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Female English
women 57,100 followers
Anyone remember the British twins from the Suite Life?
The face u make when u know someone doesn't like u but u don't even care
Every once in a while i check up on people i hate to make sure i still hate them I do
I get offended when someone asks me a question in class & then they go ask someone else for confirmation like do u not trust me u lil shit
"Hey remember that time you…" Yes. I remember every embarrassing thing I have ever done and chances are it keeps me up at night
Dicaprio melting hearts since the 90's
Do ur squats eat ur vegetables wear red lipstick don't let boys be mean to you.
When other girls wear beanies they look cute & stylish but when i wear them i look like a member of a drug cartel who sells crack in alleys.
Get me this for Valentines day and I will love you forever
One of the most beautiful couples in TV history tbh
Who remembers the 3.5 seconds that Miley was in High School Musical 2
Leggings have made me realize how uncomfortable jeans really are.
I wish there was mini whales like 6 inch whales that u could put in a tank & own as pets like hey look at my pet whale that'd be great
How did Austin not recognize Sam in her bloody masquerade mask. I've been annoyed since 2004
sex is natural having sex does not make u a hoe and being a virgin does not make u innocent it's life
I dont need a boyfriend i need 12 million dollars and a donut.
OMG disney came out with engagement rings <3…
Why do girls think lashes like this are okay?
you text me I respond in 15 seconds then apparently you die of excitement because 2 hours later i'm still waiting for a response
I have 3 moods. - skips every song on my iPod. - lets the music play without interruption. - plays the same song on repeat for days.
Accidentally sending ;) instead of :) and feeling like you’ve just offered them your body.
Don't even mention going back to school to me i will throw up on you right there.
If i had a dollar for every time someone spelled my name wrong
Everyone with thick hair knows the ultimate struggle
When boys take off their hoodies and their shirt comes off with it