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Cannot wait to start my own little family 👪e
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Goodnight 👻👻�#firstdayd#marrieddaydKs5
hhehehehehe kita pun nak naik pelamin
Tahniah kak eva ❤❤❤
harap semuanya berjalan lancar 👏
nikah color
pinky theme
semua plan beratur banyak kena settle
busy weekend eh😩
don't regret
end tet tett
full lllll stop
blank blank black
black heart
live fast die young, bad cats do it well
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say something i'm giving up on you
The best boyfriend isn't the best-looking, the funniest, or the richest. It's the one that makes sure you know he loves you.
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Perangai bebudak je tipu parent ckp keluar dgn kwn padahal gi date. If dh matang, jujur je "mak, nk keluar lunch dgn bakal menantu mak jap"
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First semester "Weh jom holiday ramai2 satu kelas" "Korang okay aku okay je" "Bila plan ni ?" . . . . . . . Dan akhirnya majlis konvokesyen
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If you don’t know whether to write “affect” or “effect”, use the word “impact” instead.
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beli barang benda lah apelah
balik balik stress 😩
Anyway good morning ❤
bila cousin belah ayah just 5 orang 😂
Jumaat kak eva nak nikah dah 😳
"Moga kita tidak jatuh cinta pada yang sia-sia."
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Not everyone who started with you will finish with you.
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Strangers can become best friends just as easy as best friends can become strangers.
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Self confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have.
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Everyone has experienced something that has changed them in a way that they could never go back to the person they once were.
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“It’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna hurt because it matters.”
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“Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.”
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good morning

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