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It’s a big weekend in #Baltimore! The #Orioles vs. the Royals 8:07 p.m. ET. Let’s go O’s!!
Are you shopping for#lifeinsurance, but feel a little confused by some of the terminology? #ownyourfuture
Are you an entrepreneur? Here are 25 tools you should know about. #ownyourfuture
11M U.S. households with children under 18 don’t have any #lifeinsurance. It’s not as expensive as you think!
We could all probably stand to save a little more money this fall… #ownyourfuture
Some good advice to follow in #retirement: do what makes you happy. You’ve worked hard for it! #ownyourfuture
We had a meet and greet with Chris Littlefield (new President of #FGL) in the Baltimore office today. Welcome Chris!
Some FGL news! Christopher Littlefield has been appointed as President of FGL. We’re happy to have him join us!
Want to hear what #entrepreneur Mark Cubans feels are the most important lessons he’s learned about business?
Saving additional money for #retirement isn’t as difficult as you may think! Here are 9 ways. #ownyourfuture
What a great day to be a part of the #Baltimore FGL family! Go O’s! #ownyourfuture
Did you know that in addition to the traditional death benefit, #IULs can offer a cash value for your #retirement?
Thanksgiving weekend will be here before you know it! #ownyourfuture
Iowa is one of the nation’s #insurance capitals. A great reason FGL moved our headquarters to Des Moines!
Being an #entrepreneur is difficult! Here are 5 pieces of leadership advice for young entrepreneurs. #ownyourfuture
If you’ve reached the #retirement stage in life (lucky you!) just take a deep breath and relax… #ownyourfuture
Here are 25 common characteristics of successful #entrepreneurs. Do you have them? #ownyourfuture
I think we’re onto something... #FGL has offices in 2 of the top 10 happiest states! #ownyourfuture
Des Moines, IA FGL employees volunteered & packed food for “Meals from the Heartland”. Way to help out the community!
Who would’ve thought that saving an extra $50 a month could lead to so much more for #retirement? #ownyourfuture
What are some benefits of including an #annuity in your #retirement plan? #ownyourfuture
Even for #millennials #lifeinsurance can become a stable part of a financial plan. #ownyourfuture
Looking forward to a long and happy #retirement? Experts say one key is an active social life! #ownyourfuture
Autumn is officially here! 7 ways to fall into savings this season. #ownyourfuture
28 secrets of exceptionally productive people. #ownyourfuture
How to make a million dollars… after age 70! #ownyourfuture
We should all make a will to protect our families… here are 10 steps to help you get started. #ownyourfuture
What’s the real reason that most #entrepreneurs succeed? #ownyourfuture
FGL employees living in Baltimore celebrated the Orioles win last night. Way to go O’s!!
6 money conversations you need to have before getting married, but probably don’t want to! #ownyourfuture
10 lessons every #entrepreneur needs to learn to be successful. #ownyourfuture
None of us want to have this type of conversation with our parents! But here are 10 money questions you should ask.
Good news for those who maybe haven’t saved as much for #retirement as we should have! #ownyourfuture
Fun in Des Moines! FGL took over the @KCWITV station to film a commercial about #annuity suitability. Stay tuned!
We should all include these costs in our #retirement “budget”, just so there’s enough left over for the fun stuff!
A few of these overseas #retirement countries look kind of interesting… don't you think? #ownyourfuture
Hard to believe it's been 13 years. I'm sure we can all remember where we were.
#lifeinsurance awareness month makes you think about your own financial needs. #ownyourfuture
A survey showed sales of #FIAs are higher than ever - they offer consumers upside potential with no downside risk.
Do you think that people who are retired still need #lifeinsurance? #ownyourfuture
It looks like some consumers younger than 50 are starting to see the benefits of purchasing an #FIA. #ownyourfuture
Don’t let one of these #retirement stressors get you down! #ownyourfuture
Women share their secrets to be financially prepared for #retirement. These two ladies had the right idea!
How can you target your #retirement savings goal? 5 factors that may help. #ownyourfuture
Why buy a fixed #annuity? People close to #retirement want products that offer a guaranteed fixed level of income.
Are you an animal lover? Recent research shows that there are benefits to owning a pet in #retirement #ownyourfuture