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As part of a balanced #retirement plan #FIAs can offer an opportunity for a steady, guaranteed lifetime income.
Tips on how to bust some #retirement myths that we could all use! #ownyourfuture
Have you completed the #icebucketchallenge? @alsassociation said it's raised $15.6M because of it. #ownyourfuture
Food for thought… saving for #retirement may not be as difficult as we all think! #ownyourfuture
How to ramp up retirement savings before the end of the year. #ownyourfuture
This is definitely a unique way to #retire! Living on a boat and having a vagabond lifestyle.
Annuities may be a great way to fund your retirement. #ownyourfuture
#Entrepreneurs don’t always have to work 16-hour days. The secret? Delegation. #ownyourfuture
Do you plan to work in #retirement or are you going to kick back and relax? #ownyourfuture
After diligently saving for #retirement, who wants to give it away in taxes? @ownyourfuture
49% of people said that they would purchase an #annuity to secure a steady source of monthly income for r#etirement.
Some simple steps you can take to make sure that you’ll have enough money in #retirement. #ownyourfuture
50% of those surveyed said they would use #annuities to establish an income stream in retirement. #ownyourfuture
How to talk to parents about aging? Listen or download our eBook at
Are you lucky enough to live in one of these friendly cities #ownyourfuture
Some hints on what to look for in a #lifeinsurance policy. We all should have at least some! #ownyourfuture
You can cut out certain expenses after you #retire, giving you more money to enjoy yourself the way you want to!
More than 36% of investors have an #annuity in their #retirement portfolio. #ownyourfuture
An large number of #babyboomers are taking care of their aging parents as well as taking care of their own children.
If you need a little inspiration here are five must-read books that show what #entrepreneurial success really takes.
Great advice! Make sure you can enjoy the #etirement you’ve worked so hard for. #ownyourfuture
Here are some #retirement toolkits that we should all take advantage of! #ownyourfuture
Some FGL staff gathered to talk about how to help women with their #retirement. Have a listen
#FIAs are worth a look! They have a simple rate of return with tax deferral plus the safety of guaranteed principal.
#lifeinsurance can be purchased for more than just the death benefit. #ownyourfuture
Don’t be a part of this statistic! There’s still time to start saving for #retirement. #ownyourfuture
One FGL employee based in Baltimore has her name in lights as The Baker’s Wife. Check it out!
FGL's home office state of Iowa made the top 10 list of best states for #retirement! @DesMoinesMetro @Downtown50309
FGL @GreatDayDM discussing our ebook on aging parents download or watch
Some interesting choices on where to spend your golden years. FGL has an office in one city! #ownyourfuture
If you have grown children moving back home, you may need to re-evaluate your #lifeinsurance needs. #ownyourfuture
To have the retirement of your dreams try to avoid these 5 #retirement mistakes #ownyourfuture
Our #Annuity #iPad app is so easy to use, even a child can do it. Download "FGL Pathfinder"
A good visit to the FGL headquarters in Des Moines, IA. Plus, our SVP Paul Tyler had a "Great Day" with @GreatDayDM
Do you think it’s possible to build your own #annuity? #ownyourfuture
A survey found that 33% of women gave themselves an “A” for managing money & 29% a top grade for managing debt.
Statistics show that those that have a #financialplan may have significantly more money for #retirement.
We all hope that we’ll never need #lifeinsurance… but it’ll give you and your family peace of mind to have it.
When you’re in your 20’s you’re typically not thinking about your #retirement. There are many advantages if you do!
#Annuities may be one of the most flexible products available that can help clients meet their financial objectives.
There are 3 retirement steps to be taken at every age. They may help maximize your retirement income #ownyourfuture
Probably don't want to see your #lifeinsurance or #annuity agent this much! #iPad apps help!
Women seem to have a lot of the same money concerns. Here are some ways they can take control of their #retirement.
If you’re married it’s more important than ever to know when & how to start claiming #socialsecurity #ownyourfuture
Questions every #babyboomer needs to ask their financial advisor about #retirement. #ownyourfuture
Have you ever thought about #retiring overseas? 9 affordable places. #ownyourfuture