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Thomas Xavier
I like to fear artificial intelligence because it's more abstract than childhood malnutrition.
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Waiting to be able to snap up a @twsbi eco. Sub $30 piston filler? Yes please! #fountainpen #lifegoals
A despotic pervert with a badge is still a despotic pervert. #policestate
Invisible disintegrating needles for pain free vaccines. I love it.
Greece: "we want our dignity back" Europe:"Sure, and we want our money back" #ifyouwanttodanceyouhavetopaythefiddler
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-Greek sign the agreement. -Greek take the money. -Greek break the agreement. -Greek ask; another rescue masterplan
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@PanosYobov Democracy doesn't mean that you can ask other people's money at your condition.
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Dear bank, please can you cut 30% off what I owe you because the result of my referendum said I didn't like your terms? #GreekLogic
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Tsipras vroeg het volk: “Stem nee tegen bezuinigingen”. Het volk stemde Nee. Vervolgens zegt Tsipras “Ja” tegen bezuinigingen. #greeklogic
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Whoever thinks #ThisIsACoup: Feel free to go around the world and see if anyone wants to lend money to #Greece with better terms. #Grexit
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Maybe @elisexav and I should democratically vote to not pay for our mortgage... #ThisIsACoup
#ThisIsACoup is silly, no one is deploying tanks to the Pantheon, your just not trustworthy.
Have you noticed how often the concept of “living within your means” is now described as “ruthless austerity?” #ThisIsACoup
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Haven't gone to bed before 7am every single day this week. #insomnia
@kershawknivesnew kershawshallot,rock solid good heft super sharp nice black finish,really happy w it,great flip acti
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Reading @BILD makes me cry inside. The level of sensationalist bullshit is awe inspiring. The Daily Mail is jealous.
Tsipras is living in a fucking bubble. Watching this from the sidelines in Canada is horrific. #Grexit #greekreferendum
If I hold a referendum, can I stop paying my mortgage? #Grexit #GreeceCrisis @tsipras_eu
Beaver just ran into my garden. I shit you not. #Canada
When do all the other Europeans get to vote if we should continue to dump money into #Greece? Where is our democracy? #Greferendum
Capital controls & banks staying shut tomorrow. Looks like #Grexit is here and point of no return is edging ever closer. #greekcrisis
Look like the shit is hitting the fan in #Greece right now. How is the situation on the ground? #Grexit #GreeceCrisis
This is Pepper. I shook his hand. He said, "Nice to meet you." His English is simple. He can learn in Japanese.
Retweeted by Thomas Xavier
Apparently no one speaks English in Canada. Rogers tech only speaks chinglish.
Great blog post by @feedtheravens. Massive List of the Best EDC Knives on the Market.
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I love it when people say "about us" when its a 1 person company. - @elisexav
I wonder if @TomJHarper uses a magic eight ball when fact checking third party data. #soundslegit
The Sunday Times is a joke and the "expose" on #Snowden illustrates this perfectly. Disgusting.
I just joined the Spyderco Squarehead Massdrop!…
Ellen Pao basically broke reddits anti-censorship culture. Why is the CEO of reddit not a redditor? #Voat #Exodus
I hope this gives Rupert Murdoch more time to pursue his personal passions.
Retweeted by Thomas Xavier
Reported #HSBC to cut as many as 25000 jobs to slash cost. Start of Reform for them! For you, be your own boss?…
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oh wow, reddit was being used to manipulate people for an experiment? SAY IT AINT SO!…
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#ThatAwkwardMoment when your betrothed brings her lover on your date to the fighting pits. #GameofThrones
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You know your show is dark when a decapitation is comic relief #GameofThrones
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Too many feels for one episode. #literallydying

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