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Thomas Xavier
Why do orange flavoured startbursts even exist? No one likes you. #showerthought
Chrome has a neat feature that I just noticed. Right from the omnibox it'll give me the weather
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@feedtheravens Reminds me of the Japanese economic crisis. Everyone sees it coming ... No one wants to admit its going to happen.
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Fascinating article on the clusterfuck about to hit Saudi Arabia. #saudiarabia   #arab   …
The extension Adblock with 40 million users sold to unknown buyer. I rarely endorse software, but uBlock Origin is what you should be using.
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Want to protect yourself against NSA? Start at home. @OaklandElle: social media self-defense.
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ICYMI: make your own shimmer inks, now on the blog. #DIY
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Stopped smoking cigarettes 8 years ago today. Never slipped up. #quitsmoking #lifegoal
In between sermons on human rights & democracy, UK entered secret deal w/Saudis to get them on Human Rights Council…
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Last day to catch #MakerFaireNY - have a mindblowing Sunday!
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Literally the stupidest shit I have ever read.… Comment section gives me hope. #financialplanning #finance
This is an unsolicited email. Should I reply with, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and Yandex?
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Clearly way too old for Snapchat. Damn kids. #getoffmylawn
The rise of ad-blocking could herald the end of the free internet. #blogging
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WTF are we looking at?  Pig with neon blue fat?!
Sign the pledge to VOTE FOR UBER and tell your Councillor to say yes to Recommendation 8 on Sept 30 #TOpoli #TO4Uber
Teen to be convicted to die by Crucifixion in Saudi Arabia. I'm disgusted.  #Islam
@mtjsblog Weekends are for blade maintenance, so they will be at your ready all week long... #respectyourtools
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Oh god my eyes. CC under stomach fat. #WTF   #concealedcarry
I want him as president just for the sheer entertainment factor.…
You really dropped the ball on this one Tumblr. She/White/Hetero Really? I'm a gender neutral attack helicopter.
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What are your habits like when you cook while bushcrafting and/or camping? Gotta keep thos…
Needed a good laugh today, so I went and looked at the Open Office mouse again.
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#EDC  for September, the Leatherman Skeletool CX actually has a decent blade so I haven't …
Weather's finally started changing for the cooler here in Toronto! Time to start preparing…
I get the feeling @elisexav if going to adopt another kitty...
Depending on others, especially with deadlines is fucking rage inducing. #fml
Yankee Candle have run out of scents and are now making us smell abstract concepts
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Practicing penmanship with my #waterman stalwart #vintage flex nib. This is how I spend my…
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09/01/15 Putin Targets US Monetary System: “Aims to Eliminate the US Dollar and the Euro F…
#Sleeman "Lift" is the stupidest idea ever. I wish I could hate it but it's actually super refreshing. I hate myself. #beer
Nice #EDC , nothing wrong with going minimal!
Really looking forward to the @Huawei watch. Looks like a better Moto 360! #android #smartwatches
Drop by my IG feed (@leighpod there too) to see photos from the #Nakaya pen clinic in Aesthetic Bay!
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Water Shortages coming by 2040, scary stuff. #collapse
6 raccoons and a skunk just waddled past me whilst I was enjoying some nightcap at 3am. #Canada
Today in 1991, Linux was released. It still can't run Excel.
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#YouTube comments makes me question our enduring survival as a species. Its like reading digital cancer with lots !!!!.
Just watched the finale of #AloneShow So happy that @AlanKaySurvival won, Proves that starting the journey insane helps finish it. ;)

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