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Everyone’s trying to save a little money… here are some good, last minute summer getaway ideas! #ownyourfuture
5 money lessons to learn before marriage. #ownyourfuture
Recent research showed Americans focus more on building emergency funds vs. saving for retirement. #ownyourfuture
You’d think #babyboomers would be worried about #retirement. Turns out it's really Gen Xers. #ownyourfuture
Wouldn’t you like to be one of these? A millionaire before turning 30. #ownyourfuture
Are you close to #retirement, but still want to be a part-time worker? Some things to consider. #ownyourfuture
Millennials can help boost their #retirement funds by just saving just $20-$50 a month starting in their early 20s.
5 important money lessons to learn before marriage…#ownyourfuture
Some #retirement spots that may surprise you – Idaho or Minnesota anyone? #ownyourfuture
Do you think #socialsecurity will be around when you retire? According to a recent survey, Gen X & Gen Y don’t.
We could all use a little mid-year financial checkup…a guide to managing your money. #ownyourfuture
Do you have a comprehensive overview of your #retirement funds & how you'll manage them when you actually do retire?
When you’re expecting a new arrival – you may want to think about taking out additional #lifeinsurance policies.
According to a recent report Millennials are good at saving for retirement, on average saving 8% of their paychecks.
Scary statistic! The average yearly cost of a U.S. nursing home is almost $100,000. #ownyourfuture
3 ways spending habits change in retirement. #ownyourfuture
There are pros and cons but statistics show more seniors are opting for renting over buying a home in #retirement.
We could all learn a thing or two about finances from these famous names. #ownyourfuture
A study showed that 60% of Americans are confident that their preparations for #retirement are adequate. Not bad!
How to make your money last in retirement. #ownyourfuture
It’s tough to save money! But, everyone should have short-term emergency savings and long-term #retirement funds…
Understanding #socialsecurity can be tricky – how to maximize the Social Security spousal benefit. #ownyourfuture
5 retirement lessons from Warren Buffet. #ownyourfuture
We may learn to be wealthy just by watching the wealthy! 15 things wealthy people do every day. #ownyourfuture
#retiring in 10 years sounds pretty good, right? In order to get there, the first step is to establish a goal…
Are you thinking about retiring overseas? Some of these places sound pretty nice…#ownyourfuture
If you're looking to save a little money (aren’t we all!) you might want to try one of these cheap summer activities
Do you and your significant other have different visions for your retirement? There are ways to make it work!
Think we’re all guilty of making a few of these money mistakes…#ownyourfuture
Not everyone has the same #retirement savings “number.” You have to figure out the standard of living you want...
Interesting concept..more and more elderly are creating #retirement “villages” to care for each other #ownyourfuture
Some of these may seem a little out there, but still worth considering! Lifestyle changes that could save you money.
Are you interested in buying an #annuity, but not quite sure how they work? The basic pros & cons. #ownyourfuture
Do you need to improve your #retirement savings? How to jump-start them at any age. #ownyourfuture
From everyone at Fidelity & Guaranty Life, have a safe and happy 4th of July holiday weekend!
One of our FGL employees reuniting with his old Army buddies in Dallas for a “jump.” Fun times!
Is this something you’d ever consider? #Retiring and traveling the U.S. in an RV #ownyourfuture
It may be unromantic, but newlyweds need to have the finance “talk” & need to consider purchasing #lifeinsurance.
According to a recent report, the biggest money worry is not saving enough for #retirement! #ownyourfuture
Many couples don’t know how much they have saved for #retirement & are worried about outliving their savings.
A recent @IALCouncil survey said that 52% of Millennials were very interested in the concept of an #annuity.
12 major money mistakes for seniors & retirees. A big one? “Drawing from #retirement accounts too soon.”
10 ways #retirees spend their newfound free time. Some are pretty surprising! #ownyourfuture
Financial experts advise “max out your retirement accounts” because contributing improves finances in a lot of ways.
According to a recent survey a “financially secure #retirement” beat out home ownership as the American dream!
Interesting statistic! 20% of single female Baby Boomers plan to use their #retirement years to begin a new career.
It's easy to make these! The top 11 most common money mistakes 40 somethings make. #ownyourfuture
5 ways #retirement will pleasantly surprise you. #ownyourfuture
Is there a gap in your #retirement savings? Seven ways to help out. #ownyourfuture

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