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It looks like a growing trend is retirees moving to urban areas not suburban #retirement communities #ownyourfuture
Are you thinking about #retirement? If you are, experts say it’s a great time to speak to a #financial #advisor.
A recent study showed that only 51% of single people have started a #retirement savings account. #ownyourfuture
The stock market has slumped but we're still doing ok. Hiring/home values are up. Gas prices/mortgage rates are down
10 money moves to make before age 30. #ownyourfuture
Everyone should think about buying #lifeinsurance… especially if you own your own company. #ownyourfuture
According to the experts, the sooner you start saving for #retirement the easier it will be to build your nest egg.
Are you thinking about going to a #financial #advisor? Here are 6 reasons why it may be a good idea. #ownyourfuture
Are you concerned about the environment and hope to retire “green?” You may want to check out these communities.
Looks like sales of fixed indexed universal life are on the rise… what are the pros and cons? #ownyourfuture
Enjoying some great presentations at #LLSMC in beautiful San Francisco!
If you’re confused about the different types of #lifeinsurance policies, here are some facts that may help.
Good news! According to a recent report by @IRIonline sales of FIAs reached $11.6 billion in the 1st quarter of 2015
Mid-summer is a great time to check up on your finances and get on track for the rest of the year. #ownyourfuture
If you retired early, you may find these tips on managing your money in early retirement useful. #ownyourfuture
5 Little Things You Could Be Doing to Save Money. They may be worth a try! #ownyourfuture
Are you hoping to leave your children money? Here are 3 reasons to leave your kids #lifeinsurance rather than money.
Are you thinking about retiring or buying a second home overseas? You may want to look at the exchange rates.
Thanks @FirstLifeInsure Glad you liked it!
We all strive to be financially comfortable in life… but teenage millionaires? Can you imagine? #ownyourfuture
Take this fun quiz to find our how financially savvy you are! #ownyourfuture
Looks like #IUL #insurance is becoming more popular. A survey showed sales rose 45% during the first 3 qtrs of 2014.
It’s not all about accumulating money for #retirement… there are also other ways to prepare! #ownyourfuture
Have you ever considered purchasing an #annuity? They’re gaining in popularity. #ownyourfuture
One key way to reduce pre-retirement stress? Simply re-run your #retirement “numbers” to make sure they’re on target
Experts advise to review the beneficiaries on your policies annually or some of these “blunders” may happen!
44% of people surveyed say their current lifestyle spending prevents them from saving for #retirement #ownyourfuture
#lifeinsurance isn’t as expensive as most people think! Some places to find the money to buy a policy #ownyourfuture
Have you ever heard of Alamos, Mexico? It seems to be a good #retirement spot, especially for single women retirees.
Have you started to prepare for #retirement? A guide for how to start at any age. #ownyourfuture
Nearing #retirement? Experts advise us to find our passion. If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?
FIA sales continue to rise. @LIMRA report showed that FIAs had more than a 50% market share for all annuity sales.
Hard to believe that the 2015 school year is close & back to school shopping has begun.Some ways to help you save
A good #retirement strategy: ‘When you get a raise or a bonus add a little bit more to your retirement fund.’
1 thing experts advise if you’re changing careers into a lower paying job – don’t ever stop saving for #retirement!
Even though it may be most people’s dream to #retire early, there are some good reasons not to. #ownyourfuture
Experts say there’s no right or wrong way to blend your family finances, but it’s a crucial conversation to have.
Everyone’s trying to save a little money… here are some good, last minute summer getaway ideas! #ownyourfuture
5 money lessons to learn before marriage. #ownyourfuture
Recent research showed Americans focus more on building emergency funds vs. saving for retirement. #ownyourfuture
You’d think #babyboomers would be worried about #retirement. Turns out it's really Gen Xers. #ownyourfuture
Wouldn’t you like to be one of these? A millionaire before turning 30. #ownyourfuture
Are you close to #retirement, but still want to be a part-time worker? Some things to consider. #ownyourfuture
Millennials can help boost their #retirement funds by just saving just $20-$50 a month starting in their early 20s.
5 important money lessons to learn before marriage…#ownyourfuture
Some #retirement spots that may surprise you – Idaho or Minnesota anyone? #ownyourfuture
Do you think #socialsecurity will be around when you retire? According to a recent survey, Gen X & Gen Y don’t.
We could all use a little mid-year financial checkup…a guide to managing your money. #ownyourfuture
Do you have a comprehensive overview of your #retirement funds & how you'll manage them when you actually do retire?

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