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fatima bhutto
Who is Nilofar, asks baffled speaker of Sindh assembly as cyclone approaches… via @scroll_in
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2.56 million #Afghans, like this girl, remained the world's largest group of #refugees by the end of 2013 -
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As Malala donates to rebuild 65 schools in Gaza,KP assembly manages to stall passing a positive resolution about her
Nobel Peace Winner Malala Yousafzai announces she is donating $50K from her prize money to rebuild an UNRWA #Gaza school damaged by Israel
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"Dedicated to these times, and the sorrow of these times. The pain of today, that arises from the plentiful (cont)
Faiz Ahmed Faiz once called Pakistan 'a congregation of pain.' How sad, how true.
In Sindh, they attack innocents with grenades. Most of the injured tonight are women and children.
In KPK, the govt - PTI - has agreed to removing pictures of girls without hijabs from school textbooks. Zia's Pakistan is alive and well.
Nine injured in grenade attack on an Imambargah tonight…. It's begun already, what a shame Karachi...
In the end, Pakistan champion Muhammad Iqbal had doubts about the Two-Nation theory.
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“Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't.” Margaret Thatcher
Working to survive: The 12-yr-old Syrian refugee working 10hrs a day to support his family
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The Shadow of the Crescent Moon U.S. Cover (half of it, anyway)
The Shadow of the Crescent Moon U.S. Cover (half of it, anyway)
A free, civilised society should obviously suffer neither. (Cue ranting)
Sadly, seems those who justify drone strikes also wildly pro-death penalty (PK has one of worlds highest populations of death row prisoners)
Only 4% of drone victims in Pakistan have been identified as terrorists…
13 year old boy from #Pakistan: after witnessing the death of his grandmother due to #DroneStrikes
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Purana Pakistan
Pledge $50 to support nonfiction written by women & win a book bundle from @decastories & @theatavist:…
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Classified CIA study says arming rebels rarely, if ever, works. They would know, they've been doing it for 67 years.…
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Sayed Kashua's beautiful article on the saddest journey…
Oct 11, 2014: Multiple missiles killed four people in Khyber (Pakistan)…
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Oct 11, 2014: Two people were killed in a car (Pakistan)…
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Second drone strike in 24 hours 29 killed in drone strikes this week
Not in a million years. "@AsadSinawan: @fbhutto I HAve Heard you are joining PTI. Is it true?"
RT @omar_quraishi Nobel Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai's book "I am Malala" has been banned since Jan this year in her home province of KP
"I am scared of ghosts, not of the Taliban" Malala one year ago…
Bravo #Pakistan #India
Congratulations Pakistan and India, so happy to see you share the prize
Oct 9, 2014: Two more missiles. Three people killed. Sixth @CIA drone strike since Sunday (Pakistan)…
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South Asia paperback
RT @BabaUmarr #Pakistan #India skirmishes.Both of them should have been trading aid for the #Kashmir flood victims not fire on the frontiers
Over 6.5 million Syrian children have been affected by the war. Those who can, pls donate via Unicef at #WAKEUPCALL
"Wealthy sympathisers in surrounding regions" is just a long way of saying Saudi Arabia…
Third drone strike in North Waziristan in 36 hours. 4 killed, 8 injured this time according to media reports.
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Oct 6, 2014: Eight people killed, six wounded. "Habib's death could not be independently verified" (Pakistan)…
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No, really. Eid Mubarak RT@dronestream Today 5 ppl killed, 3 wounded when missiles struck Shawal Valley,Pakistan…
Eid Mubarak, Ben Affleck
Sign up and support #Freedom4Gaza and the end of the blockade…
American drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia have killed between 3,200 and 5,400 people since 2002
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