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Frank Chimero
Dogs are better at social media. Just saying.
Views expressed are not that of my employer, and maybe not even my own—I was likely hungry or tired so I complained to strangers, I'm sorry.
Meryl Streep as Eleanor Roosevelt in Burns’ The Roosevelts is pretty much the best thing ever.
There Go The Grown Ups:… A little bit on the media’s grown-ups and life’s adulthood.
What if i told you there was a completely open social network without advertising called making your own blog—
An amazing interview with @jimdatz on the illustration/design industry & careers. Can't recommend it more highly.…
Yo HBO, this is the yearly reminder—you still need to make that show about turn of the century NYC newspaper culture.…
TYPEFACE CONFESSION: I won't read a book typeset in Palatino. It's insufferable. (Just like me, I guess.)
I did the only sensible thing and made a Tumblr blog of hideous letters.
Thank you Twitter. That R is absolutely terrible. Now I feel less alone. Still crazy, but less alone.
Hey everybody: it’s Friday, so let’s get wild! What's your least favorite letter? Mine’s Gill Sans’ uppercase R.
Answer via @_EricHu & @andymangold: Don't use Illustrator’s Save As. Copy out into a txt editor, save from there.
Question: Why does Illustrator change the size of my artboard/canvas after saving an SVG? Responsive SVG is off. Infuriating!
Finally the right weather for that most recent @owenpallett album.
It’s also more satisfying to use a well-made typeface, because you get to see it shine in different ways all over the place.
My summary: designing with type (choosing, setting, layout) is hard, because the same words go everywhere now. But it's exciting! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
If you didn’t make it last wk @MakeshiftSocBK did a nice writeup of @jenmussari @timbrown & my chat on type/lettering…
Imagine: using the design patterns of road block ads to instead be warned by friends that you're about to hit bullshit. Discretion advised.
Has anyone made a bookmarklet that lets me stamp "bullshit" all over a website, then share with friends?
All I'm saying is that if Apple were really a company for hipsters, we'd be getting Neutral Milk Hotel on vinyl, not U2 downloads.
“Oh, and one more thing: YOU get a Can record and YOU get a Can record and YOU get a Can record...”
Imagining Apple deploying good albums to everybody's devices is kinda like the music version of casting fictive seasons of True Detective.
Just imagine if Apple gave everyone a Low record. We could separate the wheat from the chaff.
Been working with NPR the last few months on cool stuff. Still kinda bummed I don't get to use the old logo.
Made a mix for @byedit Feat. FKA twigs, Flying Lotus, and a bunch of other fav tracks from the past yr or so.
Monday reminder: Here is something on you can read if you're interested in typography, Bringhurst, fonts:
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“At its core, the sharing economy is a scheme to shift risk from companies to workers, discourage labor organizing”…
Heaven is a wind-swept puppy jowl.
The real kick in the ass is Reid Miles didn't even enjoy jazz, so there goes do what you love?
“Aw hell, just run the sketch.” –Leo Leoni.
“Why is this so good?”—pretty much the best writing prompt. Let's look at this Monk cover:… Roll it over in your head.
Also! Birka Jazz’s collection of Blue Note record covers.… Seriously:…
Annual link up to Thing Magazine’s staggeringly great Pelican book cover collection:… Want to look forever...
Think I have Inverted Seasonal Affective Disorder (iSAD). Feel like a husk of a person in the summer, yet super powers in fall and winter.
Been thinking about the This is Phil Fish video/social media/gaming community/NFL. This is all I could do:…
True story: unearthed a copy of The Wrens’ Meadowlands on vinyl at the studio & got all misty-eyed. Also: feeling very old and sentimental.
Sketching ideas for merch. Anything you would particularly want? What are the cool kids doing? Just want to make things people would enjoy.
NYC: I’ll be talking letters & type w @typekit & @jenmussari on Sept 16. Come hang? Info:… Tix:…
If that description doesn’t excite you, you’re using your eyes, ears, and brain wrong.
Chris Ware says about ’em: “as if the ghost of Calvino audited Nabokov's lit class & wrote his paper w the help of Lustig & Radiolab guys”
REMINDER: Tonight, the amazing @mendelsund has an event to launch his 2 (!) books. See you there?…
Little interview at @FormFiftyFive with yours truly about monikers and the studio’s aim:…
Been testing the new NPR One app for a bit. It’s a real winner: the way you want to listen to NPR on your phone.…
Uploaded some peeks of abandoned design ideas for @greatdiscontent issue 1: