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Exquisite Thoughts
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Offer me something that I can't find in myself
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I don't give a fuck about your opinion I don't post shit for your feedback
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Niggas want bitches to look like Beyoncé but think we going to accept them looking like jay z 😭😂
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Don't open up to no one they don't give a fuck
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Niggas so backwards ... Just punish women for loving them I don't get it
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The most cold hearted used to be the biggest lovers
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Call that bitch sample bitches love giving out shit for free
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Any nigga with $5,000 is cute to y'all hoes
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Make ur man dinner and sit on the table naked legs open plate in the middle & tease him and make him finish his dinner before he can touch
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There is a big difference between people who are smart and people who get good grades.
We live in a time where the phones get smarter and thinner, while the people get dumber and fatter.
Every morning I look forward to coming home and sleeping. And then i end up staying up late as fuck anyway. #life #truth
When people come over, and your mom suddenly becomes the nicest woman in the world.
Porn sites should end with ".cum"
For every male action, there is a female overreaction.
My eating schedule: Breakfast Snack Brunch Snack Lunch Snack Snack Pre dinner Dinner Snack Dessert Snack Midnight snack Repeat
How I talk: 25% swearing, 25% sarcasm 50% a combination of both.
K.Seize - Diamond In The Rough [Official Music Video]: via @YouTube
The more you check the time, the less time you have
My level of sarcasm is to a point where I don’t even know if I’m kidding or not.
I remember my first day on Twitter. I was like O_o , ” WTF is this shit?!
Life is so much more fun when you have a dirty mind.