amazing people 2 take part. #beontv #Asian #audition
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"Because that's what kindness is. It's not doing something for someone else because they can't, but because you can." ~Andrew Iskander
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Interesting for LGBT, BAME or documentary filmmakers with a disability: Creative Skillset launches Diversity Fund
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Gino D’Acampo #letsdolunch With Gino and Mel recipes posted every day.Get cooking inspiration and ideas from
"Offended? Five Reasons to Get Over It"… I think diplomacy should be taught everywhere in the education systems/life
Wondering how to network on twitter as it'd be nice to do so outside of LinkedIn (a site I can never understand how to use-too complex)
Gino D’Acampo #letsdolunch With Gino and Mel recipes posted every day. Get cooking inspiration and ideas from chef.
I love the sun when its out as it makes things look so nice outside (not too bright/hot though).Easier to make films/shoot photos I think :)
Gino D’Acampo #letsdolunch With Gino and Mel recipes posted every day. Get cooking inspiration and ideas from chef.
Gino D’Acampo #letsdolunch With Gino and Mel recipes posted every day. Get cooking inspiration and ideas from chef.
Have you always looked for a better way to promote yourself on twitter?Then make use of my promotion service
Gino D’Acampo #letsdolunch With Gino and Mel recipes posted every day. Get cooking inspiration and ideas from
Get 100GB of free SurDoc cloud storage for 1 year plus 10GB extra if you sign up within one week #Surdoc
NVM looks like I found a way to convert LinkedIn profiles into actual CVs.See If you like it,RT/Fav/follow me
Looking at my current CV on my mac made me realise that I don't have a website setup to show my work.I wish I understood how to make one :/
Just wondering.Does anyone know of a tool that can let me convert my Linkedin page to an actual CV since I can't remember the formatting?
With research showing that young people are turning away from #STEM careers, it's time to dispel some common myths…
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#randomthought I wonder what life would be like if I had a million followers on here or anywhere online really.Just wondering :)
Motivate your followers and retweet! This hedgehog knows you can win!
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Wondering if signing up to Facebook is worth my time since I seem ok with twitter to boost my online fame
"No society can flourish unless members of that society are endowed with the opportunities and privileges of freedom."
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@elimin8prejudic Yes, understanding, not hate, make us healthier and happier.
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It's time we all grew up and ditched the princess fantasy thing | Myf Warhurst I think it's time we are more mature
Police force spends £25m on switch to technology-led crime-fighting via @guardian
Why naming and shaming would help improve workforce diversity via @guardian
Check out what I found. Auction Twitter Promotion service via @eBay_UK
My adventures: Challenge:How can you pack for a 3 day trip to Eur...…
This is affecting a lot of people from normal backgrounds into the job market like me who don't have networks yet…
PhotoIreland Festival 2014 -
I've decided that I want to move on with a few things now since I want to get better at stuff and stronger as a man too.
Graduate with market-stall patter wins top job by holding a sign outside Tube station…
Here's a tip for all #UniteBlue members,to beat right wing types just use this to beat them all… it :)
Wondering how to join #UniteBlue since I was given the recommendation that I should.Tips anyone?
Thinking about strategies for future campaigning work as I'll encounter more difficult people and need a plan to neutralise them all.
Just discovered this interesting guide on how to challenge right wing types in… RT to beat them all 😀👍🌍🎉
Some thoughts on the impact our profile images can have. Do you need to lighten up?…
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Have you considered how your profile image is perceived? If not then this might be of interest… #jobsearch
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