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Thomas Xavier
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NSA Spying Will Cost US Tech Titans Billions, and That's Just the Start
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Just posted my review of the Emerson/Kershaw CQC-6K- this knife is a game changer. Love it.
I’m using Tor in a Linux Virtual Machine to read an article at Boing Boing. Your move, NSA.
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«@matthew_d_green I didn't seen the raw XKEYSCORE definition files yesterday. Wow.…» crazy aye?
I get the feeling that no one hates google+ more than google. No authorship = limited incentive for people to be active.
Cant use #evernote for *all* my work until you offer real security, bad encryption is no encryption @evernote
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Pretty sure transferring that much data is cruel and unusual punishment. Should complain to the UN.
Transferring close to 800gb of data off my pc to my nas. So goddamn slow.
If I make you breakfast in bed, a simple "thank you" will suffice. None of this "how did you get in my house" business.
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Jumpstarter: A next-generation hosting platform via @BetaList wtb invite please ;)
#Akismet has protected your site from 14,644 spam comments already. There are 1,605 comments in your #spam queue right now.
Update: didn't get the domain. #sadface
About to snipe a domain auction, forgot how much fun this can be! #goodtimes
10TB of cloud storage for 10 bucks? Yes please! #cloud #dropbox #backup
I have decided to go back to using my #Moleskine Agenda for everyday shit, #google calendar is just not personal enough. #gtd
After a few hours of playing Democracy 3 I feel ready to lead the world. #socialistcapitalistlibertarianfascistcommunistpatriot
Can't hate the player ;) Kudos. @arthur_affect
"Anonymity is the enemy of privacy" says RSA head, with an (apparently) straight face. This stuff is gold.…
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This isn't really fair. Aren't intel agencies supposed to lure targets with money and sex? We just get bogus linkedin requests.
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