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Too many ads on Hulu+ 😒
Good to have my mom back 👌
Feels so good to just chill after a long week
Started my 'Going To Hell Tour' countdown 😈
2 day weekends are too short 😒
My shoulders and back are literally sore from carrying my laptop in my backpack, I'm leaving that shit at home
My mom is coming home tomorrow I'm so happy 😊
I need sleep and food and peace
shoutout to @Itsmanalbitch for breaking my toenails with her platform shoes, much love
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We always find our way to the front row I love us
My ankles are broken and my voice is gone
September 27 please hurry 🙏
The moon lit up my face and I felt different.
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DigiTour tomorrow bitches 😄😏😊
Just bought a Sixflags and Hurricane Harbor season pass, I'm so glad I got it back 😌
So bummed about school tomorrow
I love date nights 😊
The reason girls go to the bathroom with a friend
I need to go to Electric Zoo
Dead Silence creeps me out
Kind of excited for DigiTour Wednesday
I spend so much time with my dad
@stutteringharry: I JUST FUCKINF PEED MSELF LAUGBING”oh my god 😂😭
I would not only like to thank god but Jesus for this video of calum
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I'm still just a teenage kid learning from mistakes :)
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Least ya know what it looks like now
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my anaconda don't want none unless you got funds hun
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There's a huge difference between a regular minute and a school minute
Just want school to be over so I can come home and take a nap
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the thought of sitting in school through all the talking the teachers do is making me want to cry
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