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Felicia Day
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RT: @SethGreen: LAST DAY to bid on NerdHQ stuff to benefit the awesome @operationsmile
Seems like I'm congratulating a lot of friends lately, but they're all doing so awesome. Gratz @harto for hitting the NYT Bestseller list!
Sometimes when you part your hair on the wrong side it feels like you got a lobotomy.
Real Talk Time: I think that new Taylor Swift video is adorable. #ducks
This dog tied up at a coffee shop is so cute, anyone who comes in and doesn't pet him has to be Satan. Or allergic.
Strawberry dipped in liquid nitrogen and then shot with gun. Source:
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When you're in an elevator with a stranger and they get a text and it makes them laugh, they should share the joke. #modernrules
Watch Felicia & Ryon take on Dynasty Warriors 3 and Bubble Bobble on the latest Co-Optitude:
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@feliciaday Or, perhaps more worryingly, a pair of testicles falling out of someone's vagina.
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My latte art is pretty sweet this morning. Like a vagina falling out of someone's body.
When LinkedIn starts sending you birthday notice, after you absolutely unsubscribed to them the year before, the cycle of ages begins again.
Today I learned that anus peaked in 1875. Thanks Google!
Hmm, "anus" peaked in 1875? Thanks Google!
Girl spa day: my Russian masseuse clearly had onions for breakfast.
Me to my dog: "I forgot a fork, go get me one Cubby! God I wish you were a house elf."
Made an appointment at my regular salon with a different stylist. The old one is gonna stab me while my head's in the shampoo bowl, right?
Fried oysters are yummy, but they're definitely a "don't look too close before biting" food.
2 committed goofballs prove their #mtg skills as @day9tv takes on @AllieBrosh in the newest episode of #Spellslingers
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The rarity for the 8-sided Dice for @feliciaday has been changed from Extra Rare to Rare. Hope this helps you unlock her faster!
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I just started crying after seeing a guy lift his old dog into his car. Hello PMS, nice to see you again, too!
I narrate a Drizzt short story, along with a ton of cool peeps, to celebrate 40 years D&D! Get them free Audible:
Getting help for mental illness is not easy. But you are so worth it. Ask for help. Keep fighting. You aren't alone. #DepressionLies
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