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Houston time approaching
Albuquerque New Mexico I hope you guys are ready for me @feedme and @zeros this Tuesday!!!
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Houston HOB tonight #olloclip
Watch our Set List for the must-see shows coming up this week, including @atmosphere @feedme and more:
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TONIGHT -- @feedme with Teeth! Doors: 8P, Show: 8:30P, all ages. Info & tickets:
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Back to Houston now to rejoin the live tour with @LeCastleVania & @zeros
Testing some new ideas
American night in Tallahassee complete with tiny dog after party and some food that had chicken & honey at the same time go team much love
Afterparty: 'When I was a kid they took me to Puerta Rico: where the iguanas are many and the raspberry sorbé is just pouring out their ass'
All this fraternity & sorority house thing is totally alien.Driving through Tallahassee it feels like the set of Monsters University.
Always nice when people bring creative work for me to sign / deface. Thanks Liz & Ben
So far on this tour @TJANI has stolen a previously unprecedented 18 iPhone chargers from bunks.
I am indeed in Tallahassee tonight. All this American sport is helping me deal with buslife withdrawals #yungbois @DeltaHeavyUK @TJANI
Then it's back to the live tour for Houston, Albuquerque, Tucson, San Diego, LA, SF, Portland, Seattle Calgary & Edmonton
Lite Beer, Wings and people talking to me about my footwear amid 7 very loud tellys do I fit in yet Florida?
Here in Tallahassee watching the FSU game. Fuck knows what's going on but looks amazing. DJing at Encore tonight. GO FSU
Thank you Dallas - DJ stop in Tallahassee then it's back to live show in Houston
Close encounters
I see your megafan @killthenoise and raise you one giant Bart in feed me shirt necklace
I see your face napkins Jake, and I raise you this @bausssauce effort
Dallas tonight, Houston on Sunday at respective Houses of Blues for this plus @LeCastleVania @zeros & @TJANI
Just got on my flight to Dallas! See you tonight at house of blues with the homie @feedme. LETS DO THIS!
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Dallas HOB tomorrow, bus call, time to leave Amarillo...
Tix for @feedme at @ShrineLA on 9/5 are on sale now. Get them while they're hot.
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DENVER. That was special - thank you so much. If I said boulder at some point on the mic it may be because I love Colorado so much
Backstage antics during Zeros
Really impressed with the @YahooScreen feed quality and camera team, amazing job. Big step forward.
We've got @TJANI from doors at 8, then @zeros followed by @DeltaHeavyUK at 9.45 and me at 11, a party shall be had
Ready to go, round 3 in Ogden and this time I'm not high on Hydromorphone thankfully
Here tonight! @bendeltaheavy's last show on the #psychedelicadventure - send off is in order!
Huge thanks to Boulder for being great, @YahooScreen for the great footage, and to everyone who tuned in with us
If you like music take your shirt off you idiot
Imagine something between 2008 mau5 and Maceo Plex playing the terrace at Space, with a lick of French house.. sick
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Seriously impressed with yung @zeros, some very, very good music coming from this dude
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About to do this in Boulder Theater, can't wait
Things underway in Boulder, @zeros bringing the funk and @YahooScreen in the building, yung @DeltaHeavyUK on next
Boulder Theatre - set time tonight 9.45pm, @zeros before, @feedme after ⚡️⚡️⚡️
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Those not in Boulder for @feedme tonight, you can watch the show via @YahooScreen at 11pm MST. Watch here: #YahooLive
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