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As part of a balanced #retirement plan #FIAs can offer an opportunity for a steady, guaranteed lifetime income.
Tips on how to bust some #retirement myths that we could all use! #ownyourfuture
Have you completed the #icebucketchallenge? @alsassociation said it's raised $15.6M because of it. #ownyourfuture
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How to ramp up retirement savings before the end of the year. #ownyourfuture
This is definitely a unique way to #retire! Living on a boat and having a vagabond lifestyle.
Annuities may be a great way to fund your retirement. #ownyourfuture
#Entrepreneurs don’t always have to work 16-hour days. The secret? Delegation. #ownyourfuture
Do you plan to work in #retirement or are you going to kick back and relax? #ownyourfuture
After diligently saving for #retirement, who wants to give it away in taxes? @ownyourfuture
49% of people said that they would purchase an #annuity to secure a steady source of monthly income for r#etirement.
Some simple steps you can take to make sure that you’ll have enough money in #retirement. #ownyourfuture
50% of those surveyed said they would use #annuities to establish an income stream in retirement. #ownyourfuture
How to talk to parents about aging? Listen or download our eBook at
Are you lucky enough to live in one of these friendly cities #ownyourfuture
Some hints on what to look for in a #lifeinsurance policy. We all should have at least some! #ownyourfuture
You can cut out certain expenses after you #retire, giving you more money to enjoy yourself the way you want to!
More than 36% of investors have an #annuity in their #retirement portfolio. #ownyourfuture
An large number of #babyboomers are taking care of their aging parents as well as taking care of their own children.
If you need a little inspiration here are five must-read books that show what #entrepreneurial success really takes.
Great advice! Make sure you can enjoy the #etirement you’ve worked so hard for. #ownyourfuture
Here are some #retirement toolkits that we should all take advantage of! #ownyourfuture
Some FGL staff gathered to talk about how to help women with their #retirement. Have a listen