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This sounds good, don’t you think? Nine ways to be a millionaire in #retirement. #ownyourfuture
10 most affordable states to buy a home in the US. A lot more house for your money in GA, MO & TN to name a few!
Do you need more for #retirement? Here are some great tips on how to save over $200 a month. #ownyourfuture
Some questions to ask yourself to find out if you need #lifeinsurance and how much! #ownyourfuture
11 money steps to take before your 40th birthday. #ownyourfuture
69% of those surveyed said they’re seriously considering drafting a will, but just 34% actually have. #ownyourfuture
Here are four ways to take #retirement planning into your own hands! #ownyourfuture
Recent research discovered retiring is associated with a marked increase in happiness and improved health.
7 financial lessons from buffet… Jimmy Buffet! #ownyourfuture
If you’re in your 40s or 50s, a #retirement plan will show you whether you’re on track. #ownyourfuture
We’re probably all guilty of spending too much on these “extras”… 10 money leaks you might be overlooking.
Experts say it’s all about balance! You shouldn’t have to choose between paying off debt and saving for #retirement
We found a winning hand for search on our new website with @swiftype thanks, extended team!
The top 6 signs you’re not ready to retire… yet. #ownyourfuture
Some good #financial tips we should all think about doing before the year is over! #ownyourfuture
If you want to stay healthy in #retirement, you may want to consider one of these cities. Some are surprising!
Even if you don’t feel you have enough #retirement savings, there are ways you can play “catch up.” #ownyourfuture
If you’re around 50, it may be time to start making some financial decisions. Apparently, it’s the peak age!
Are you a #babyboomer whose older children have “boomeranged” home? It may affect your #retirement savings.
If you have #retirement in your sights, you may want to try of few of these strategies to for a smoother transition…
Have you started saving for #retirement? Some hints on ways to help make your money last a lifetime. #ownyourfuture
It’s now officially football season! Here are the top 10 #retirement cities for football fans. #ownyourfuture
Most of us can’t wait to #retire – but, you may want to try these 7 things before you do! #ownyourfuture
Are you ready to #retire? Ask yourself these three questions to find out! #ownyourfuture
Are you close to #retirement, but still want to work? You may want to consider one of these jobs. @RetirementRsrch
According to the experts for a financially secure #retirement, “preparation and planning are the keys to success.”
1 important piece of financial advice from the experts – start saving for #retirement even if you’re in your 20's!
7 assumptions about retirement. True or false: Social Security will pay the bills. #ownyourfuture
A study showed 24% of women make the daily household financial decisions & 19% make the long-term #retirement ones.
Would you like to #retire early? Here’s how these three people made it work for them. #ownyourfuture
Experts advise you to review your #insurance policies annually to make sure you’re getting the best deals possible.
The 9/11 tribute center. Hard to believe it’s been 14 years. #ownyourfuture
The top 10 states to #retire based on factors like affordability and low crime rates. Where did your state rank?
Are you in or near #retirement and looking for something interesting to do? 6 tips for going back to school.
September is #LifeInsurance Awareness month… it’s a great time to review your coverage to make sure you have enough.
The new normal for #retirement is not retiring at 65, but changing course. Many are are becoming entrepreneurs!
If you’re traveling, there’s a little good news. Gas prices are the lowest they’ve been on Labor Day for 11 years!
Do you plan to downsize in #retirement? Here are some interesting ways these couples did just that. #ownyourfuture
A recent survey showed 49% of people said they didn’t own #lifeinsurance because they thought it was too expensive.
Do you think you’re saving enough for #retirement? Check out this online retirement savings calculator to find out!
It’s hard to believe there are only a few months left of 2015. The top 20 #money moves to make before 2015 is over.
Recent @LIMRA research found that 1 in 5 consumers bought #lifeinsurance to help pay for college. #ownyourfuture
Do you want a guaranteed income stream in #retirement? #Annuities may be worth a look! #ownyourfuture
Have you started saving for retirement? A good rule of thumb is to save between 10 - 15% of your gross salary.
One way to improve your post r#etirement finances - moving to a new home that costs less than your current house.
It looks like a growing trend is retirees moving to urban areas not suburban #retirement communities #ownyourfuture
Are you thinking about #retirement? If you are, experts say it’s a great time to speak to a #financial #advisor.
A recent study showed that only 51% of single people have started a #retirement savings account. #ownyourfuture
The stock market has slumped but we're still doing ok. Hiring/home values are up. Gas prices/mortgage rates are down

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