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Thomas Xavier
I just joined the Spyderco Squarehead Massdrop!…
Ellen Pao basically broke reddits anti-censorship culture. Why is the CEO of reddit not a redditor? #Voat #Exodus
I hope this gives Rupert Murdoch more time to pursue his personal passions.
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Reported #HSBC to cut as many as 25000 jobs to slash cost. Start of Reform for them! For you, be your own boss?…
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oh wow, reddit was being used to manipulate people for an experiment? SAY IT AINT SO!…
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You know your show is dark when a decapitation is comic relief #GameofThrones
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Too many feels for one episode. #literallydying
I say it every week but legit, best episode ever. #GameofThrones
The worst part about switching productivity apps is the migration of data. Feel like giving up and just using excel. #thestruggleisreal
Started to watch #theislandwithbeargrylls , for a @BearGrylls show its surprisingly down to earth whilst still being entertaining.
Bitcoin is such an interesting study into naivete of the technologist.
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Like Microsoft, Kaspersky provides a single-exe, no-install virus scan tool that's constantly updated. VERY fast.…
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Worth reading. I never realized growing cotton demanded so much water.…
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The Patriot Act's broadest surveillance powers will expire at midnight tonight. #reddit
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Security is important, @backblaze. We'd like it if you supported two factor auth. #SupportTwoFactorAuth
"Taylor, what's a worm." It's a virus. "Taylor, what's a virus?" It's malware. "Taylor, what's malware?" I know it when I see it.
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Cersei is illustrating why I don't much fool with organized religion anymore. #GoT #GameOfThrones
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The most disturbing thing about adulthood is that smart people can be wrong. Not just disagree. Like they've willed their way to blindness.
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I think I was the only one OK with #GameOfThrones Sansa/Bolton scene. Its worst in the books people...
Finally found it. Is it me or is this pic scarily prophetic ? Its from years ago
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How to secure IoT: Install FreeBSD Disable webcam and microphone Unplug from power Disconnect battery Discharge capacitors Immerse in acid
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Outside smoking pipe and @elisexav mistakes me for a raccoon. #WhatIsThis
Now that #ukelection2015 are done I can look forward to two years of #Brexit debates. Oh joy.
I will never understand why newspapers give "endorsements". Do you job and report the news, stop shoving your tripe down my throat.
New on the blog: the pen is the body, the nib is the mind. On the working end of pens:
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Who else is gonna pull an all-nighter for the #ukelection2015 ? Not even a UK resident (any longer) an I am psyched.
Watching the #frontnational implode in real time is glorious. #ukip next? #earlychristmas
I really want to love todoist but I keep reverting back to pen and paper. #stuck #firstworldproblems
Fighting racism by being racist- you can't make this shit up. #racism   #nus
Loving this pen, hopefully it will encourage me to scribble more. #fountainpens
How old do I look? Microsoft's will guess your age
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How can millennials be technologically illiterate, you literally grew up with this shit. #wtf

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