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Felicia Day
Earth has 52% fewer wild animals today than in 1970, according to an @WWF report
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Are you 'off the nuts'? Felicia & Ryon are when they play Crazy Taxi:
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Wow okay tweeting opinions about Dr Who is slightly more decisive than tweeting opinions about politics and religion. Good to know.
He's like channelling Darren from Bewitched or something.
Am I the only one who thinks Clara's boyfriend on Dr Who right now is kind of a jerk face?
Checking into airlines nowadays is like playing a micro-transaction game without the fun gaming part. #chaching
Got the 2 hour twitch stream up on YouTube of @ChariotGame with @Ryon_D! NSFW Sorry children :(…
Streaming @ChariotGame again at because I forgot to enable video archiving earlier. Come by for Sat night craaziness!
Stranger: "You look so cute! Like a hipster Charlie Brown!" :/
Finally got around to editing more of my European trip footage, here's some Paris!
Some days I'm so angry when I have to chew salad.
So busy today, I saved tying my shoe for 2 hours until I needed to go pee, when I could do both things at once. #efficient
This photo is all kinds of wonderful. Indian scientists celebrate the success of their Mars mission
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Checked out Space Station 76 over the weekend and loved it. More quirky relationship dramedies in space please!
Get ready to play more games because @GeekandSundry's International @TableTopDay will be back in 2015: by @amy_geek
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.@EmWatson made an amazing speech during #HeForShe event Attention best put on her message, not people harassing her.
@nprmonkeysee: The Only One: A Talk With Shonda Rhimes.…”. WOW (in a good way).
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Filthy casuals Felicia & Ryon take on Kirby, Rampage & Perfect Dark:
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Tintype photo. The OG filter.
Liam Neeson really likes roles where he wears expensive wool coats and carries handguns.
Waiting all day to get home and be able to play Wasteland 2 because full game released today! #FridayNight
A QUICKIE W/ FELICIA DAY! Please be enjoying --… (thanks, @feliciaday!)
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A girl just stopped me and said, "I want to be a writer and producer because of what you do" and made my frikkin' day! <3
1) Sight blurry in eye while driving 2) Look up causes on WebMD 3) Become terrified 4) Realize there's a huge sunscreen smudge on sunglasses
Our astronauts will fly on Boeing's CST-100 and SpaceX's Dragon version 2 to the #ISS.
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I guess this is a bird's O-face?! I may need to stop playing this. #HatofulBoyfriend
This game is frightening me within 60 seconds of loading it up. #HatofulBoyfriend
Those American Apparel models have a healthy dose of body-confidence, huh.
Here's the thing guys: I'm really full of delicious queso right now.
RT @EFF: TAKE ACTION: It’s the final day to tell the FCC why net neutrality must be preserved.
#beinganadult means you can walk out of dance class halfway through and not have your mom yell at you for being lazy.
I haven't played the new Sims yet. Worth it?
How exciting @theguild is showing on @France4tv! Legit on television, what?!?
Here's a rambly LONG video about my schwag this week and the Walking Dead video game, season 2!
Duck face with dessert.
Thanks for the encouragement all! I resisted the cupcake! (And got these instead. Yes, all for me.)
I decided this morning to stop eating sugar but now I'm craving a cupcake. Who do I listen to?
Got new phone, decided not to install social media apps. That lasted 12 1/2 hours. #weak
Well, this is cool. And creepy. Old photos turned into gifs:
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As an unschooled person myself, this article is eerily spot-on to read.…
Basically the iWatch is a hand-drawn dick messenger?
Okay Apple. I know you're gonna convince me I need a techie watch even though the idea is so stupid. Let's get this over so I can preorder.
The only way to stop online harassment is for communities to change their social norms, not abdicate responsibility:…
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