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Also while I'm on the subject about my iPhone does anyone know where I can find a good case for it?
Something tells me that I'll face this issue with my life on camera film as it'll take be about 2 years to finish…
Indiefilm-catering is the ultimate challenge for any actors... #indiefilmmaker #filmmaking #moviemagic #actorslife
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Submit films to @Gronnskjerm by 7th of Aug and showcase your moviemagic in NORWAY 😎#filmmakerr#indiefilmmakerr#freeeG
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Which is what I wish the UK govt would implement a lot sooner as I don't want my postal vote rejected again…
Just got my iPhone 6 plus this morning and I'm wondering if anyone knows how to transfer text messages from Android smartphones to iPhone?
Newly Discovered Winged Dinosaur Proves 'Jurassic World' Wrong -
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'Unelectable'? 9 charts showing the Jeremy Corbyn policies that the public actually agree with
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I've got to admit that I like coca colas recent adverts because of the music and the composition of it too☺
Watching Ross Kemps extreme world and it's shocking to see so much segregation between white and African American neighbourhoods here
The documentary series should be shown in all schools to teach the true history of the British empire #BritainsForgottenSlaveOwners
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Our vision is of an economy that works for all, provides opportunity for all and invests in all. #jeremy4leader
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You're welcome anytime.Have a nice day ☺…
Now if only @downingstreet would also commit to higher standards for addressing climate change much sooner…
"Jealousy of the perceived 'perks' of disability, such as the adapted car, seemed to be a motivating factor"…
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What this govt is doing is short of starving people deliberately with their war on the less well off.…
A #shoutout for @king_cucth01 as I want to support more people with building up a great following.Have a nice day😀
A Magna Carta for learning disabled people | openDemocracy…
Sometimes I think the the best way to condense a long tweet or a good point,is to make a cartoon about it instead to voice your views😀📰👍
I wish I knew how to draw a decent political comic strip.I have the concept but could do with an artist to help me make that a reality.
"Our welfare state was established to help people, not to trip them up" - @jeremycorbyn on sanctions #jeremy4leader
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I'm hoping tonight's obsessive compulsive cleaners will be a good show
I think the Ashley Madison website hack would force a reset on how people will relate to others.Take away the secrecy and get transparency
It seems a lot of people are understandably annoyed with their details being hacked on Ashley Madison but privacy isn't guaranteed online
When you believe in yourself the best things can happen to you 😀
Do all the good you can, to as many people as you can, as often as you can.
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Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already. #quote
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Pack Of 5 O2 Nano Sim Cards Big Talker Tariff (UK) USD 1.54… #eBay #eBayGB via @Film2240
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A great multipack offer for people with more up to date smartphones who still want a great deal.…
A great promotional service that also helps get great film projects made……
That's great.Now we need to show other people that this deal is a way forward for us all. @SusanDanzig219 @wuerker
Just voted against Tory Welfare Bill. Sorry for colleagues who knew it was wrong but abstained. We weren't sent to Parliament to abstain.
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If any Labour MP abstains instead of opposing this bill,Labour's lost all credibility even if Jeremy becomes leader…
Seriously this is news? I say good riddence to unfaithful partners in relationships…
CNN: With Hemingway there in spirit, Cuba prepares to open its embassy
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Austerity overdrive: Osborne’s £18bn assault on welfare state — RT UK…
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This is important advice for guys.I call on all guys to look out for their friends when having a great night out☺…
UK Gov has changed rules on voter registration. Register to vote by the 31st December here -… don't lose your vote!
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#TTIP will see the end of public services and the insurance driven private health service.You will see an accountant
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John Whittingdale: BBC could be part-funded by subscriptions in future
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MPs to vote on govt welfare bill 2day We urge: don’t push more children into poverty
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It feels good to help people on here☺
The sooner he becomes the voice of conservatism,the sooner conservatism will collapse worldwide due to less appeal…

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