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If that description doesn’t excite you, you’re using your eyes, ears, and brain wrong.
Chris Ware says about ’em: “as if the ghost of Calvino audited Nabokov's lit class & wrote his paper w the help of Lustig & Radiolab guys”
REMINDER: Tonight, the amazing @mendelsund has an event to launch his 2 (!) books. See you there?…
Little interview at @FormFiftyFive with yours truly about monikers and the studio’s aim:…
Been testing the new NPR One app for a bit. It’s a real winner: the way you want to listen to NPR on your phone.…
Uploaded some peeks of abandoned design ideas for @greatdiscontent issue 1:
Always a pleasure to see your work on @FontsInUse. A quick run-down by @stewf on @greatdiscontent mag:…
Great news! You can now buy copies of the first issue of @greatdiscontent mag + all the other goodies I designed.
Our pals at @OMFGCO launched a new site today with new work. Don’t sweat the technique:
OK Design Newsies. Here's a link to the AMA: Office hours are until 3pm eastern.
A little reminder: Frank’s doing an AMA on @LayerVault’s Designer News at 1pm today.
If you're looking for an example of what I just said, study this spread from Ways of Seeing:… It's all there.
What I find works: make media inline & change writing for better transitions. Refer to the media in the writing—don't just stick it there.
In his latest post, @jasonsantamaria is starting to suss out a working design method for online featured articles:…
💃😻💃 @LayerVaultult ❤ We're excited to ha@fchimeroero join us for a Designer News AMA on Monday the 16th at 1PM EDT. Mark your calendars. ❤
Have questions? Frank’s doing an AMA on Designer News next Monday, the 16th, from 1–3pm Eastern. Looking forward to it!
Lookee what we have!… Congrats to @nicoleslaw @katekiefer! Pick it up here:
Friendly reminder to friends: studio tweets here (@anotherny) and personal tweets at @fchimero. (You'll have to refollow.) Thanks!
I’ve got a super slick new site thanks to @Squarespace! Here’s the story behind it:…
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Thanks for the compliments and well-wishes, everyone! I'm jetting off to @kerningconf in the highest spirits. Ciao.
Those of you getting broken images: you're probably on a Retina screen. I was a doof and pointed to non-existent 2x assets. Womp wah. Fixed!
Big thanks to @danielgblackman who took photos of the printed work. He makes fun of me for thanking him so much, but screw off Dan. Thanks.
Also doing Twitter maintenance. Personal tweets moving over to @another_frank. Professionalish stuff here. Will change this handle in a bit.
Happy to announce I'm launching a design studio named Another. Here’s its snazzy website: