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FGL was a proud sponsor & participant Sat. in the @American_Heart Association's Iowa Heart Walk. Congrats to all!
Even though you may be looking forward to it, actually #retiring can be a serious adjustment! #ownyourfuture
Father’s Day is just around the corner! Some good gift ideas without breaking the bank. #ownyourfuture
Bill Gates credits a lot of his #entrepreneurial success to reading. Here are his top 7 summer reads. #ownyourfuture
Did you know the majority of eldercare is provided by family members? 75% of Americans with aging parents provide it
Do you get stressed about work? Here’s how super successful people handle it. #ownyourfuture
Do you want to stay active in #retirement? Those age 55 to 64 started 25% of the new businesses in the last year.
Does everyone dream about traveling in #retirement? #ownyourfuture
Some expert advice? Find a #financialplanner to help you find a mix of #retirement vehicles that you’re comfortable.
Do you get stressed about work? Here’s how super successful people handle it. #ownyourfuture
Are you just starting to think about saving for #retirement? Which account do you plan to open first? #ownyourfuture
Housing is still one of the biggest expenses in #retirement… some hints on how to make it all work. #ownyourfuture
Some dos and don’ts for #retirement. One “do?” Double check your #lifeinsurance coverage. #ownyourfuture
So, you’re a Baby Boomer who will soon be #retiring… but you still want to keep busy. Some fun part-time jobs.
An important thing for retirement is taking the money you’ve saved & turning it into an income stream #ownyourfuture
Try not to make one of these five major #retirement mistakes! #ownyourfuture
Do you want to live a long and healthy life in #retirement? Some hints to get you there. #ownyourfuture
1 thing you should do before you turn 40? Look at your #lifeinsurance policy, you may need to update your coverage.
Don’t worry if you’re over 40 with no #retirement savings… there are ways to play catch up! #ownyourfuture
Are you looking to #retire to the mountains? This Panamanian city may be an option! #ownyourfuture
One financial blunder a lot of Baby Boomers make? Not saving enough for #retirement. #ownyourfuture
Some great calculators to help determine the amount of money you’ll need to #retire comfortably. #ownyourfuture
Most financial experts advise us to delay filing for #socialsecurity, but sometimes it may make sense.
It’s an exciting transition to #retirement, but can be a little stressful for reasons you wouldn’t think about!
Are you lucky enough to be in the home stretch to #retirement? 5 things to do if you're almost there #ownyourfuture
One key financial decision when you decide to have kids. Make sure you have enough #lifeinsurance. #ownyourfuture
Is your goal to retire in your 40’s? Some ways to get there. #ownyourfuture
Millions of Americans care for a loved one with #Alzheimer’s or #Dementia. Some #financial talks to have.
Do you need to improve your finances for #retirement? 4 great ways to get there. #ownyourfuture
Stressed about your finances? According to a recent report, you’re not alone! 7 tips to reduce #financial stress.
David Letterman has been on the air for 33 are some things we can all learn from his #retirement plan.
No one wants to think about aging but it’s important for parents to discuss their final wishes with their children.
Are you close to retirement age? Even if you haven’t saved enough yet, there are still ways to make it happen.
The kids are out of the house so you think you’ll have more money… 3 money mistakes empty nesters make.
Are you looking for greater financial security? 10 ways to make it happen. #ownyourfuture
We could probably all use a little more cash to spend this summer! 6 smart budget moves to make before it gets here.
What’s the biggest concern for those 55 and over? Wondering if they’ll have enough money saved for #retirement.
Here are six steps for getting back on track if you're 40 or older with no #retirement savings. #ownyourfuture
One of the things that boomers can do to help with #retirement? Get professional financial help. #ownyourfuture
We should all think about a family account. It's resource that has key information & contains all your wishes.
There are ways to save more for #retirement, without actually saving more money! #ownyourfuture
Do you want to work when you #retire? A recent study showed 72% of people do! #ownyourfuture
Do you wish you could have a financial “do-over?” Some tips on how to start over financially. #ownyourfuture
One valuable lesson from your grandparents? Think about #retirement even when you’re in your 20's. #ownyourfuture
Are you caring for an aging loved one? Some money tips for family caregivers. #ownyourfuture
Are you interested in a product that creates a guaranteed income stream for #retirement? How about a #fixedannuity?
It is possible to save for both #retirement and college. Some tips that might help out! #ownyourfuture

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