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Exquisite Thoughts
That awkward moment when you forget twitter exists
I hate when im ignoring someone but they dont text me or anything so they dont even know that i’m ignoring them...
I really don't care about the party. I only came for free food and the free booze.
I want to meet the teenage versions of my parents.
I hate when I put food in the microwave & it starts making explosive noises so I check and it's cold like why you gotta play me like that.
I sing too much for someone who cant sing
when u take off ur iphone case and it feels like ur holding a newborn
1992: Dracula used to drink virgin girls blood. 2014: He died of thirst.
Even if I had a million reasons to leave, I would still look for one to stay.
Don't give up on what you believe in. Because quitting never accomplishes anything but wasted time.
Be crazy. Be stupid. Be silly. Be weird. Be whatever. Because life is too short to be anything but happy.
RT if you hate stupid people who dont know the difference between your and you're
Sometimes I wonder how many miles I have scrolled with my mouse wheel.
I text back embarrassingly fast or three hours later there is no in between
Me + You + Loyalty + Trust - Hoes - Exes + Honesty - Outside opinions + Communication = Something Real.
I literally say fuck so often I’m starting to think we need a new word that’s more offensive than fuck.
Before you judge someone... make sure you're perfect.
Can we just take a minute to appreciate the internet.
Finding Nemo....Finding Dory....Its Real, #2016 RT if you are seeing that lol
RT if you had a Happy Easter and if you are thankful to be #blessed.
Fi yuo cna raed tihs whit no porlbem, yuo aer smrat. Rtewete fi yuo aer smrat and raed taht croretcly.
Offer me something that I can't find in myself
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I don't give a fuck about your opinion I don't post shit for your feedback
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Niggas want bitches to look like Beyoncé but think we going to accept them looking like jay z 😭😂
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Don't open up to no one they don't give a fuck
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Niggas so backwards ... Just punish women for loving them I don't get it
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The most cold hearted used to be the biggest lovers
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Call that bitch sample bitches love giving out shit for free
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Any nigga with $5,000 is cute to y'all hoes
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Make ur man dinner and sit on the table naked legs open plate in the middle & tease him and make him finish his dinner before he can touch
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There is a big difference between people who are smart and people who get good grades.
We live in a time where the phones get smarter and thinner, while the people get dumber and fatter.
Every morning I look forward to coming home and sleeping. And then i end up staying up late as fuck anyway. #life #truth
When people come over, and your mom suddenly becomes the nicest woman in the world.
Porn sites should end with ".cum"
For every male action, there is a female overreaction.
My eating schedule: Breakfast Snack Brunch Snack Lunch Snack Snack Pre dinner Dinner Snack Dessert Snack Midnight snack Repeat
How I talk: 25% swearing, 25% sarcasm 50% a combination of both.
K.Seize - Diamond In The Rough [Official Music Video]: via @YouTube
The more you check the time, the less time you have
My level of sarcasm is to a point where I don’t even know if I’m kidding or not.