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DONATIONS R NEEDED ADDICTION IS A DISEASE PLS RT #pray4jake2k14 @deadmau5 @killthenoise
Empty bottles on a poolside bar, an arc of blood on the tiles, face down in the water, inappropriate footwear still attached
If I was going to be found dead in my own home, I'd want it to be in a really cokey minimalist indoor swimming pool.
But, having a great quality input chain for tracking live things seems essential, about time I upgraded.
For all the talk on outboard synths, and precision acoustics, I've made a lot of my favourite music using free VSTs and broken headphones
Neve 1073LB and a J-Lab JLA-3 Optical Comp to begin with. An EQ would be nice as well...
Not often that I buy outboard equipment, but I've officially nerded out and put together a lunchbox mic input.
Cheers for the graphs.The 5 richest families in UK have as much money as the poorest 12 million people. Do us one for that.
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Back to @BlackGardenT2 tomorrow for more ink
Thank you to everyone supporting this, even if you're far away
Here's the iTunes link if you missed it earlier: #faraway
Almost typed 'snog' there, which might've been appropriate anyway. What a great word.
Thanks for all the #faraway love, can't wait for the video to land. Also we've shot a documentary about...well us and the song.
Far away from home, in a land across the sea, smile when you're alone, and think of you and me :-) @feedme @killthenoise
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Later today we ride the giant hand #faraway
Then I have images of travelling, rotating schematics of the 'clement', a feeling of serenity, damp atmosphere.
It's name arrived in my mind without being told - 'the clement'. I climbed inside, and it seemed filled with soft translucent orange roe
It resembled an 8ft glass scupture of a peeled orange, a hole of concentric circles in it's side, and it sat hissing as it boiled the rain.
We travelled through streets left in chaos and found the object, glowing in a crater in the ground.
It hurtled down into the city and the building shook, swirls of wet air and dust engulfing the area.
Dream: I was with friends on a bar terrace at dusk, when a glowing sphere of orange ripped across the low cloud above us
Always flattering to have people tattoo themselves with my work. That said I can't understand the 'what if you regret it' attitude
We've overdone it...23rd for release, video premiere on adult swim, 25th #faraway
FMXKTNFA - 23rd, video premiere on @adultswim 25th #faraway
John had never been so upset; not only had they crucified his friend...they'd shrunk him as well.
It's getting to that time again! @feedme pumpkin from a few years back with @IBJonesMusic! #Halloween #PumpkinCarving
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Hip action, Kafka, inspiring
In Prague, what a great city. #lovelytime
My first business with @ChrisRenegade and Lifted. It was a lot of things that meant more to me than what it came to represent.
D&B was getting in Bagleys underage. Tony Damage phoning me during school to sign my first record. Clayton telling me to DJ his next show
D&B to me was seeing @DillinjaValve shift and put sofa cushions under 1210s for Friction to stop his vinyl skipping from vibration
Well @Bitwig looks pretty fucking cool.
To clarify, I have zero interest in 'EDM', and I've always felt that Joel signed me because I was interesting. Hopefully that's the point
Frustrating to have a scene you love coupled with a business sense you hated. On the other hand @mau5trap set me free, real world ethics
I watched annual awards go to the same old people, and new talent get slung into manipulative contracts that squashed their careers
I watched as even fans didn't like change and the scene's top talent moved to new ground to avoid negativity and unprofessionalism
I watched label bosses headline over their own premiere acts on launch day, got told I was lucky to get paid at all
I stopped D&B because I wanted more musical freedom. But also because it's a scene monopolised by greed